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Awareness through Movement with Feldenkrais

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  • Awareness through Movement with Feldenkrais

    Hi All!

    A random appearance from me..... But I wanted to share something with you, especially those who deal with muscle imbalance, but really all of you.

    I recently was made aware of a method developed by Moshe Feldenkrais. Maybe some of you have heard of it before. I had known of the name for years, but never really took time to find out about it.

    So, this is a majorly advanced movement and awareness method that I want to recommend to anyone. It's hard to describe "what it is about", I am just beginning to learn myself. One major aspect of Feldenkrais is called "Awareness through movement" (those are group sessions). Another part is called "Functional integrity" (those are one-on-one sessions where the therapist guides the person through movements). It's about becoming aware of how you move, which parts of your body light up when you do something with another part of your body. How eye movement affects the hip position (!!!), and ultimately it is about learning how to move better in the field of gravity. It cannot be separated from our emotions. It is extremely gentle, you never go even close to "the edge" of anything.

    Anyways, before I sound too esoteric, let me share these two videos. The first one with a lesson on freeing your hips. For those of you who are really impatient, jump to around the 5 or 6 minute mark and notice how similar it looks to the Ladybug move..... I am sure Teresa knew about Feldenkrais. God bless her soul.

    And the next video is with Moshe Feldenkrais himself in an interview and the most amazing video of him working with a child who had cerebral palsy.

    I am sharing this not as a competition against T Tapp, but as a fundamentally important method for a better life. This will improve anyone's quality of movement and well being. And I am sure that it will improve our T Tapp practice as well. I am waiting for three of his books to arrive that I ordered I am also lucky to have found an Awareness through movement class nearby that I will be participating in in January.

    Please share your thoughts if you will, I really would like to know what you think of those videos.


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    Very interesting! I will try to watch those videos later this week. I only have short snippets of time on my laptop. Maybe one night this week I'll do some research on it. I have heard of it but never looked too deeply.

    Does it help with chronically tight muscles? That's me. Even as a child I was never flexible.
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      Hi Soliloquy!

      I think it would probably help with tight muscles (which I also deal with). There are some videos on how to lengthen the hamstrings without stretching. I have also come across expressions such as "parasitic movements" or "parasitic postures", and I cannot wait to learn more about it. This method also does a lot about separating left from right and experiencing each side individually, and comparing. The other day I watched a video and this guy was doing a mini guided 'meditation' where you find a space in your head and face that is "not left and not right". Then you feel the right side of your face, your eye, cheek, jawline etc. Then you pay attention on your skin and how gravity has an effect. Go back to the space that is neither left nor right. Then repeat on the left side of your face. I actually FELT gravity's effect on my face. It's the most amazing thing.


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        Actually, this seems a nice explanation of it all:


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          This sounds very interesting. I will check these out this week and let you know what I think. This is intriguing to me because when I was going to physical therapy for my back and hip pain the therapist said most of my pain was "functional" meaning moving improperly, improperly lifting when I did weight training, and one of my hips is higher than the other causing an imbalance...oh and my booty is bigger so it sticks out and I needed to be conscious of tucking my pelvis because my low back naturally rounds out...sound familiar LOL

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            Hi Alisa!

            That's where it's at, isn't it!? How we move and all our unaware somatic habits. Looking forward to hearing what you think.


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              I really hope to check this out further! Sounds interesting!

              I am going to move this to the Off Topic--just because we try to keep the General Discussion predominantly focused on T-Tapp. There will be a redirect link for awhile so it doesn't look like it disappeared!

              Thanks for sharing this Johanna--I love anything that works in tandem with T-Tapp to help muscle and joint balance! Egoscue has been another modality that I found for my daughter and love how there are so many complementary thoughts and moves!
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                Thanks Trisch! You are such a wonderful forum moderator!


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                  Also this:


                  Anat Baniel has developed an amazing method based on Feldenkrais and other concepts. Her success with children whi have cerbral palsy, autism, and many other issues are miraculous.

                  This is major cutting edge information that I intend to explore deeply.