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5 1/2 inches in 4 days

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  • 5 1/2 inches in 4 days

    I am new here but I love reading everyone's post concerning successes so I'd thought I'd share as well. A little bit about myself. My husband and I are missionaries to Honduras. I have Pcos and endo and hypo lol. I was a mess until I started Ttapp. Ttapp helps my moods and energy. 2 months ago I decided to start Ttapping. I lost a dress size in 2 weeks but then we had to fly back to the USA to travel around for the work here. While in California I was not able to Ttapp consistently. When staying with families you don't know traveling with your miracle child (who is the sweetest most spoiled rotten and all boy) it's awkward okay. When we were put up in hotels I did it but it wasn't often at all. So I gained 14 1/2 inches in the USA. Yes I gained that much. I almost cried when I took my measurements. But I still hadn't gone back up the dress size I'd lost. So I put back on my shoes 4 days ago and started Ttapping To MY max. I'm not perfect but I can barely breathe and I'm whipped after BWO+ because I'm doing my best to activate every muscle I know I'm supposed to. And guess what??? After only 4 days of BWO+ im down 5 1/2 inches. This made me realize if I do just 15 minutes of my max it works fast!!! I just received the alfalfa and I'm excited to see how it is going to help me too.

    Oh oh and the 3 months ago when I started Ttapp (before going to the USA) I went to the dr for an ultrasound and the cyst and endo was gone. But when I stop Ttapping they come back with a Big Bang. So if you have poly cystic ovaries or endometriosis if your faithful doing Ttapp it will help. It has helped me. Now I'm not saying I've gotten pregnant again but it has helped with the growth. And I believe if I'm faithful with this that I will become pregnant again. I hope so. Little man prayers everyday for a brother ???? So to recap the 2ish weeks 3 months ago of bwo+ everyday made my cyst and endo disappear but when I stopped being consistent they came back. It only took 2 weeks to see a difference in my health. And my clothes.

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    I also meant to say I believe part of the inch gain was due to the pcos and no period for 3 months. That really plays a big part. But I'm happy it's coming down!! I really am thankful for Ttapp.


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      Congratulations! That's exciting about your inch loss and the cyst going away when you T-Tapp. Thanks for sharing!


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        I have started ttapping again after a very long hiatus, looking forward to seeing much change. Starting with BWO+ and SATI and SITM. I began with TTAPP a long time ago so don't look at the join date 2016