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There's Something to This T-Tapp Thing!

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  • There's Something to This T-Tapp Thing!

    Many of you may not know, but T-Tapp has been part of a clinical research project at Memorial Sloan Kettering hospital thanks in large part to trainer Donna Wilson. Donna was able to have T-Tapp incorporated into the work being done for breast cancer at the hospital to help women recover more quickly after surgery and chemo/radiation.

    Donna gave us a quick update on the impact of T-Tapp for women being studied and announced that a second round of research will be done and T-Tapp will be part of that second phase too. Donna’s work has demonstrated that movement after surgery and during treatment helps patients to recover more quickly and with less side effects. The second study will now look at the ability of movement before breast cancer treatment to help reduce the impact of treatment and speed recovery.

    Donna has also formed a Dragon Boat team with many of her patients and they are doing incredible and awesome things in their races – what an inspiration!

    One of our other certified T-Tapp Trainers, Renee McLaughlin, has been deep in study with a program called Psych-K which uses applied kinesiology to access the subconscious mind to help us make change, stick to our goals, and find our true aspiriations.

    In her studies about how to influence the subconscious mind, Renee discovered one of my secrets of T-Tapp! When you cross the midline of the body and force the mind to muscle/brain to body connection on both sides of the brain and give the subconscious mind a message in the present tense – the message is cemented into the brain in a unique way. Ever wonder why I say. " Yes You Can" and then have you do Hoe Downs? Well, Renee has let the cat out of the bag!

    Renee is truly gifted with the Psych-K technique and helping people to quickly transforms old and outdated thoughts and beliefs about themselves, their lives, and their bodies – all without hours of pain and tears.

    Yes You Can be the amazing person you already are!

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    This is part of the newsletter i cnme here looking for. Didn't Teresa also mention they were studying whether T-Tapp kept people from secondary cancer diagnoses?