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    I am so frustrated that my 56-year-old self can't lose weight the way my 36-year-old self did. I'm exercising more and eating better than I very have in my life, and I'm still built like Fred Flintstone! Is there any way to jumpstart the weight loss?
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      Hi Linda,

      I am 50 and it definitely is not as easy as it was 20 years ago (even 5 years ago). I also know that my diet is not as good as it should be either. I just started T-Tapp a couple of weeks ago and am only working out a few times a week, so I am not putting forth as much effort as I should be.

      How often are you working out? How clean is your diet? I know I have read a lot about post menopausal women/symptoms/weight loss and a diet as clean as you can get truly is the key. What I have learned so far about T-Tapp is it doesn't take a lot of effort to gain great results, but if you are post menopausal you may need to be more patient and work a little harder.

      Aurora (AYJ67) is the expert with topics such as this, as well as anything health related so give her a day or so and I am sure she will respond.

      We can do this!!


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      Hi Linda,

      What kind of health issue do you have? We don't normally just start gaining for no good reasons at all. There has to be reasons that we are getting the inflammation and acidity that started the inch gain and weight gain.

      It normally starts with 1. Stress, 2. Acidity, 3. Hormonal change, 4. Inflammation, 5. Injuries, and 6. Infection.

      it is rarely just poor eating, poor eating has to be combined with at least of one of those above that our liver, kidney, bowel and kidney is impaired in its ability to detox. Then, if we are really not exercising and not building the muscle to blunt the effect, issue will pile on.

      More exercise does not mean inch loss, it has to be the correct amount of exercise that fits your stamina or adrenal profile.

      In general, diet wise, look at the things that you definitely cannot cut out and cut that out. If it is a stretch to you, that is probably the thing that you need to do. I have tried elimination diet with no weight or inch loss, as I am not allergic, until you try, you don't know. However, if elimination diets repulses you, or anything you cannot live without, consider that might be something you are addicted to for the rush in endorphins.

      Major things that can be eliminated to identify your inflammation or acidity triggers are:
      1. Sugar
      2. Dairy
      3. Gluten
      4. Egg
      5. Soy
      6. Nuts
      7. Corn

      Of course, dehydration is another category.

      Problem with diet is... everyone thinks they are eating very healthy. What I think truly healthy is Wahl's Diet or Perricone Diet... What works very well is low carb or intermittent fasting. There are many variety of way to control our size via food choice and the way to eat.

      I think most of the trainers agree that you cannot outrun a bad diet... I love another saying, "the body is made in the kitchen".

      You can go over to diet and nutrition side and look at Wahl's Diet and compare your food now and the food there. We can talk more there for food related inch and weight and chronic condition management and reversal.

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      Stress was definitely the issue that put my hormones out of whack to begin with. Then menopause. My body is more toned after exercising, but the fat is still there. A couple of days ago I started drinking green tea and taking vitamin B complex, and I can feel a difference. I have more energy and feel better in general. I used to take B complex all the time and stopped for some reason.

      I am doing about 3 workouts a week. Walking 1.5 hilly miles almost every day, and doing several t-ttapp moves on off days--more than I can ever remember exercising at any other point in my life!

      I started eliminating sugar and bread. We'll see how it goes! I will at least try to do the GM/MM plan for awhile. I'll look at the Wahl's protocol thread, too!

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    Here is the Wahl's Protocol thread. You don't have to be 100% eating this way, but the closer it is, the better off you will be, as it will reverse many condition when you have enough nutrients that can repair and rebuild.
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      Maca has been very helpful both for me and my teenager! Mary Shomon recently shared that maca and melatonin completely stopped her irritating menopause symptoms.

      I take royal royal maca.
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      I got to meet and workout with Teresa in 2014. I am forever grateful to her and will never forget her.

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        LOL on giving us nutrition advice. Seriously, a troll did not read our threads.

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        Lol, I better get my elder lawyer retained while I still have control of my faculties!

        I started with maca powder. I added it to my morning protein shake. I don't like the taste, it has a malty taste. But it wasn't very noticeable.

        When I decided to start my teenager on it I bought capsules. It's Royal Maca from Amazon. All the formations are the same, I believe. The important thing is to buy gelatinized maca from Peru. Do not buy raw maca or maca from China.

        I'll try to find Mary Shomon's blog post on it.

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        Sorry I missed that spammer! We had a LOT of spam this last week and a few slipped by me, obviously. I almost left his post just for the hilarity of it! :-D LOL!