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  • Hernia Operated

    I just got my hernia operated. Can I exercise? I am a little over conscious about my weight.

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    What type of hernia surgery did you have? I am not a trainer, but the trainers would say to check with your doctor. I had inguinal hernia surgery (the one in the low pelvis (right side for me) 8 years ago and have a C-section scar and neither of that bothers me from doing core focus or mitten chop.

    I would imagine you would want to wait until you are completely healed because you are always working your core and you don't want to be pulling on that area depending where you hernia surgery was.

    Not much help, but I am sure Trisch BlessedMama will chime in after sometime later this week (after Christmas).
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      You should not start T-Tapp until your doctor has told you that exercise is permissible. Have you been cleared to exercise yet?
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