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    Hello I am new to T Tapp and have been doing it for just over a week. I can only access digital and have been doing the Basic Plus. I really like the hoe downs at the end as they get the heart rate up but they don't last very long and I feel like it would be good to do more. Is this a good idea?

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    Hi and welcome! Yes, you can add more after a workout or as a separate routine. Others HD after dinner or a heavy meal (wait at least 20 minutes). There was a time I was dealing with frequent swelling so I'd HD (one set was all I can do) or kick-outs throughout the day.

    Have you seen the Hoe down videos Teresa has shared on youtube? Here are some of the variations set to music:
    Uptown Funk:
    Just Some Motion (Crazy Song):
    Shake it Off:
    15 minute Holiday Showdown:

    p.s. Just make sure you're listening to your body and not pushing yourself to the point of fatigue.
    As I always say, T-Tapp is God-Given and God Guided. I am honored to have the opportunity to share what's been gifted to me. There is so much more woven within each of the T-Tapp exercise and special sequences within the workouts than just a means to lose inches and look good......So good luck....just do your personal best and you WILL continue to repair/rebuild from the inside out and your body will continue to look, feel and FUNCTION better too. - Teresa (April 12, 2018)


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      I love doing hoe downs! For awhile I did "happy hoe downs" a lot. Those are my favorites. Sometimes my kids join me. They're also really good for balancing the brain hemispheres and stablizing moods. Good to do during homework or homeschooling.
      Lisa. 47 years old.
      Homeschooling 4 great kids and surprise toddler #5.
      T-Tapping since 2010, consistent since 2015!

      I got to meet and workout with Teresa in 2014. I am forever grateful to her and will never forget her.

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