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  • Life Happens For Everyone

    January 2008

    Life Happens For Everyone

    EVEN Me!

    Sometimes You Need to Take Some Time to Reflect to Rebuild

    Getting Back To Basics

    We all hit a point where we need to take some time off, even me. I promised to start up my monthly newsletters and then ~poof~ January is gone. Sometimes life steps in and instead of feeling guilty, we need to just step back and realize that it's time to simplify and get back to basics. For me, even though I'm dedicated to fitness, I hit my own wall and I needed to take some time off - I didn't do any exercise for almost a month. What I realize now is that even though we might gain an inch or pound or two, the value of honoring, caring for, and listening to ourselves is more important.

    Baby Steps Make Big Steps

    Some days, it was all I could do to get up and do some basic back stretches or tuck & press; on a good day I could muster up Primary Back Stretch with a curl the core, shoulders back and some head rocks. Even my CRT Brushing program took a back seat for a while. But after a rest, I'm back! Once I took away the guilt (but not all those yummy holiday carbs) I found that my mind-body connection came back quickly, I wanted to do a little more each day, and wow - skin brushing really does create smooth skin…and it comes right back. I think I also got to get in touch with how a new T-Tapper feels.

    All In The Family

    One of the more heart-warming things that happened for me over the month was courtesy of my younger sister. Who wants to listen to their older sister tell you what to do when it comes to exercise? My sister has always been a swimmer and bicyclist, she's a short torso/long leg so she's always looked slim. But now, she's a mom as well as working hunched over patients as she performs mammograms. My sister started using TappCore's Minute Moves and she only does 4-reps because she's so short on time. She's even roped the other physicians and oncology staff into her mini-workouts--and they all love it. But what really tickled my funny bone was when my sister told me that alternating TappCore Minute Moves, swimming, biking, and the Basic Plus workout has taken her from the size 12 she maintained with daily swimming/biking down to a size 4! And her fellow oncology team members all reported that they gained none of the usual holiday pounds! What's best of all is that they were able to fit this into their regular life schedule - and that's what T-Tapp is really all about, it's a workout for people who have a full-time life!

    Make It Great in 2008

    So as we roll into February, let's join together to make it great in 2008! Tune in to Tone Up and let's Walk the Talk - it's about taking care of ourselves, supporting each other, and being the best we can be!

    PS - Even though I'm a bit late getting this out, you'll still get February's e-news in a couple of weeks! I'm rev'd up again - so hold on, it's going to be fun year and don't forget to start planning for The Retreat - in October!

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    Wow, it sure is interesting to think of Teresa taking a whole month off from workouts!
    Lisa. 47 years old.
    Homeschooling 4 great kids and surprise toddler #5.
    T-Tapping since 2010, consistent since 2015!

    I got to meet and workout with Teresa in 2014. I am forever grateful to her and will never forget her.

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      True - would have never believed it .

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      It helps me feel better about when I have a day like yesterday. I really needed a workout but was so emotionally drained. I did do spinal rolls and brush.

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    Lisa, thank you for bumping this thread up. This is exactly what I needed. My take-away is that being off for a month and getting back into the swing helped her remember what it may be like for someone just starting out.

    I did TappCore a month or so back and surprisingly loved it! I will be doing it again soon. I have so many workouts now, I am a bit overwhelmed with picking one for the day.
    Alisa - 52 y.o.
    T-Tapp Beginner 2/5/18 - First Challenge 4/15/18
    Mother, Grandmother, nutrition and health enthusiast!

    "The race is not to the swift, but to the one who endures to the end. If not now, when?"