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Holiday insurance plan? One word: FIBER

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  • Holiday insurance plan? One word: FIBER

    This is the time of year that all of my favorite foods are in season. I’m definitely an autumn harvest girl! It can also be the time of year that sidetracks all your success if you don’t approach it mindfully. You all know that Hoe Downs can help you drop blood sugar quickly, but another secret is fiber.

    At the Retreat this year, Jim Caras at Health Direct explained why his Ready Fiber is so good for delivering good fiber quickly and in quantity without choking down a wobbly mass of orange flavored blobs. Fiber is so important and most of us don’t get enough. Jim has been kind enough to give us a quick Q & A about Ready Fiber. I like Ready Fiber because it’s almost like water – I can add it to coffee, a smoothie or water without it even being noticeable.

    Jim’s product and our Fibertox are a perfect complement to one another, especially if you are a Type A blood type. Fibertox is designed to help cleanse the body, eliminate toxins and improve digestive motility. Many people report that Fibertox helps them nudge their bodies back into optimal elimination with just one 90 day course of supplementation. As I said, our two products are a natural complement to one another.

    To get through the holiday season without any setbacks, try taking Ready Fiber every morning and Fibertox at night to keep your internal plumbing moving things out: no bloat and healthy elimination is the perfect insurance policy to a happy holiday!

    Here’s more from Jim about Ready Fiber:

    Q: How do I take Ready Fiber?
    A: As a Dietary Supplement: Take two Tablespoons (1 Fl Oz/30 mL) daily. Ready Fiber can be taken with food or on an empty stomach. Ready Fiber can be taken “as is” or added to ANY hot or cold food or beverage.

    For Digestive Upsets or When in Need of More Fiber: An additional serving can be taken and can reduce the need for laxatives.
    Remember to consume adequate amounts of water throughout the day when taking any fiber product. Ready Fiber does not need to be refrigerated. Store it in a cool, dry place and finish the bottle within six months of opening it.

    Q: What does Ready Fiber do?
    A: Fiber removes toxins from the body by absorbing them and “sweeping” the colon to remove them. Cleansing supplements provide a much deeper cleanse and removal of toxins. It is ideal to use a fiber supplement when taking a cleansing supplement, as the fiber helps to remove and eliminate the toxins much more efficiently.
    Fiber also helps to remove excess estrogen, plus it has been shown to help maintain healthy cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar levels, whereas cleansing supplements typically do not.

    Q: What else can Ready Fiber do for me?
    A: Besides its use as a fiber supplement, it can also aid weight loss, help improve regularity, relieve occasional constipation, relieve bloating, reduce cholesterol, maintain healthy blood pressure and reduce blood sugar swings. It can also be used to relieve digestive upsets, with most people reporting rapid relief.