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Clearwater / Clearwater Beach Romantic Recommendations?

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  • Clearwater / Clearwater Beach Romantic Recommendations?

    Fellow T-Tappers,

    I had bought a plane ticket to TPA (Tampa, FL) to attend Teresa's memorial, but couldn't make it, because I recently re-connected with a past love; and he asked me to meet him in Chicago that weekend. I figured I was still honoring Teresa in some way by being in her home state. I said a prayer for her while I was there. I owe so much of my physical and mental health to T-Tapp for giving me the strength and confidence to feel worthy to be loved.

    So now I have an unused plane ticket to TPA; and he happens to be in Clearwater / Clearwater Beach next week for work.

    He's older and a musician; so traditional dates like dinner at a chain restaurant and going to a movie, then a loud bar afterwards don't really interest him (or me). He and I most like to walk-and-talk - especially on the beach - as well as sit-and-talk.

    Do you have suggestions as to where he and I can go eat, have a drink, walk & talk? The less tourist-y, and the more dimly-lit and quieter the restaurant/bar the better (bright lights bother him, and his hearing is bad, thanks to being a musician). We will have a rental car and are willing to drive within a 30-40 minute radius. We will be there from Tuesday afternoon through Wednesday afternoon.

    Thank you,
    Tina from Arlington, VA
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    Hi, Tina!

    I'm not as familiar with Clearwater but in Safety Harbor there are many neat restaurants off on little side streets just off of Main Street. Greensprings and Southern Fresh are a few I remember. Parts of Paris is one I noticed this last trip but didn't get to visit. Most of these are in houses remodeled as restaurants and are quaint and cozy. Not sure about a little "off to yourself" spot to sit, but they might be worth checking out! Safety Harbor is a smaller town and beautiful to walk up and down the streets. There are some restaurants with outdoor seating as well.

    Sorry I can't help you much with Clearwater itself but if you want to check out Safety Harbor, I think you would like it.

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