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Pregnancy and workout question please

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  • Pregnancy and workout question please

    Hello. Forgive me for the long explanation.
    I'm I'm new to T-tapp in general. I bought the DVD with the full and basic workout a few weeks back. Did 8 days in a row and then did every other day for a couple of weeks. But then I got a really bad stomach virus that lasted almost 2 weeks, I never went back to working out with different things that came up.
    A little back story on me, I was overweight in high school and tried different things and was not able to lose the weight. Finally I just did a complete lifestyle change and eliminated many things from my diet, through out a year I lost 75 pounds and was down to size 4 in dresses and 6 in pants. But then forward two or three years, I have kept the weight off, but then got married and had my first pregnancy. During that pregnancy I gained 70 lb and never lost a pound postpartum I tried different things, but never really worked out that hard I guess, and didn't lose a pound, in fact I gained more weight when I was nursing. So I kind of just gave up on it. Forward 2 years I got pregnant again and this time I gained 30 more pounds and again never lost any of it all. My first child is now almost 4 and my second is almost 1 and I'm over a hundred pounds overweight. I didn't want any more kids because of my weight. I thought if I lose at least 50 lbs then I would think about being pregnant. Well guess what, surprise, just found out that I am pregnant! I am thankful to God and I know it's a blessing. But I am horrified of being pregnant at this weight:-( anyhow.
    I would like to do my best to at least not gain any weight this pregnancy. Because I already really struggle going up the stairs specially when I'm holding my one-year-old. So I would like to start T-tapp again. I'm not very active at all as the house work and kids seem to take up all my energy. I own the basic workout, would that be something good to start with? I'm only about 4 weeks pregnant now. Can I start with it right away?
    I have read a few posts that suggested trying other workouts when pregnant, do I need to purchase another DVD or would it be okay and safe to start with the basic workout even though I'm not very active.

    Thank you for those who took the time to read this, and sorry it's so long.

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    Welcome and congratulations on your new little blessing!

    I can understand your concerns and frustration. MORE would be a great workout for you to do, however, you don't need to rush out and buy another one. You can use Basic Workout but you need to be listening to your body. The nice thing about MORE is there are water breaks and kick-outs built into it so you don't have to hit the pause button. :-)

    I wrote a blog post a while back about how to tackle Basic Workout. The tips I share there would be great for you to do being pregnant. Please do listen to your body, especially in this first trimester when fatigue takes over even without having two little ones to chase around! You might only get a few moves in, but that's better than nothing at all. If doing all of Primary Back Stretch seems overwhelming, and it can on some days, omit the flat back portion, and do the arching and scooping of the spine. Then if you're feeling up to it, go ahead and do the second half with the hands behind but kick out in between the first-half and second-half. If you only do a few moves each day, try to do at least that arching and scooping of the spine first.


    I lost eight sizes using mostly short workouts like Basic and MORE. It did take me 3 years, but I had adrenal and thyroid issues and I was older than you. I had just had my 9th child when I found T-tapp!

    If you have any questions after reading through the blog post, please don't hesitate to ask! We're here to help you and support you!
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      Hello blessedMama, thanks so much for your reply!

      I just saw it, I thought I would get notified on my email if someone replied, should have checked in sooner. Since I wrote the post I've done pretty most of the basic work out (minus how downs and only half of the last move, forgot the name..) 3 days in a row and hoping to do everyday as much as I can. Is it okay to do hoe downs right now? I've read different things.

      It's hard for me to know how to listen to my body here :/ because my body doesn't want to work out at all and I know I need to push myself to do any of it. I obviously would feel absolutely horrible if I cause myself a miscarriage but I also know being pregnant in my current health is going to be extremely difficult... So I'm having a hard time gaging when I need to stop and when I need to push myself a little more... Other than T-tapp, I'm only doing light house work and the usual Mommy work/ activities.

      Great job on losing the weight when with your conditions and all your 9 blessings! Must have taken a lot of self control. I have also suspected having thyroid problems for years but nothing shows up on blood tests.

      Thanks for listening to me! And for the link to your blog, I will check that out!



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        For Hoedowns, as long as you don't feel too unbalanced. You can do what we call "Tap-It" Hoedowns where you just tap the foot (still keeping alignment and don't put weight on big toe) vs bringing the knee up.

        The first trimester a LOT is going on to grow your baby. There is a balance--of course we need to push through and push play! But--if you feel really fatigued, need more naps the next day or two, more muscle soreness than normal recovery time or have flu-like symptoms--or brain fog is worse--those are signs you need to back off. And it can fluctuate. You can have great days and days where 3 moves is it!

        My midwife suspected my thyroid was off due to my super low temps when she was helping me after a miscarriage and keeping an eye on my temps to see what was going on. Blood levels for thyroid--depends what they test. TSH won't tell you much unless you are REALLY bad. I had my free T3 and free T4 along with antibodies checked 2 1/2 years ago for the first time! It can be frustrating to find a good health care provider who will look at the whole picture.

        The main thing I want to convey to you is, if you feel you are "done" with a workout after just a few moves, or even after pushing play your brain just isn't staying in the game, you have "permission" to be done. You got movement in and tomorrow may be a better day. DO factor in kickouts as they will help reduce lactic acid build-up (less soreness that way) and help reduce inflammation. Drink plenty of water, even though Basic doesn't really have water breaks.

        I have had clients lose a size in just a few months doing only seated workouts or just a few moves. One client lost 4 sizes in 6 months doing only 3 moves per day, average of 4 times per week! She was a 24W when she started and went down to a 16W in that time and shortly after that to a 16 Misses! She was dealing with adrenal fatigue, a home business and 3 autistic sons. Again, the goal is finding that sweet spot for YOU! Might be Basic every other day with 3 moves on off days. Might be half of Basic daily. Maybe all of it 5 days per week. And maybe you'll rotate through those options depending upon energy and what is going on in life.

        Keep me posted on how you are feeling/doing! I am going on vacation next week but will be peeking in at the forums so I'll keep an eye out in case you respond! You can also join us on the 6 Weeks to a New You thread if you would like some camaraderie and accountability!

        Here is this week's thread--you don't have to start right on Week 1 if you get back here after this week.

        Best wishes on your pregnancy AND your inch loss journey!
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        Master T-Tapp Trainer in Indiana, certified in all workouts!

        From a 22W to an 8!


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          Okay, that all makes sense. I'm sure diet has a big effect on the results too, which I'm trying to really work on that as well.
          Thank you so much, enjoy your vacation!
          And yes I will check out that forum as well.

          Thanks again


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            Also, I'll talk to my doctor about those tests! There's very helpful, thanks.


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              How are you doing? I didn't see this thread until now but I agree that something could be off with your thyroid hormones. I would request a full panel, including RT3. This website has some great information to get you started. It's not the "be all end all" and I encourage everyone to take every source of info with some grains of salt, but this website helped me get started on figuring out what was wrong with me.


              This page has a list of labs you can ask for as well as help with understanding your results.

              And most doctors will test only a woman's TSH and then tell her she's "fine" and she just needs to lose weight. This page explains why the TSH, in isolation, is a useless lab test. It can be part of the bigger picture but that's it.

              You can see if your library has the book, "Stop the Thyroid Madness."

              I did T-Tapp throughout my fifth pregnancy and I was so exhausted at first. Basic Plus was too mentally taxing for me but I was able to do half of Step Away the Inches. (This was before Posture Power came out.) I owned More 2 but it never occurred to me to try it, for some reason! If Basic is wearing you out and you can fit it in to your budget, I'd seriously consider getting MORE.

              My baby is 2 years old now and I can do long workouts. It took time and I got frustrated by how slowly I made progress but it did happen.
              Lisa. 45 years old.
              Homeschooling 4 great kids and nursing surprise toddler #5.
              T-Tapping since 2010, consistent since 2015!

              I got to meet and workout with Teresa in 2014. I am forever grateful to her and will never forget her.