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Cellilite gone. Yes, gone.

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  • Cellilite gone. Yes, gone.

    One of the things I regret is not having taken pictures of me before and during (because there's never going to be an after) T tapp. I've always, always had a bit of cellulite, upper thighs and bum. You know the kind of, when you squeeze your thighs it becomes really evident? Well, it's gone. I've T tapped consistently since April this year, twice or sometimes three times a week and so on. It's definitely gone. I've not T tapped for two weeks ( a combination of travel, work and evening commitments- I always T tapp in the evening) and it's not come back, but I feel puffier. I've gone back to the Ladybug tonight.

    Please, if you are in the same boat as me, give this a go. It's so lovely to have firm thighs with lovely taut skin and no cellulite.
    In the name of honesty I'll say thread veins and a few striae I've got have not gone away, but the cellulite, I swear on my daughters, is gone.


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    I trust you. Cellulite is toxins trapped in fat pockets in skin that is losing the structure... T-Tapp is lymphatic and will move toxins over time and you are taking alfalfa, that is the CRT skin system, skin brushing,T-Tapp movements and alfalfa.
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