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  • Memory concerns

    All of my life I've had a really good memory. Lately, not so much. But especially the last few weeks. I know that I've been under a lot of stress, owning a small business that has barely been keeping ends meet. We finally closed the business last month. There's still much to do (finishing up the bookkeeping, taxes, sorting through small items & trying to sell/donate them, on top of our daughter's wedding this year), while attempting to get my house back. So many things have kept on going through all of this. Our daughter's graduated high school, college, one got married, and just last month the youngest of the 2 girls graduated PT school. Now their lives have moved on but our house has not. I have not had any time to clear things out as they have moved on. Our home does not look like a hoarder lives here. But it wouldn't take much to make that assumption.

    All that to explain why I realize my memory issues could be stress related, but I'm REALLY scared. I couldn't write this because I couldn't remember my login information for a couple days. It just came to me last night when I was laying in bed. I am trying to consume lots of coconut oil & doing more research on the topic. I am scheduling an appointment with my primary care doctor - who I love. He's always been open minded to my natural methods of healing my migraines and blood pressure. (Thanks to T-tapp & Joan Schrader I am migraine-free 10 years and reduced my BP meds from 2 - 1) If this is stress related, I really want to avoid meds (I have alcohol, medication & drug addiction in my family). I think I'm the only child of 7 that hasn't smoked so much as even a cigarette! So, those types of meds concern me.

    If anyone has any suggestions on this topic, I would appreciate it. I will be 61 in July, and I'm just so scared. I am currently reading "Curcumin, The 21st Century Cure" by Jan McBarron, M.D., N.D,, and absorbing as much as I can from a wonderful woman (Dr. Mary Newport) who helped her husband, Steve, live through dementia and regain some of his abilities, after it was in it's advanced stages. She continues this research in this field even after his passing 2 years ago, and even though her medical degree is in neonatal care. I'm not sure if I mention these last 2 things because I am trying to convince myself that this is all stress or what I'm trying to prove. I'm a tearful mess. I'm weepy all the time worrying about this. I feel guilty researching on the computer so much, when I have so much to do to put my home in order and get ready for a wedding.

    Thank you so much for any suggestions.


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    Ollie, I am sorry about your struggles. I have no answers, really. I can only say that I took antideps until mid-March and SF has helped me find and empower my brain balance. I don't know if that could help you though...


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      {{{Michelle}}} I would be willing to bet on the fact that stress is a HUGE factor. I'm assuming you're probably already through menopause, but there are still hormonal fluctuations as well in our lives. How have you been eating through all of this? Would you say that you're fueling your body well or just surviving? Have you been able to get any T-Tapp in at all during all these things happening? If not, I would suggest starting gentle with a few moves or even a chair workout daily. Make sure you're drinking plenty of water and then fueling your body well, whatever that means for you. But do make sure you're getting a good balance of nutrients.

      We live in such a stressful society that throws so much information at us! Facebook Messenger just recently starting having advertisements. It's driving me bonkers! One more thing coming at me for me to have to sort through and delete! Even without the added stress as that's enough to make us go crazy!

      I hope you're able to find time to do something that helps you relax and de-stress. Even happy things such as kids graduating and getting married can still be a stress on our bodies when other things have been happening. You've named about five stressors in your post! Be gentle with yourself, make sure you're breathing deeply and try not to stress. Hopefully your doctor can give you some encouragement.
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        {{Ollie}} I hope you find a bit of respite. You might need some "first aid" for yourself. Whatever that may be - prayer, meditation, sleep , hobby, painting, etc.

        I too had to take a medicine, child's dose and short term/seasonal to help with my frazzled mind. I have memory loss too but for different reasons than yours, I understand how frustrating it can be. I have no recommendations for that though.

        I wonder if some supplements can help yout rest your mind a bit. My doctors recommended magnesium, d3/k2 and gaba. They help me, I've been using Natural Calm (because I can get it local) but I heard reMag has helped others.

        Take care
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        As I always say, T-Tapp is God-Given and God Guided. I am honored to have the opportunity to share what's been gifted to me. There is so much more woven within each of the T-Tapp exercise and special sequences within the workouts than just a means to lose inches and look good......

        So good luck....just do your personal best and you WILL continue to repair/rebuild from the inside out and your body will continue to look, feel and FUNCTION better too. - Teresa (April 12, 2018)


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          Thank you all so much.

          Trisch, yes, I am through menopause. As for my eating, currently much better than when I was operating our business. We eat at home pretty much every day. Take out foods are pretty much eliminated. Drinking lots of water. Not the "half of body weight in ounces", but I'm paying attention to the color of the water when I potty, and it's not yellow at all. I try to have the majority of my water by 7pm. At that I'm still up at least 2 times during the night! Since I'm home pretty much 24/7, I have been back to making/drinking prill water - I get the prill beads from Joan. In that respect I'm confident that I'm better hydrated than if I drank only 48 to 64 oz of plain water. I'm working T-tapp back into my life. I at least do a PBS and 1/2 set of hoe downs a couple times a day to move the lymph. Other days, I can do almost all of BWO+. I've been waking up every morning starting with a Chi machine (something I couldn't use while going through menopause!)

          I didn't know I wasn't relaxed until my knowledge/memories started escaping me. So, I am working on that, and the Chi machine helps with calming me.

          GreenGem, yes "frazzled mind" is a great description! That will help me to describe what I'm feeling when I see my doctor. Thank you for your suggestions. I've been using magnesium for 10 years now, soaking my feet in magnesium oil. I also have a new supply of NaturalCalm. I made sure that I had it on hand while closing up our business, since I was there from wake up until bedtime, with no time to soak my feet for over a month! Now that I am thinking about it, I haven't returned to a regular schedule of soaking. I have Teresa's B-12 spray, that I have next to my water glass when I do T-tapp, but I will definitely start using it more often throughout the day.

          I think I could relax more if I were certain that what I'm feeling is stress and not early stages of dementia.

          Anna Lea, I have been reading through the forums, re-reading why someone likes one workout better than another. I do have SF, and one or two of the BrainBody workouts. I remember when I received the SF, it just seemed so overwhelming. I worked so much then, that I didn't make the effort to try to learn it. I should get that one out and start using it, instead of wasting so much time on the internet researching dementia.

          Thank you for all the good thoughts, hugs and suggestions. I really appreciate it.



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            Michelle, if you feel that you can do SF, I would suggest you to start SF softly so to say... Maybe read it first, for example the Instructional. Personally, I have a tendency to adrenal fatigue and I had a dash of it some time ago....I did too long sessions of SF and it was too powerful for me. But, I prefer doing the full muscle activation and less than less activation. During the Challenge, I have been alterning between SF, SATI and HHMM. I can really feel when I need to do parts of SF again (dropping things, anxiety, less concentration...) so I think that my own prescription for life may be doing SF once (or twice) a week. I don't know if I am exaggerating...Time will show that. At least, SF relieves my mind and I work out my body thoroughly no matter which moves I do. But I watch out to do them in order, splitting up, though.

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          Hi Ollie,

          I am 50 and have memory issues also. My paternal grandfather had Alzheimer's so I am always worried about this, but am hoping mine is just menopause at this point.

          I am with Anna Lea on the SF suggestion. SF instructional goes REALLY slow, not overwhelming at all. Just do half one day or a few moves. Focus on the workouts that make you use mind-body connection (Brain Body Fitness DVDs). It will exercise your brain to have to concentrate with both sides of your body working together. Try and Tapp everyday, even if it is small, this will help with the possible fluctuation in hormones. I feel so much better physically and clearer mentally when I do something (even if it is just HDs) daily.

          EVERYTHING we do effects our hormones, down to small things like smiling at a passerby - Seriously!

          Could part of it be that you are home 24/7? This helps with diet, but not with happiness and well-being. I am ALL for fixing things naturally (exercise, diet, supplements) but we also need to know why before we can fix it. I would encourage you to see your PCP because of the dropping things. Sounds to me like something neurological could be going on. Once you know what is going on it is easier to treat it naturally. In the meantime, continue to eat right, limit sugar and grains and T-Tapp daily.

          Please know that every person who commented here is here for you, even if just to listen.

          XX Alisa
          Mother and Grandmother to a 7 y.o. grandson and 3 y.o. granddaughter
          T-Tapp Beginner 4/15/18
          Nutrition and Natural Health Enthusiast
          Studying Mental Health Counseling


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            Hi, Ollie, I sympathize, this is really unsettling when your brain doesn't work the way you have always relied on. When I started not remembering as well as I was used to, I kind of felt like I was not myself anymore.

            This is my first post on this new board, please forgive that it is rather long.

            A few years ago I read something, maybe on AARP, that helped me accept--basically, it's normal that things are not on the tip of your tongue like they used to be. You did recall the log-in information later, Ollie, just not right when you wanted them.

            There was also something about how we've forgotten how we used to forget things from time to time and it wasn't a big deal in your 20s, 30s, but 40s, 50s, we start to wonder, is this the beginning.....I don't know about you but I was able to recall times when I forgot rather important stuff in my teens and 20s but when younger we thought of it as carelessness, now it seems like proof we are "losing it."

            OH and I almost forgot, (ha) they pointed out that sometimes we forget something because actually we did not pay enough attention to it to remember. They expressed it as, it didn't make it into your memory because you replaced it immediately with the more important thing you focused on right after that. (This was huge for me. I am constantly putting down my cell phone on my way to do something and then saying, where did I put it this time? because I was focused on the thing I wanted to do when I put the phone down, not the fact that "I PUT THE PHONE DOWN HERE." Fortunately I live in a small apartment so I only have so many places to look).

            A month ago I found something called Focus Factor, which says on the label it's for memory, focus and concentration. Our local Walmart carries it for about $15.00. Amazon has it too. There's another version that's about $34 but this one suits me. I actually didn't think it would do much but for $15.00 what the hey, but it did help me a lot, I can remember passwords and details almost like I did some years ago (I have to change my password for the office system on a regular basis and it was almost painful trying to remember the password and having to call the help desk. Again). I feel much much more like myself again, I can remember things! Like where I put my keys! Even, I have put down my keys and I should look for them and put them away. I don't know if maybe Focus Factor would work for you.

            Is Dr. Mary Newport the one who was researching coconut oil, which helped her husband with his problems? You could try that too--coconut oil can be very good on toast, with a little cinnamon. I usually mix in a pinch of cayenne for a little kick. When I cut back on carbs I also cut back on coconut oil, so there you go. I'm trying to get more CO in now too.

            It sounds like your daughters are doing well and the brunt of business closure is done, so there is that. I hope you will find more peace of mind as you get through your tasks.
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              Thank you, everyone, for your suggestions and words of encouragement. I'm so sorry I haven't responded but I thought I came down with the flu, I've been so tired and all the other signs of the flu, except there was no head congestion. PLUS much more intense body aches that I only feel when I'm trying to get back on track with my workouts. After having the "flu" for a week I discovered a swollen lymph node on my right groin area. And that groin area also was a reddish/burgundy color. After that I found 4 more of these oval deep red rashes. It appears that I was in the early stages of Lyme disease. I say early because the blood work came back negative, but all the other signs were there (fatigue, memory loss, extreme body pain, extreme fever and extreme chills). The doctor and the lab said that it could be a false-negative if the blood work was done too early in the disease for the antibodies to have built up. The antibiotics started making me feel better within 2 days and the fatigue is improving.

              I can't tell you what a relief it is to know that my lack of memory re-call probably isn't permanent. Although I have started to take a Curcumin supplement.

              Klee, yes you are right, the same Dr. Mary Newport. I have enjoyed coconut for many years before I knew about her research. I haven't eaten as much as I should, because I have a stubborn husband that doesn't like the taste. But I am eating much more of it now. I am glad to hear you are having good results with the Focus Factor. I have considered FF in the past and will, maybe, add that to my supplements after I see where this round of antibiotics takes me. Between the antibiotics, the curcumin and some probiotics, I think that's all of the new things I will subject my body to at the moment. Magnesium oil and coconut oil are a regular part of my life, with no ill affects. But I am increasing my amounts of those. Also, I am constantly doing things in motion, where I will have multiple things that I am doing at once. So, yes, the phone gets set down, while I'm am on my way to do something else, then something else. And before I know it "where's my phone?" or "where's my glasses?".

              The local health food store where I purchased the curcumn, suggested the GABA because my mind is constantly thinking more than one thing at a time. Not good.

              Anna Lee, I have started "reading" SF. Hoping my energy levels will let me get started on that soon. Also getting back on track with the body brushing.

              Alisa, I am SO happy to be home 24/7. All I've wanted these past few years is to get back to "me" and my life. Due to this past month of being sick with no energy, it' too late to get my garden in (haven't had one for at least 9 years), but I'll get some herbs and a few things in pots. I'll concentrate on organizing my home and my health.

              Again, thank you all, I feel like I am heading in the right direction.