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Habit Formers Basics

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    Habit Formers Basics

    Habit Formers Basics

    12-30-2012, 04:34 PM

    Habit Formers Basics

    Effective 12/31/2012 with Trisch Richardson

    Everyone needs help now and again to reach their wellness/fitness goals. Habit Formers is a way to be accountable and help you reach your weekly workout goals to get you the results you want. We want to celebrate accomplishment and support challenges or setbacks. When you join Habit Formers you are making a commitment to yourself. You commit to giving your all to three (3) T-Tapp workouts each week. Three workouts is a minimum not a maximum. You can certainly post any workouts above and beyond those 3 to show accountability and progress, but when I calculate Habit Former statistics, I will count a maximum of 3 workouts per person per week. Non T-Tapp workouts will not count toward the 3 weekly workouts.

    For Track A, when you get either 3 short workouts or 12 moves posted per week, you will earn half (1/2) of a Habit Former reward point. If you do any more mini workouts or more than 12 moves, you may post them, but only 3 mini workouts or 12 moves will count toward your earned reward point. And as with Track 1 and 2 workouts, if you complete your goals for all 4 weeks in a given month, you will earn a bonus of (1) point.

    Habit Formers has three tracks based on your needs and goals:

    Track A - Adrenal/Health Challenged track
    Track One - BWO+/More track

    Track Two - Total Workout track

    What counts as a workout?

    Track A workouts include:

    *3 "mini" workouts per week: Any of the short workouts from MORE or MORE 2 (Chair, Step, Broom) (they can be a variety or the same one), MORE 3 Chair and/or SunRay TappCore 2, and/or TappCore walking segment, and/or Broom 2, and/or any of the four segments of the Debulk Sequences Barre workout (between the water breaks). First Step Barre Warm-Up and Senior Fit Floor Warm-Up count as well.

    *12 moves from any workout. The 12 moves can be dispersed throughout the week as you are able. If you can do 3 moves one day, but only 1 on the next, it all can accumulate. You must do 12 moves to earn credit, and Primary Back Stretch (PBS) counts, as does Organs in Place if done with either Half Frogs or Elevators (not just OIP alone).

    Track One workouts include:

    All Chapter 4 moves from Fit and Fabulous in 15 Minutes
    Moves from PBS Behind the Scenes Special Healthy Hormones DVD (18 mins)
    Moves from Healthy Hormones Seminar (totals about 45 minutes of the 2 hour seminar)
    BWO+, BWO+ to Tempo, or LadyBug BWO+
    HTF or HTFS or HTF Tempo
    MORE Level 1 Instructional
    MORE Level 1 Workout
    MORE Level 1 From My Home to Yours
    MORE Level 2 Instructional
    MORE Level 2 Workout
    MORE Level 2 Berei & Teresa
    MORE 3 Chair

    Any of the Mini-Max Workouts
    Any class or workshop with a T-Tapp Trainer
    MORE workout on Broom DVD
    MORE workout on Broom DVD or Broom Warmup segment followed by EITHER Broom Workout section
    Half or one third of TWO (half would be split either after BWO+ or after Airplanes; thirds would be: BWO+, Lunges to Runner's Stretch, Arms to end, Always warm up with PBS first when splitting up a workout)
    Broom 2
    Healthy Hormones Menopause Management--half or close to 15 minute segment
    Debulk Sequences Barre Workout
    Brain-Body Fitness Floor Sequence 1, Sequence 2 or Sequence 3
    Turn Back Time Standing (Half or all of it) OR Floor (all)
    Senior Fit--3 moves
    First Step--3 moves from either Workout 1 or 2 or 3 or 4
    Power Posture Walk-- Either walking workout (the 27 minute one or the 15 minute one)
    CRT Body Brushing Supreme Sequence-- Brushing Sequence OR Bonus Moves (done together: Fascia Floor Stretch, Hoedowns on the Floor, Pretzel Twist, Diva Derriere and I would suggest ending with the Fascia Floor Stretch again)
    T-Tapp Broom Walking Workout With Instruction
    Warm Up Workout 1 OR 2 OR 3

    Track Two workouts include:

    All Chapter 4 and 5 moves from Fit and Fabulous in 15 Minutes
    Instructional #1 and #2 (back-to-back)
    BWO+ (any version) and Instructional #2 (back-to-back)
    Beg/Rehab (also called TWO)
    Healthy Hormones Menopause Management Instructional
    Healthy Hormones Menopause Management Workout
    Tempo 2
    Tempo Torso
    Tempo Arms
    Tempo Lower Body
    Tempo Lower Body standing plus regular TTT and HD
    Tempo Intermediate
    BWO+ (any version) and HTF or HTFS
    BWO+ (any version) and SATI
    BWO+ (any version) and Tempo Lower Body floor
    Barefoot Basic+ Instructional
    Barefoot Basic+ Workout
    Ladybug standing
    PBS and Ladybug floor
    MORE Level 1 Workout plus MORE Level 1 Broom, SATI and Sit Down (all 40 mins)
    MORE Level 2 Workout plus MORE Level 2 Broom, SATI, and Chair
    Any of the Maxi-Max Workouts
    Maxi-Max Extreme Standing
    PBS and Maxi-Max Extreme Floor
    Maxi-Max Extreme Combo
    Any class or workshop with a T-Tapp Trainer
    Complete Broom Workout (all 1 hr and 45 mins)
    Total Workout followed by T-Tapp Broom Workout Section (can be split up between AM & PM, just warm up with Primary Back Stretch)
    BWO+, MORE, MORE Broom, or Broom Warmup followed by BOTH Broom Workout sections
    MORE from Broom DVD or Broom Warm Up followed by Hit the Floor or Tempo Lower Body Floor, ending with T-Tapp Broom Workout Section
    Total Workout Super Slow
    Critter Crunch
    Critter Crunch 2
    Senior Fit Instructional
    Senior Fit Level 1 workout
    Senior Fit Tempo 4 workout
    BWO+ (any variation) or MORE or MORE 2 PLUS the Debulk Sequences Barre Workout
    Brain-Body Fitness Core Floor
    Turn Back Time Standing AND Floor
    First Step Workout 1 or 2 or 3 or 4
    Posture Power Walk--both walking workouts

    First Step Fascia Fitness
    2016 Better Body & Beauty Retreat Workout
    2016 Retreat Review--Monday Morning Workout
    CRT Brushing Supreme Sequence--Brushing Sequence PLUS all Bonus Moves ((done together: Fascia Floor Stretch, Hoedowns on the Floor, Pretzel Twist, Diva Derriere and I would suggest ending with the Fascia Floor Stretch again)

    How do I Join or Rejoin?

    Drop me an email at telling me your full name, forum handle, city, state and what track you are pursuing.

    How do I Report My Workouts?

    Each week, I will start a thread for posting completed workouts - only workouts should be posted on this thread. Other threads will be started for posing questions or for support. You must post your workouts on the reporting thread by 11:59 PM (EST) the Wednesday following the close of the week (which ends on Sunday). I will calculate statistics on Thursday and will not go back and look for posts made after Wednesday. Posts and edits made after 11:59 PM (EST)will be disregarded. As the Habit Former Leader, I will begin each week's posting thread and will not accept workouts posted on participant-started threads.

    Please post your workouts as you accomplish them, not ahead of time. Plans change and we want to keep the reporting thread accurate.

    Workouts submitted to me (Trisch) by email will be rejected; no exceptions. Please post your workouts on the forum.

    How do I Change my Track?

    You may change your track up to once per month by emailing Trisch at

    If you recently joined Habit Formers, you may not change your Track for the first 30 days. If you started with Track 2 and find it's too much for you, e-mail me as I do make exceptions!

    I'm on Track 2. If I do BWO+ one day and SATI the next, does that count?

    While all T-Tapp efforts are applauded, to get "credit" for a Track 2 workout, both workouts must be done on the same day.

    I'm on Track 1 and completed a Track 2 workout. Does that count?

    Yes. However, if you are signed up for Track 1 and complete Track 2 for 4 weeks in a row, I will automatically change you to Track 2.

    How Long am I a Habit Former?

    You are a Habit Former as long as you continue to post your workouts. If you fail to post workouts for a period of 12 or more weeks, I will remove you from the active roster. If you have an emergency or health issue arise that will keep you from posting for more than 4 weeks, please e-mail me. Please note that even if you don't complete the required amount of workouts/moves but you post what you do, that still keeps you active.

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  • BlessedMama
    commented on 's reply
    Clarika, if you do all 3 moves on the dvd, yes, I would count that as Track 1.
    And you're welcome--it IS a big job!

    Hallo Trisch

    Target POP 3 , will that be a Track 1 w/o?

    Thanks so much for the lists, and updating this is a HUGE job.

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  • AlisaJDrury
    commented on 's reply
    Soliloquy72 That is exciting to hear about 3b. What about 3A? I haven't gotten passed MORE 2 yet and jumped over to SF to learn activation better. I have up on the Holiday workouts LOL, except for the #4 seated. I need to learn the other workouts first. I don't like fumbling around not know what to do.

  • Soliloquy72
    commented on 's reply
    3b is very similar to Senior Fit which is T2 if you do the whole thing.

  • AlisaJDrury
    commented on 's reply
    BlessedMama In copying all of my notes for Habit Formers to Word I realized this one was never answered. I am guessing it is Track 1 since it is MORE but better to ask.

    Thank you!!

  • AlisaJDrury
    commented on 's reply
    BlessedMama Ok thank you. I doubt that even after doing half for a while consistently, that I will get to a point of doing the full WO EOD consistently but I guess we will cross that bridge if it ever comes.

  • AlisaJDrury
    commented on 's reply
    Lisa, I just recently heard someone say they like 3B over 3A but had taken 3A on vacay so were doing that one so then was inspired to keep keeping on with my More trek through the end of the year, beginning of next year, and do all three levels. I will take a break here in a few weeks to do Trich's Chair Champions and TFFS because I need to use up those classes, then go back to More 2 (probably with her class) followed by More 3.

  • AlisaJDrury
    commented on 's reply
    Thank you Lisa @Soliloguy72 I am sure I was over 30 min so I will have to watch my times on this one to judge where half is. I did whatever was before JT and was at 24 min and thought "just one more move" but this one is like SF and the moves are long LOL
    Last edited by AlisaJDrury; 09-10-2019, 11:56 AM.

  • BlessedMama
    commented on 's reply
    Sorry that I just saw this comment, Anna Lee! Yes, OIP / HF are often considered freebies so you're fine!

  • BlessedMama
    commented on 's reply
    Alisa, as Lisa mentioned you can do more than the 20 minutes. The main point is that you're not consistently doing the equivalent of track 2 workouts on track 1 all the time. Which honestly very rarely happens! And with some of these more intense and fascia-focused workouts, it's hard to just do 10 or 15 minutes of them because of the length of the segments. You're fine on track 1 with doing half of the workout.

  • Soliloquy72
    commented on 's reply
    AlisaJDrury here's your answer about splitting longer workouts.

  • Soliloquy72
    commented on 's reply
    I'm curious, too. I love MORE 3b!

  • Soliloquy72
    commented on 's reply
    AlisaJDrury for track 1 it's usually 15-30 minutes of a workout. And you can do more than that. But if you consistently do Track 2 you should just move up to track 2. But I did 30 or even 60 minutes quite often in Track 1.

    On some workouts just PBS is 10-15 minutes so doing 20-30 minutes makes more sense. Unless I'm not feeling well, I don't want to stop right after PBS. And I don't want to do plies without doing reach scoops ... and the next thing I know I'm at 30 minutes.

  • AlisaJDrury
    Trisch BlessedMama I do not see More 3A or 3B on either Track 1 or Track 2. I do see More 3 Chair is Tack 1. Asking since I will be doing this later this fall or early next year.

    Thank you.

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