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Questions about past foot injury before I join the Coast Guard.

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  • Questions about past foot injury before I join the Coast Guard.

    So a little over a year ago, my friend and I were messing around and practicing muay thai kicking. For this style you use the top of your foot and shin. I was feeling eager and overestimated myself so I had the bag set up really high, supported by a metal pole. I completely missed the bag and ended up slamming my foot into the metal pole at near full force. I was 6'3", 230lbs, and 18. I hit it at the top of my foot, where the foot and leg meet. on top of all those entensor tendons. The pain was excruciating. I laid on the ground and writhed in pain for a few minutes. For the next week it bruised all around, I used a compression bandage and crutches when needed. It pretty much went away in about a week. It was my right foot on the left side to the right of my talus, where the foot and leg meet. I guess above my talus. Ever since, it has felt off. Not necessarily painful, it just feels tight, and when say dangling off a bed it's uncomfortable. I recently started running again and felt some burning, tightness, and inflammation. When I fully extend my foot down I feel like a rub inside, not a click, like a rubbing. I read all this stuff online and it is really scaring me and making me anxious. I constantly am trying to reassure myself I'm okay and it won't impede my Coast Guard career. I'm afraid I fractured my talus or something in there, way back then, but then again it felt pretty much better in a week or so, so it can't be that. My step mom said it could be arthritis, but I doubt that and the idea of that frightens me with me being so young and feeling like I'm at a disadvantage due to something so stupid. I can still jog and stuff, it just burns and feels stiff inside. Could it be the tendons, it feels like I shifted them, like a slight knot that hasn't gone away. Tight and dense inside sense then, less gooey, at least compared to my other foot. It feels less sensitive too. Seems I got a small scar too in that spot or it's at least darker. It feels slightly painful when I apply pressure, but it's not like debilitating or anything. I'm really confused as to what it is. Should I try to see a specialist? I already have to get my shoulder labrum repaired at the end of next month due to another stupid injury during high school. I was shoulder pressing more than I could handle, my arm gave out, I didn't want to seem weak so to avoid making a sound and letting everyone know, I held onto the weight and essentially let it slightly yank my arm out of socket. It was dumb and all this stuff I'm fearing will affect my Coast Guard career before boot camp is making me panicky. Like what else will I do? Could a specialist even help me? I'm worried I let something heal back incorrectly back then and it will just continue to get worse or could it be the influx of running or stretches to reassure myself that I'm fine? Either way I don't have a clue as to what it could be. My parents seem annoyed so I don't know who else to turn to. I googled "foot forums" and found this, hopefully some more knowledgeable people can help me. Anything would be appreciated! Thank you for your time!
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    I hope you get the right help. Perhaps your family doctor can recommend which specialist you need?

    From the point of view of someone dealing with pains long-term after an accident, T-Tapp has certainly helped me.

    I love these foot moves:

    Also, check these out:
    Podiatry Today:
    What is fascia:

    These have helped my shoulder:

    As I always say, T-Tapp is God-Given and God Guided. I am honored to have the opportunity to share what's been gifted to me. There is so much more woven within each of the T-Tapp exercise and special sequences within the workouts than just a means to lose inches and look good......So good luck....just do your personal best and you WILL continue to repair/rebuild from the inside out and your body will continue to look, feel and FUNCTION better too. - Teresa (April 12, 2018)