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Estrogen dominance and getting off the pill

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  • Estrogen dominance and getting off the pill

    A friend is trying t-tapp for the first time this week and I said I’d also tap into the wealth of health knowledge on the forum since she’s not signed up yet.

    my friend (50, perimenopausal) went on the pill a year ago after a season of heavy bleeding, anxiety, and occipital migraine equivalents as well as a shaky tingly feeling that went with what her doctor called estrogen surges. She’d had these and low progesterone during her pregnancies too. On the pill she has normal periods two weeks out of four. She’d like to get off the pill, as it isn’t really helping her a ton. Thoughts for options for her?

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    Is your friend on low fat diet? Does she has yeast or pre-diabetic tendency? You did not mention the weight and inches issue and anything stressful or way of eating, but I would assume the standard American diet or low fat high carb diet..

    All in all, the heavy bleeding points to estrogen surge with low enzyme that cannot dissolve the uterine lining fast enough, so when the period goes with the time the cyst (from estrogen build up) that bursts, there was heavy bleeding.... The shaky seems to be blood sugar issue, tingly is normally kidney. Diabetic or pre-diabetic people normally has kidney issue. Weak pancreas show both the blood sugar and the low enzyme issue. Of course yeast would be rampant on pre-diabetic and in turn would cause now magnesium (with high anxiety). Migraine simply is trigger more severely with water retention (inflammation and acidity).

    The decision for getting the pills is solely hers and she just need to "tell" her doctor. I don't think she needs permission or blessings from us, she has the best reason already, as it was not helping.

    I highly suggest her getting on a healthy diet that give her enough fat and nutrients to make enough hormone. All hormones need cholesterols as the building block. Plant base diet provides enough mineral and magnesium that will in turn help with inflammation. She needs a lot of enzyme from raw vegetables and fermented vegetables..

    In the mean time, try to take additional digestive enzyme and enzyme like serrapeptase, these enzymes will clean up old tissue and burst the cysts and the lining would shed in each period instead of building up and burst once every few month to create a long extend high volume period or in between period that make it like her period lasts 14-28 days. Take ReMag....

    She does not have just one issue, she has the standard perimenopause combo that is very common. A combination of issue due to prolong nutritional imbalance and high stress and hitting us hard during perimenopause..
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      Tell your friend to run, don't walk, and read the book Period Repair Manual by Lara Briden.