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Yes, Berei is a Rock Star!

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  • Yes, Berei is a Rock Star!

    I have to tell you, it is tough keeping up with Berei!

    And now that she'’s had her first television appearance, I think it’s going to be even harder! Berei and I were on WBPI Augusta Club 36 Show in January showcasing one of the lesser known, but really important aspects of our workouts: – Finger and Foot Fitness. As we get older, we learn that you can’t take those joints for granted and that foot fitness is integral to balance and, surprisingly, lymphatic health. The foot fitness we demonstrated also helps Berei reduce the swelling in her ankles just like it does for me. Blood pooling in the ankles as we age is not only an aesthetic problem, it’s also a health risk. Believe it or not even our kick outs do a great job of getting blood and lymph moving all the way down at your toes!

    You may also notice that Berei seems a bit taller. T-Tapp Twist and Posture Power have been powerful tools for Berei to keep her strength and her posture which ultimately helps her balance. As some of you may know, Berei had very weak bones when we first met but she was doggedly fighting to keep her bones strong and gravity at bay –-- but she wasn’t having great results. Learning to use her body as the machine it was designed to be with T-Tapp has helped Berei to turn back time both inside and out! Dr. Carolyn Dean was so impressed with Berei that she included a story about her on her own website. Now that Berei is 88 (yes, you read that correctly, double infinity baby!) she’s doing even better than when Dr. Dean wrote about her!

    Here’s the proof for you to see Berei’s bones are aging backwards! Check out Berei's bone density reports from ages 85 to 87. You go girl!

    Click image for larger version

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    Thank you, sweet Teresa. <3
    Lisa. 48 years old.
    Homeschooling 4 great kids and surprise toddler #5.
    T-Tapping since 2010, consistent since 2015!

    I got to meet and workout with Teresa in 2014. I am forever grateful to her and will never forget her.

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