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When do I start the GM/MM "diet"??

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  • When do I start the GM/MM "diet"??

    Originally posted by Blessed_with_6 07-14-2009, 09:28 PM

    I am just beginning T-Tapp and am in my last trimester of pregnancy. I have been consistently tapping for a whole week, wow, huh {LOL}! Anyway, I know that Teresa suggests that we not try to form too many new habits at once and that our bodies need time to adjust to the workouts before changing diet too. Being that I am pregnant, I really want to make sure that I am not changing too much at once. I just want to be healthy! Personally, I am already a bit of whole foods girl. So, I know I already have a lot of good habits, however, there are plenty more bad ones I need to change for both myself and my 5 kiddos (hubby will join, he's easy to please).

    So, how long do I T-Tapp before changing my diet too? I am sure it's different for everyone, but is there a good time-frame others have used or seen to work well? I am thinking that maybe I should just wait to add in the GM/MM plan until after baby arrives in early Oct...but at the same time, I want baby to be as healthy as possible.

    I'm sure others also wonder how soon some of you veteran T-Tappers waited before starting the GM/MM plan. Any insight would be great!


    Christina Smeal

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    07-22-2009, 10:01 PM

    This is jmho, Christina, but I would wait about a month. Give yourself time to adjust to T-Tapp.

    I personally am still "getting there" with GM/MM. We make nearly everything from scratch and eat a lot of whole foods, but could do better in the veggie department. And we still make treats and cream sauces and all that yummy stuff! My dds cook so I try not to have a separate "meal" than my family.

    All that being said, I think it was Kirsten or Michelle who suggested that I do GM for breakfast and lunch, then MM for dinner when I was nursing my now 2 yods full time (I started tapping when he was 4 months old). That was doable for me. Then I started eating less bread (I was eating plenty, even if it is whole wheat, too much is still not good!)

    I am an emotional eater, so I honestly couldn't focus on food. This spring, after 2+ years of tapping, I felt ready to take that on more. I eat WAY less sugar than I used to, although I still enjoy treats. I was going to try to be more GM/MM focused after we got done with the 4-H fair a few weeks ago, but we're still regrouping! I know I'll get there. The difference is this time, I'm really excited about it vs. thinking about giving anything up!

    Okay, that was a very-long-and-roundabout-answer to your question!

    Congratulations on Baby #6!

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    Blessed Mama of 9 (and 14 in Heaven)
    Master T-Tapp Trainer in Northern Indiana, certified in TWO, MORE, HTF, Senior Fit and LadyBug

    07-29-2009, 08:48 AM

    Thanks for the info, Trisch! I also make most of our food from scratch and we eat lots of whole foods already. Sugar is also a big problem for me! So, I'll give it a little longer and then see what I can implement. It's not that it's that difficult, seeing as many changes have already been made, it's just being consistent! Like with T-Tapp, I need to be consistent!

    Christina Smeal