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    Originally posted by Teresa Tapp 04/22/2002 : 11:25:57 AM

    T-Tapp & Dieting/Weight Loss:

    First of all, I do not advocate any type of diet when first starting the T-Tapp is better to concentrate on MOVING the body in the special T-Tapp sequence of movements following the game plan that comes with the system instead of altering your food intake. It is easier for your body to focus on one new change (exercise via T-Tapp) which that alone is going to improve digestion, assimilation and elimination. T-Tapp is more than an exercise program that burns calories, it actually rebuilds primary body functions as well as increase base metabolic rate and resting glucose utilization rate. As most of you know, I advise not to decrease nor increase calorie intake during first week of T-Tapping but satisfy hunger with good food (meat & veggies, soups and salads) limiting man-made, processed carbs to every third day.

    I've studied many dietary plans throughout the years and I've always believed in BALANCE of nutrients limiting processed foods as much as possible. Yes, we need protein, fat and carbs. Do I eat man-made foods? Sure I do. Do I eat Krispy Kreme donuts? Sure I do (especially now that a Krispy Kreme store just opened nearby) Do I all the time? No (but often enough) but whenever I do I know how to T-Tapp away with a few more Hoe Downs as well as adding another T-Tapp workout during the week. Do I calorie restrict? No...I have a hearty appetite and consume 2000 to 3000 calories daily with plenty of "treats" Do I T-Tapp every day? No but it varies...when getting ready for a fitness event I'll do a 4 to 10 day boot camp but then I might go a week or two (sometimes even longer) without doing anything but PBS, Hoe Downs and AL) I've even gone up to 6 weeks without anything but then the back pain (along with extra inches) brings puts me back on track.

    Regarding the NHE program....seems to work for a lot of people, especially those who are insulin sensitive (due to glucose overload/atrophy of internal spinal density)as well as/or due to hormonal fluctuations -especially for those with estrogen dominance.* A lot of NHE is similar to what I've been recommending. I don't like how it makes one constantly "count" grams of this and that...but then again I don't like any program that makes one obsessive about counting calories, points, grams etc....BUT some people need a very structured program. I prefer to listen to my body and optimize nutritional density the majority of the time - T-Tapp enables me to cheat more often.

    I like weight watchers except I don't really like how they focus everything on how much one weighs each week...BUT the program does teach people portion control and balance of nutrients. My sister just recently lost 25 lbs with weight watchers...and now she doesn't count points any more nor worries about her weight. She achieved her goal and now that the weather is getting warmer, she's been able to increase her activity (busy mom with 2 kids) Weight Watchers seems to work very well with T-Tapp.

    Regarding NT ... seems to work for some. I personally I would not follow it. Lani's certified to teach the program and she's had personal success with NT so you can ask her questions.

    I do not recommend NHE nor NT in the beginning with T-Tapp because it can slow inch loss...but add after first 30 days of following the regular game plan- ie: boot camp followed by every other day, then every third day then twice a week. Then add either of these programs.

    Regarding "all or none diets" (like no carbs, no fat, etc) I don't recommend them because they can create imbalance metabolically and with weight gain returning quickly and often with even more weight added to original amount before drastic diet.

    Regarding Zone....yes, I like this program but it can be a bit confusing for some due to the way it was written.

    Regarding Blood Type Diet... use as a guideline but I don't recommend it to be followed as written in the book. It doesn't take into account genetic crossovers of parent's blood line and I don't agree with some of the author's viewpoints (I've always held a higher opinion of the author's father who originally came up with blood type theories)

    Regarding Carbohydrate Addicts Diet...I don't believe in consuming carbs all at once.

    Low Glycemic Diet Plan - educational for all of us in understanding how foods classify in relationship to how insulin release occurs. I like low glycemic guidelines to optimize natural energy levels of the body.

    Food Combining (like Suzanne Sommers, Marylou Henner, etc) - again....this program seems to help many achieve their goals however I put it into the every third day game plan. By this I mean follow for two days and then go ahead and enjoy third day with whatever. It can be a bit overloading for those with sensitive digestive systems (like A and AB blood types)

    Atkins Diet.... NO...well, maybe for O blood types but even then use the every third day rule here again otherwise it can create extra sensitivity to carbs worse than before. A's and AB's should NEVER do Atkins (even it parents are O) because it will create immediate health issues with your liver and your gallbladder....I have witness majority A and AB's have gallbladder attacks within 6 months of following this drastic diet.

    So in conclusion....listen to your own body and discover what works for you. Research has verified that exercise is even more important than diet BUT of course it is best when one monitors intake of food along with exercise. So in the beginning focus on getting your basic body functions rebuilt with the T-Tapp program (inch loss and tighter skin are extra to what's happening inside the body)and you'll notice your body naturally gravitate to better food choices. Then consciously try to eat foods that have nutritional value but go ahead and enjoy your favorite treats now and then. Even though I say every third day in the beginning you'll be able to go every other day without gains AND you'll be able to enjoy special times without any worry as long as you at least PBS and/or T-Tapp.

    Hope this enables everyone a clearer picture of what I think. I do think it's great that T-Tappers have a place to learn what others do and have the ability to ask questions and interact with each other. Soon I'll have a separate section in the forum for all dietary plans to be featured instead of within the general discussion. This will enable easier viewing and interaction.

    Best wishes to all.... Teresa

    Originally posted by Teresa Tapp 04/22/2002 : 11:25:57 AM
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    Hi, Forum Angel, thanks for posting this interesting Teresa Tapp's summary...It's funny how on her book she really emphasizes it's about size and inch loss and not to worry about weight- I think that's a very healthy attitude, that I hope to be able to internalise (aren't we all a bit fixated by the numbers on the scale?)
    One thing I have noticed this Easter is that when I T tapp regularely, I eat more, but I eat more healthy stuff. I do not crave chocolate bars. I am a total chocolate addict, and had tried to stay off it for Lent (cheated here and there), so I was really, really looking forward to Easter Sunday and this massive dark chocolate egg I had bought myself. Well, I just had a bit, enjoyed it, but was able not to gobble it down (unheard of for me on an Easter Sunday!) I know Hoe Downs were shown to lower blood sugars- does T tapp regulate the peaks and throughs in sugar levels as well? Do other people feel any relief to their cravings?

    Thanks all- I'm on a T tapp high- one week and a half and my legs and bum are so much better already.



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      Marie, HD lowers blood sugar as you are doing it, the muscles you build with T-Tapp will burn sugar 24/7 and thusly reverse the insulin resistance issue.

      When insulin resistance is in check (via diet, exercise or detox program) there is no sugar craving. If you still have sugar craving when you have been on a good low GI diet, doing T-Tapp, etc., then look into leaky guts and yeast overgrowth. You might need to do a yeast overgrowth herbal protocol.

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    Awesome post thank you for sharing.


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      Yep, it continues. No chocolate in the house for two weeks, I've had all but one browny in the last two weeks. You don't know me, but that is very, very rare! I always have dark chocolate around! I am also finding I drink more, I feel more thirsty. All going well.