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  • Please suggest a work-out schedule

    I have reached the second trimester and am finally getting some energy back. I would like to do some exercise every day, just to stay in the habit. I have SATI, More, Menopause, and BWO....I was thinking I would do one of the T-Tapp workouts every other day and take a walk on the other days. Is it okay to just do whatever workout I'm in the mood for or should I stick with one for a certain length of time? Is this too many workouts or not enough? The only health issues I am dealing with is that I have to keep an eye on my blood sugars, as I have developed gestational diabetes in my last six pregnancies. Thank you so much for any help

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    When I T-Tapped through my last pregnancy, I just picked whatever workout I felt like. One week it was Senior Fit split into three parts, another it was Healthy Hormones split into two parts. You have plenty of workouts to work with, no need to buy any more just now.

    So the schedule you're planning sounds fine as long as you listen to your body. An actual schedule of which workouts to do when isn't really you said, just do the one you feel like, but do pick one workout 10-15 minutes that will be your pick if you can't decide when it's time to workout. If I had low energy, that was the first half of Healthy Hormones for me. Listen to your body, and back down when it tells you to. Those short workouts on More are your friends right now, although in the second trimester, you probably have better energy. Come third trimester, you might really be thankful for that short seated workout or the short stepping or broom.

    But I should double check...are you new to T-Tapp? Have you been T-Tapping for awhile? If not, then you must start with the instruction workouts. SATI, More, Healthy Hormones and BWO all have an instruction workout to chose from. I'd start with Healthy Hormones or More if you are completely new, and do those instruction workouts several times before moving on to without instruction. Since instruction workouts are longer, you may need to break them up into 2-3 workouts. If you do this, be sure to start with Primary Back Stretch before doing the second or third parts.

    Hope this helps!


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      Thanks so much, Jessi, for your help! I was T-Tapping a couple of months before I became pregnant and did do the BWO "bootcamp". Since I have started getting energy back, I have been doing the More basic workout and it feels like it's been very good review for me. I also know to avoid organs in place during the Box (and to avoid the Ladybug but I don't even know that move yet). That's the only thing I've read to avoid so far? Thanks again!


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        Ladybug is a move done on the floor, so you don't have any of the workouts with it yet. So as long as you don't dig in during Box, you are good. Hope you have a great rest of your pregnancy!


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          Great advice, Jessi! KSweet, if you want to keep to the every other day schedule (sounds great!) you could do Primary Back Stretch and T-Tapp Twist Stretch only before your walk on the off days.Or just Primary Back Stretch. Enjoy your second trimester!
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            Thanks, ladies! Primary Back Stretch is oh-so-nice so that is a good idea!