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  • Sharing about my health challenge

    Some of you know me quite well, but I'll just give a short background to those who don't. I have been struggling with chronic stress for years due to different factors. Emotional snacking has been my constant "enemy" for such a long time...I cannot remember when it started. Anyway, in November last year, things just got overboard and I had attained a weight never seen before. At the same time, I bought myself a new winter jacket and I was shocked to feel how tight it was. I decided not to send it back and get a bigger size, but I knew that *now* was the time for a life transformation. I felt my stomach when I put on shoes and it was very uncomfortable.

    I had already gotten good advice from my massage therapist, but I hadn't implemented what she told me.

    In March 2018, I had bought the HHMM DVD and I got Sara Gottfried's book The Hormone Reset Diet with it. I read parts of it, took notes. I cannot remember if I really tried it, but at least I did not finish it. In November last year, I thought that I would take it out and read the beginning and the end. You know sometimes the best parts are there. I was caught in the first chapter about she wrote about women, food and broken metabolism. It concerned me. So, I started to read this book. I also listed the "good" habits that I already had adopted. And then I wrote another list with things that I wanted to try out. I found many points in the book. Notice that I did not choose to do Sara Gottfried's reset diet...but I took all the goodies from this book. I did not agree about everything. For example, I prefer having "real" food and not protein shakes.

    I am using a health journal where I write down my weight, my measurements. I have concentrated on waist, abs, hips and under bust. I have seen so little change in the other parts that it was discouraging me to measure. Every day, I wrote down my feelings and thoughts about food. My cravings, my snacks, my different breakfasts, the holiday meals, the lessons that I learnt and rejoiced about! Nowadays, there are days when I don't need to write anything or just a sentence. I regularly added how good this or that was.

    Here are some points that I wrote down yesterday as I am approaching my health goal. Seeing the numbers on the scales decreasing has rejoiced me. I know that many T-tappers throw away theirs...Personally, I have quite a big body shape and I did not want to say that weighing so much was ok. I did not feel healthy.

    -I am learning to listen to my body, not my brain, my hormones, my stress. When my stomach is not longer bloated every morning after emotional snacking of sweets and salty stuff, it is like it thanks me. That made me continue on this health journey.

    -I started to think about the maintenance mode almost from the beginning. On other occasions of weight loss, I did not and that was the huge problem, I knew how to lose, but not how to maintain. I have tried to keep a certain weight for about 1 week up to 10 days.

    -Even if I have always liked vegetables, I am now a "veggie freak". Here on the forums, Ayj has written about the Wahl's Protocol, and I don't know much about it. But Sara Gottfriend says that we need at least 1 pound of veggies per day. So I have started to have lots of them. I do not weigh them, but I eat them!!

    -From the beginning, I decided on healthy snack options and to always have them at home. And I decided that I could have one treat every week, then two but not necessarily the trigger foods for emotional snacking.

    -I started to have my detox breakfast more often than my regular one. The latter includes some jam, and I will have it now and then. I need a big breakfast every morning to feel good.

    -I decided on some different detox lunches according to the book and my own sense.

    -One goal has been never to go hungry. I am not happy if I have to be hungry.

    -I have had enough good salty foods in order not to see my blood pressure decrease to much. It has anyway, but it could be due to my general fatigue.

    -I trust myself more.

    -I decided that there is no forbidden food. I continued to have some ketchup, sweet Swedish mustard with my mutton sausage, melted butter with my potato mash etc. On some occasions, I had none and on other ones, I did.

    -I planned my holiday meals ahead. I allowed me some treats, but I felt that I did not need to overindulge.

    -After each meal, I can and I very often say: "Oh this was so good/delicious..." I have started to be grateful for all the food that we have in our fridge.

    -I drink loads of water, I do not count, but I have full bottles of water in every room in our house, even at the bathroom.

    -I bought my trigger food about 5 1/2 weeks into this health journey. For me, this was a small tube of Pringles. I have had tortilla chips and salsa as an apéritif at supper time.

    -I have less negative thoughts about myself even if that battle is not finished.

    -A key to maintenance is as Sara Gottfried writes: "to keep insulin in its sweet spot." I can feel when it is too low in the morning or afternoon and I may need some grape juice. I can say that I have no more peak of insulin. The other evening, I had some Ferrero chocolates and it was good, but I stopped after three...

    -I try regular reentries of foods. For example, I had a slice of the cow's cheese that I sometimes had during terrible "comfort" cravings and my stomach got achy. I have not had any more since that occasion. I prefer goat's, ewe's cheese, and mozzarella. My husband and I enjoy having waffles now and then. I have learnt that 3 waffles is the best number for me, 4 is acceptable, but will give me some tummy ache. 7 is totally inacceptable!! I have a list of all kinds of foods where I write down how much and when I could have this or that. There is not strict rule about this. It just helps me to assess my relationship to different kinds of foods.

    -When I get stressed these days, thinking about some trigger food that I could need, I stop and ask myself why I am stressed. I always know why. I have already thought about my healthy snack options and I would indulge in a trigger food, if I really needed it. So far, I either have a healthier option or nothing.

    -To boost my metabolism, I have found two great ways: moving before breakfast or at least in the morning. Then I do some hydrotherapy in the shower. I cannot have a real Scottish shower, but I will finish by having ice cold water from the bottom of my feet up to my groins and the buns.

    -I have also read about Teresa's God-made and Man-made diet. Personally, it would be hard for me to compartmentlize the days like that. But I do think that I have a couple of God-made days per week and a Man-made with some God-made contents.

    I *could* say that my main victory is to have lost 17-18 pounds, but the real Victory is to have a new much healthier relationship to my body and foods.

    I know that this will be an ongoing process, but it feels so exciting. Sara Gottfried writes: "Now I know that maintenance is not a destination, but a dynamic can be the hardest and most critical phase...But maintenance - or as I prefer to call it, sustenance - can also be the most exciting phase, because your are creating new habits that will make your live a longer, leaner, healthier and happier life.

    To finish, on Day 1, I wrote this on a piece of paper and put it on my fridge: "My body deserves good and tasty food that will also be the best for my soul and spirit." It sums up Sara Gottfried's vision in this book.

    Writing this, it feels like I am starting a new chapter on this health journey. I do hope that some parts of this can help someone.

    A last quote from the book: "The "calories in, calories out" mind-set is the old-school approach of a one-sided conversation with the body:"You need to eat this, not that....the problem is that coercion doesn't work for women who don't like to be forced, deprived, or disempowered. The outside-in approach tries to beat you to submission. It's a boot camp for your body, when what a woman's body really needs is three days at a spa." If you can, give yourself a regular treat at a beauty salon.

    Ladies, we can do this!

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    Anna Lee *\o/* I'm celebrating with you! <3 There's plenty of thoughtful lessons in your post, thank you for sharing. Even though we are going through different challenges and taking our own unique healing journeys, you made me feel not alone.

    I read Sara's book last year and some things did connect with me as well, but I did not follow her diet like you. But yes, there are plenty of positive actions we can use to take care of ourselves that should not feel punishing. We should be empowered not deprived.
    As I always say, T-Tapp is God-Given and God Guided. I am honored to have the opportunity to share what's been gifted to me. There is so much more woven within each of the T-Tapp exercise and special sequences within the workouts than just a means to lose inches and look good......So good luck....just do your personal best and you WILL continue to repair/rebuild from the inside out and your body will continue to look, feel and FUNCTION better too. - Teresa (April 12, 2018)


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      GreenGem, thank you for celebrating with me.

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    Somehow I missed this till just now, Anna Lee ! Thank you for posting this.


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      I am glad you liked reading it.

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    That is so wonderful! My own journey has been a little bit similar. I've tried some very strict diets in the past, even healthy ones, where you cannot eat ANY sugar, ever. I was able to stick to them for awhile but it all broke down, in the end.

    I have also figured out what makes me feel good. That really helps me when I see some article about a "new and better" way to eat. I know how my body likes to fed. Finding a new way to cook vegetables or something is good Deciding to try some crazy new way of eating is not good.

    I don't follow Teresa's God Made/Man Made by the days, either. I think about it each day. If I am going to have something "man made" I make sure I have it after a meal of whole foods. So, instead of grabbing a cookie or doughnut for breakfast, like I might have done in the past, I might have it for dessert after dinner.

    I do track my food in the My Fitness Pal app. It's easier for me and helps me make sure I'm eating ENOUGH. Some days I certainly did overeat but I realized that many days I did not eat enough calories. And likely made me overeat the next day! Some days it's evening and I've only eaten 700 or 800 calories! I'm 5 foot 10 inches so I really need to eat AT LEAST 1,500 calories a day. If I work out, I have to have AT LEAST 1,800. Tracking my food has helped me eat in a stable, reliable way, rather than overeating some days and under eating other days.

    I have also lost my taste for many sweet foods. That has been a huge blessing!

    I am so happy for you, Anna Lee! The journey toward health is a wonderful journey. I am so glad that we are all walking this path together.
    Lisa. 47 years old.
    Homeschooling 4 great kids and surprise toddler #5.
    T-Tapping since 2010, consistent since 2015!

    I got to meet and workout with Teresa in 2014. I am forever grateful to her and will never forget her.

    My Instagram


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      Lisa, what does it mean 40/30/30? In which order is what, so to say? I have no idea how much I eat of each, I think more in number of "portions" according to French standards.

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      I know that Lisa will chime in but it is the percentage of protein/carbs/fat from your total food intake. So of your daily calories, 40% come from protein, 30% from carbohydrates, and 30% from fat. When I started intermittent fasting, I stopped tracking my food intake because of eating in a short window you cannot take in a lot of food and it is a totally different concept. But this isn't really working for me so I think that I am going to go back to regular eating so I need to start tracking again because I don't like logging those "bad" foods. I do better on this type of concept 40/30/30 or 50/25/25 like Lisa where I am taking in more protein than carbs but I do not do well on plans like Keto because of all the fat (my tummy cannot take it).

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      Yes, it's carbohydrates, protein, and fat, in that order.

      I used to just give it a good guess by looking at what was on my plate. Then I started using My Fitness Pal and you can see the actual percentages and grams. It's not necessary but it's been helpful to me. Some people find a food diary to be harmful, not helpful. Everyone has to look at their own circumstances.

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    I am just adding the link to Dr S. Gottfried's web site. There are many interesting blog articles there.


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      I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS POST!! I started to read it when you posted it but was at work and got distracted and forgot to come back. I printed it out because you have listed some really good pointers here. I love that you say "when my stomach is no longer bloated in the morning, it is like it thanks me" this is so true. We do need to listen to the ways our body thanks us for keeping it healthy. I often read the end of the beginning and end of a book as well. Mainly because Im dieing to know what happened but then still intrigued to know how they got to that point so I still read everything else. I think of myself when you talk about your weight and the scale. I know it is important to focus on healing first and the weight loss comes after that, however that is often difficult when you have been on a particular journey for over a year and nothing is budging, I just feel you have to give it a nudge sometimes and try something different like you did with this book and your own healthy eating challenge. I often feel like if I could just lose 10 lbs I know I would feel better and have more energy to do more. I just cannot get there and will need to do her reset to reprogram these hormones to act better LOL I find it hard to be in a mindset of allowing a treat if I want it and for me, IF I am going to have that treat it is better away from home then allowing it in the house because I WILL EAT ALL THE COOKIES!! I have often thought about GM/MM and know I will feel better on my GM days but not sure how I would approach or feel on my MM days so prefer to have every day the same and IF I can get to a place of allowing a cookie whenever I want it that may be best.

      Did I mention that I printed this out for my notebook because it is that good!!

      I am debating if I should start with The Hormone Cure or The Reset? I cannot read it for a couple more weeks anyhow, but that is the first thing I am doing when school is finished!!
      Alisa - 52 y.o.
      T-Tapp Beginner 2/5/18 - First Challenge 4/15/18
      Mother, Grandmother, nutrition and health enthusiast!

      "The race is not to the swift, but to the one who endures to the end. If not now, when?"


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        I also recommend The Craving Cure by Julia Ross.

      • Anna Lee
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        Alisa, thank you for your words. You have been my supportive friend on this health journey!

        Lisa, Sara Gottfried's last book is Brain Body Diet. In fact, I have just ordered it, not to do a diet but for all her knowledge and info in it. I think that it will be very precious complements for my healing process.
        Last edited by Anna Lee; 02-15-2020, 11:54 AM.

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        Anna Lee that sounds fascinating. I'm looking forward to reading your insights after you get the book.