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  • 3 Moves 10 Minutes or Less!

    My 3-in-10 Workout Packages are back!

    Each package has 3-4 warm-up and alignment classes and 10 classes of 3 moves each, all 10 minutes or less! (Well, a few go just over 10 minutes in the Basic Package! )

    If you love Basic Workout, MORE or Healthy Hormones but don't have the time or stamina to do the entire workout, and you don't want to play hopscotch through your dvd or digital workout, these packages are for YOU!

    There is even a bundle of ALL 3 packages at a discount!

    I love breaking down workouts--I hope you love doing the classes!

    Here are the links:

    3-in-10 Basic Workout Package

    3-in-10 MORE Workout Package

    3-in-10 Healthy Hormones Workout Package

    3-in 10 Workout BUNDLE of ALL 3!
    ~ ..· ´¨¨)) -:¦:-
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    ((¸¸.·´ ..·´ Trisch -:¦:-
    -:¦:- ((¸¸.·´*

    Master T-Tapp Trainer in Indiana, certified in all workouts!

    From a 22W to an 8!

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    How much instruction do you give? I have some friends who are brand new to T-Tapp and I don't feel comfortable recommending they buy through the store right now.
    Lisa. 47 years old.
    Homeschooling 4 great kids and surprise toddler #5.
    T-Tapping since 2010, consistent since 2015!

    I got to meet and workout with Teresa in 2014. I am forever grateful to her and will never forget her.

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      Chair Cruisers has helped me understand many of the basic and advance T-Tapp concepts. It prepared me for First Steps and Brain Body Fitness Floor. I sometimes wished it was my starting workout (that said MORE 1/2 are wonderful). Check out the preview classes she provided so you can compare how much guidance she gives.

      I would also suggest going through the challenge and focus moves videos she has shared in this forum because they are very detailed. Imho, they can help prepare for the 3 in 10 minutes series
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    • AlisaJDrury
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      Soliloquy72 Lisa, she does have videos set so that you can preview them. Maybe go there and look at them first to see what you think then have your friends do the same. Maybe with you being able to help them with questions, they would be able to do them fine. I have the bundle, but haven't started it yet. It was my intention but my left hip is just NOT cooperating these days so I am only doing Trisch's chair workouts.

    • Soliloquy72
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      Thank you everyone!