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    I've done T-tapp before but not in years. I'm newly pregnant and need to get active, my last baby was nearly 13 lbs at birth.
    im complicated though, I have EDS, a connective tissue disorder, I CAN NOT under any circumstances due the PBS (I have severe degenerative disc disease in my lumbar spine, bulging and herniated discs and epidural lipomatosis (tissue inside my spinal column) )
    live been dealing with adrenal fatigue which is why I haven't started excercising previously, until treatment resolves adrenals it's not recommended to engage in exercise as that further stresses the adrenals.
    i have a history of infertility and also of repeated losses, I've had seven miscarriages and 2 living children.
    Ive got a fairly substantial diastasis

    it seems there still is a pregnancy workout, I have MORE but honestly it's more than I can take right now.
    Suggestions would be most welcome

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    Hi, Erynn! Congratulations on your pregnancy! I had an 11+ lb baby--that was tough! Can't imagine 13!

    Have you tried MORE Chair? I would think that might work best for your back issues as well as the adrenal fatigue. There is some curling and flexing of the spine but go to your personal max. That might be barely moving much, but enough to get a stretch for you.

    I"m sorry about your losses--I have had infertility and secondary infertility as well as pregnancy losses--it is heartbreaking and makes our living children all the more precious. ?

    Even if all you can handle is a few minutes of the 10 minute Chair workout, that's better than nothing. You can do Butterflies seated and do them throughout the day to help pump the lymph gently and work out some kinks. For your adrenal fatigue try to elevate the ribs vs pushing shoulders back. Belly button up and back to spine (which won't be a lot of movement in a chair) then lift ribs thinking of an elevator from the core (belly button) up. That helps drain the lymph more efficiently which in turn will help you feel better.

    Please keep me posted on how you are doing! I will be praying for you! {{{HUGS}}}
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    From a 22W to an 8!


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      And I finally sat down to try the chair workout....but after a couple years sitting on the shelf it somehow (I have two small children I expect they're the "somehow" ) is all scratched up and my entire MORE video won't play