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    Hi Lisa!

    So interesting to learn about this protocol from you. It's funny, because I really like California olive oil but strongly dislike European olive oils (which tend to be a mix from different countries).

    I absolutely agree about the Omega 6 fats and how inflammatory they are. However, I just recently added in Evening Primrose oil which is considered the only beneficial Omega 6 fatty acid (GLA).

    I do take daily doses of Omega 3 (fish oil from Whole Foods brand, has good dose and I think quality as well).

    There are several doctors and nutritionists out there who are on the cutting edge of this fatty acid thing. Barry Sears, Udo Erasmus, James Di Nicolantonio, David Perlmutter are a few names that come to mind.

    In essence, we have been mislead about "heart healthy" "vegetable/plant" oils. Canola, soy, cottonseed, sunflower etc. is all CRAP. Highly processed, rancid, destructive. I think Avocado oil is ok, but I just eat avocados. CRISCO actually stands for "cristallized cottonseed oil" which was sold as food to the public when cottonseed oil was not used in lamps any more. I read the ingredients for Cool Whip the other day and it starts off like this: water, corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated vegetable oil. And yet, when you read the nutrition facts, it says it has 0 grams of trans fat.... In my mind, this should be illegal!