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    Hi I take vitamins from an online company and each time I try I get very achy everywhere. I will try them then go off and think so many people have great results, then try again. They have done studies on how they have helped people. Has anyone had this happen to them. I really want to take a good multi vitamin but not sure where to get a good one from. Thanks for any help.

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    It is really difficult to answer this question... As everyone is different and your question is too broad to even approach.

    There are few more questions that I have, when you answer them, you can frame your questions in a more specific way.

    1. What is the multi-vitamin for and what is the conditions that you think you have?
    2. What other conditions and health issue you have?
    3. What brand and what type of vitamins and is your ache related to the capsules or filler of the vitamins?
    4. We only supplement what we do not eat enough of that is also crucial to us, random vitamin is not going to do any good, so what is your current diet like and what is that you definitely are not eating enough?
    5. How is that achy everywhere is like? Like after a lymphatic workout or light stabbing pain or pins and needles? Achy is not very specific.
    6. What is the everywhere? Concentrated at the joints or lymph node? Aches normally is really not everywhere, but certain places in different spots.
    7. Gut healthy is very important for taking in nutrients including supplements. If you have yeast overgrowth or leaky guts or IBS you will not be able to take in most of the nutrients you take in, and you will need to fix the guts first before supplementing.

    For you information, I am not taking multi-vitamins. I think our body is adapted to take in nutrients from a variety of fruit and vegetables (vitamins is from fruit and minerals are from vegetables). You can focus on eating nutrient dense vibrant colored fruits and vegetables and make sure your digestive enzyme is good and your GI track is healthy. See the Wahl's diet thread under Nutrition and Diet, that way of eating reverses MS, diabetes, Parkinson, thyroid, etc.

    If you have to take multi-vitamins, it is preferred not to be in tablet form with filler that coated the supplements in a not digestible way that your supplement ended up in the toilet or at your joints or heart valves. The best multivitamin supplements are in green powder or liquid form... Still, not knowing why and what you are taking whatever is like a birdshot approach, you might be buying vitamins that you are eating and not the ones that you actually need.

    The targeted approach is to know what you are low on and already have manifesting issues and then focus on eating and taking in the vitamins and minerals in a whole food way. Whole food has synergies and it has the nutrients that is good for other things too. For example, if you are having water retention and high blood pressure, the best vitamin and minerals are potassium. If you take single potassium supplements, you are just supplementing potassium that you might take in too much and get the the problematic way. If you eat fruit and vegetables high in potassium like butternut squash, sweet potato, coconut water, avocado, you will be also taking in magnesium and various other minerals and vitamins that enhance body function and repair and rebuild systems. Whole food does not have overdosing issue, single vitamin or minerals might be overdose issues.
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      Wow thanks you really went into this and I am glad. I like all of your questions and now I need to figure out the answer to them. Thanks for your help.

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      I too tend to lean toward "if I eat right I shouldn't need a MV" but so many think you have to eat A LOT of healthy food to get the proper amount of nutrients.

      What about probiotics? specifically in "aiding" IBS (mainly C, but goes both ways)? Just curious about your thoughts.

      I always LOVE to hear your thoughts on nutrition.


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    My two cents:

    I don't care what the testimonials say, if they make you feel bad, stop taking them!

    Personally, this is what I take:

    Digest Plus
    diatomaceous earth

    it works for me and I'm feeling better than I have in years. I think you need to find what works for you
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      Thanks you very much! So hard to know what to take, so many options. I agree whatever makes you feel good keep on taking. Of course what I am taking now is not the vitamin I should be taking.