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  • Dan Wiley Testimony aka Dantheman

    July 5, 2006

    Dear Teresa,

    First let me begin by stating that I have always been physically active either in organized or recreational sports since the fourth grade. In High School I received several awards in football including Delaware All-State and Delaware All-Star Football Teams.

    I have joined local health clubs and worked out in their aerobic classes, weight training programs and kick boxing. I have purchased numerous home workout videotapes and did them all. In more recent years, I have become an avid distance runner. I have completed 3 Marathons and countless 5 and 10k charitable races. I think it's fair to say that I have always had a passion for fitness and have been blessed by it in many ways including maintaining a reasonable level of fitness over the years. That did not come without the pain of muscle pulls, muscle tares, sore ligaments and three knee surgeries. "NO PAIN – NO GAIN" became a reality for me. To further explain the reasons for some of my physical limitations, my entire working career has been in the Construction/Maintenance Industry. For years, I was the GO-TO-GUY for job assignments that required a strong back. I abused my body in performing these jobs. So, between old sport injuries, hard labor and three knee operations, I often told myself, "It's too late now to do anything about it". At the young age of 53, the thoughts of becoming a "Couch Potato", kicking back and letting everything go were becoming harder and harder to resist. I felt like I was used up and it was too late to do anything about it!

    However, for the last year and a half I would see my wife doing your T-Tapp workout. I would stop and watch her for a few minutes and blow it off. It looked like she was standing in the same kind of position doing these simple body movements and I gave it no merit. Watching her going from one position to another, I didn't see the benefit and I just didn't get it! How could this workout routine be beneficial to a man with my background in fitness and my given fitness level? My male ego was even a larger hurtle to overcome. Watching someone doing T-Tapp and actually doing T-Tapp will give you two very different perspectives of the effectiveness of T-Tapp.

    My wife informed me of an upcoming T-Tapp Event in Safety Harbor, Florida and persuaded me to join her. This event has changed my views completely about fitness and how "Less is More" with T-Tapp. Also, it showed me that through its design, T-Tapp is for any given fitness level, body shape or age. I saw every variation possible at that event and each and everyone had a success story to tell.

    That weekend doing all those "seemingly simple body moves" had me quivering with muscle fatigue and those moves have become a new way of life for me! Within the two-day workout series, I had lost a total of 4.75 inches. Close to 2 inches in my waist, ¾ inches in my chest (back fat), 1 inch from my lower abdominal and 1 inch from my upper abdominals. I felt amazingly rejuvenated. By the time it was over, I was moving my right shoulder up and over my head with better ease and flexibility than I had in years. My back mobility and hip flexibility vastly improved and my hamstrings where much looser too. I felt like I had experienced some type of internal structural/muscular cleansing. I was standing taller, stronger and with much improved body alignment. I couldn't get enough. I quizzed my wife constantly to learn more about form tips and proper execution of the moves.

    Today at age 54 and 10 months into my T-Tapp journey, I have been able to maintain the inch lost with out changing my diet. I continue to get stronger. I have my flexibility back to levels I thought where long gone and my energy level is remarkably higher than before.

    T-Tapp has turned the clock back for me in a big way. I am consumed by all the benefits: fitness level improvements, energy, strength, flexibility, body alignment and overall wellness. You have named one of your workouts, "Beginner's Rehab". How appropriate, because that is exactly what it has done for me. Your T-Tapp Workout program has truly proven to me that "It's Never to late" with T-Tapp!

    Dan Wiley