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Dry body brushing tips, please.

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  • Dry body brushing tips, please.

    I have always done body brushing while having my shower. My mum is Finnish so I grew up with sauna and brushes and have continued to practise body brushing. I have just bought a new better brush that I would like to use to do dry body brushing. I am wondering if you do it after a workout when you are sweaty. I know that I need to wash the brush with hot water afterwards without soaking the handle of bambou. How often do you do body brushing? I usually did the "wet" about 3 times a week.

    Thank you in advance for your help.

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    I do dry brushing in the morning when I'm changing my clothes, unless I forget to do it then, I might do it before a workout or before bed. Before your workout is great, but I probably wouldn't do it after the workout when you are sweaty. There are some great forum posts with more dry brushing info, I'll copy and paste below:


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      Jessi, thank you so much for your reply. I can read that body brushing in the shower is not good.
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        The posts do make it sound as if wet brushing in the shower isn't as good with microscopic tears to the skin, but I think it is sometimes mentioned as okay, just not as good. I thinking brushing period wet or dry is better than not brushing at all, so do what works for you. But if you find dry brush can work for you, then switching to that sounds like a good idea.


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          I have been wet body brushing for decades. For sure, it must be better than no brushing! This morning, I did dry body brushing before my shower. I could imagine that it must feel nice after a workout and I may try the yucky towel trick in order to do it between a workout and a shower.


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            I tried to do body brushing after my workout today, maybe I am more cautious than when I do wet brushing. I could feel some benefits, but not so much as when having a shower.