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    Hi, everyone! I am 19 days in to a 35 day detox, for the past 11 days following the Green Smoothie Girl detox. While I don’t think vegan is healthy long-term, I agree that it’s good for a detox. So here I am. My detox is a spiritual fast alongside knowing it’ll be really good for my physical body, too, especially cancer risk. I weaned my last child (3 yo) a few days in to this so he wouldn’t get whatever junk was flowing out of my body (it was time anyways and I wanted to help my body not get the migraines I frequently get when not pregnant or nursing).

    So my question is related to losing fat stores. While I know this is cleansing my body somewhat regardless, am I probably still too close to the weaning for my body to release the fat stores and therefore the toxins there? I have had very few detox symptoms and honestly wondered if I wasn’t cleansing much! It’s not my first cleanse and I’m doing daily coffee enemas, daily dry brushing, and daily clay (2 1/2 tsp) so maybe that’s just taking care of the junk so I don’t get symptoms. But I’m also not losing inches or cellulite. This is low calorie, low fat compared to my previous diet. I’m tapping about every day ( I did more than average actually: BF1 4 day boot camp and a 13 min Balance 4 day boot camp these past 9 days).

    I’d love any feedback! Kaye

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    Kaye, it could be that you will see more results in the "after-the-detox" time. I am one who never lost gobs of inches during a bootcamp or even the T-Tapp Retreat. But the consistency afterward is where I saw the results, slowly but surely!

    Also realize that weaning is a "life change" and could be perceived as a mild "stress" due to the change during this time. It sounds like you are taking good steps to minimize any really bad die-off/detox issues. And depending upon how clean you were eating before, you might not see dramatic detox or changes right away.

    Once you start fueling your body normally again after the detox, you may see fat stores released. I would suggest moving into a GM/MM rotation as you come off your fast. And on your MM days you don't have to "pig out" but relax and enjoy your food.

    I hope that is helpful!
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      Thanks, that is helpful! Deep breath. Before I was doing about two GM days a week and eating pretty healthy versions of MM the other days, but I’d agree that I could improve on that!


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        This is my personal opinion, but cleanses that leave you feeling sick are very stressful on your body. I've done them, years ago, and knowing what I know now, I only do very gentle cleanses. The sick feelings from intense cleansing are from your detoxifying organs (liver, spleen, kidneys) being overloaded. And that's not something to fool around with. So, my opinion is to be glad that your body seems to be doing this gradually.

        Slow and steady not only gets you there, it KEEPS you there!
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          I did cleanses and detox to get rid of some of the most horrific few years of adrenal fatigue and fibromyalgia and I still do cleanses and detox to reverse some conditions. The following is my experience and my opinions.

          First of all, I don't think green smoothie is the most rapid detox and cleanses out there, and therefore, I do not expect you to have a horrible detox flu or symptoms. Then, you have been drinking clay to lock in toxins and if you can pass bowel regularly, you would not feel sick. Since you are doing coffee enemas, in addition to passing bowel. If you really can hold for 15 mins, then you blood got cleanse a few times already, and I seriously think there would be no toxic effect even if you were doing dry fast (the most extreme form of detox but not necessarily be cleanse). In general, I think the blood get cleanse once every 3 mins.

          If you don't have a horrible health situation (just junk food), then you are not that toxic. If you have other horrific chronic conditions, then you would have a lot of stored toxins (and not just cellulites). So, you cannot purge what you don't have in stored, and you are doing coffee enemas and adding clay, you should not have horrible detox flu even if you have chronic conditions.

          If your questions is why are you not losing inches, weight or cellulites, then my answer for you is you just weaned the baby. We woman holds on water and fluid for nursing. Just because you stop nursing 20 days ago, it does not mean that your body realized that you are done nursing. My sister and I both experienced this nursing water retention for 6-9 months until one day the body realized that baby is really weaned, until then, that 8-10 pounds of water for lactation was never released no matter what exercise or diet.

          So, based on my understanding of woman's sacred natural override to preserve the natural lactation resources for the baby (and the fat and water locking in the toxins will stay until you body is willing to let go). then do not fuzz about it.

          Good job to sticking to a detox routine and do not feed more garbage to yourself and your baby.

          LOL, I have a fun story for you... I weaned my son off at 15 months after March 2003, as he started unbuttoning my shirt for nursing in an elevator (in public)... After 2-4 weeks of long horrible weaning process, we were done... Until one day in the county fair in July 2003, he saw piglets suckling and I was joking that was what he did (of course he remembered). That night he requested to nurse, I was laughing and thought, "yeah, go ahead and ty", I have no gorging and nothing hurting for a few months already... The joke was on me, Lo and Behold, he was nursing with a lot of letdown from me... So, a deal is a deal and we were not going thru another horrible 2-4 weeks of crying. He nursed until he was 27 months and ready to be weaned off. So, this holding on to water was what happened to me for just in case the baby wanted to nurse again.
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