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Drinking too much water??

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  • Drinking too much water??

    I have a question about drinking water. On most days, I think that I drink about 3 litres/0.8 gallon/100 oz of water. I drink some tap water, but mostly mineral water with magnesium. I am a teacher so I think that I need some to hydrate my throat, I T-tapp on a regular basis. My digestion is excellent. *But* I have a terrible craving for salty foods: salty snacks like chips, Pringles etc. I really don't know what to do about it. I had marinated musses the other week and it made me not want any bad snacks. I like good quality ham or cold chicken too.

    I would be so thankful for input and help in this area.

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    I am not sure the question is about too much water or not enough salt... In general, salt (sodium) increases the water retention. Potassium decreases the water retention, cells expel water... So for people with edema (swelling everywhere with water or fluid) they need the water pill (potassium) to get rid of the water.

    However, not having enough sodium will cause dehydration issue, and then of course electrolyte imbalance. You can get more hydrated at the cellular level with the sodium and potassium is balance. A lot of times, the natural food that is high in potassium is also high in magnesium (vice versa). If you have very high in potassium and magnesium intake, you will benefit from high amount of sodium, so that is it balanced.

    So, I am not sure how to advice you until you reframe your question on the water level. If you are drinking a lot of water and you are still thirsty and seems like your skin is wrinkly and skin sunken in, then maybe you don't have enough sodium... If you are puff up and having water retention and the fingers are swollen (sinus headache and migraine) and there is a sock ring at your ankle or feet, then you really have to increase the potassium and magnesium so that you are not holding that much water retention.

    One way to balance electrolyte is to add some honey and salt with chia seed in water with some lemon juice or apple vinegar... You might be able to hydrate better with equal or less water intake and not be thirsty at all.

    There is nothing wrong with salty food if you have enough magnesium and potassium and no signs of water retention.

    However, there is a type of adrenal fatigue that is salt wasting, and you will need to have a lot of salt.
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      Ayj, thank you for this precious info. I drink water even when I am not thirsty. My skin isn't too wrinkly nor sunken in and I am not puff up either, finger or ankle/feet. Interesting article about adrenal fatigue. I had already heard that it could make you need more salty food.

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    Yes, you can drink too much water but I think it's pretty hard. I use pink Himalayan salt and I use as much as I want. If I'm craving salt, I add it to my water. Salt water tastes good when you need salt. It tastes terrible when you don't.

    Have you ever tried coconut water? It has healthy electrolytes.

    Here's a recipe for a pre- or post-workout drink that I make sometimes. You can skip the collagen, if you want.
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      I bought Himalayan salt today, and it tasted good with my water. I will have some more if I feel any craving for salt later tonight.

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      Glad you like the salt. Salt is really important for our glands. Himalayan salt has a lot of trace minerals that are often missing from our food because the soil has become depleted.

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      This may be The Thing to help me stop my bad snacking!!

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    I have heard that rock salt might be a good substitute in cooking. Also do check out this extensive list of healthier snacks that might hit the spot when you may be craving salty delicacies. Also maybe sprouts and salads with some salt topping could do the trick. It is green and healthy.


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      Elisa, thank you so much for sharing these threads! I really need some good alternatives. It is quite fun because I have just sketched a page with healthy snacks and I think that I will need to do a Part 2.