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Mon. 5/14/18 to Sun. 5/20/18 Reporting Thread

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  • Mon. 5/14/18 to Sun. 5/20/18 Reporting Thread

    Be sure you are posting on the correct thread!

    If you have questions, please start a new topic as I may not see questions within the posting threads in a timely manner.

    Remember that this is your tool--not a slavedriver! Aim for your goals but don't berate yourself if you don't. Also, please continue to post even if you didn't make your goals--that way you are still an active member, even if you don't meet your quota each week.

    Each day is a new day and each week is a new week. Life happens for all of us! Dust yourself off and get back into your Skechers (or shoes of choice!) and push play. You can do it! Yes you CAN!
    ~ ..· ´¨¨)) -:¦:-
    ¸.·´ .·´¨¨))
    ((¸¸.·´ ..·´ Trisch -:¦:-
    -:¦:- ((¸¸.·´*

    Master T-Tapp Trainer in Indiana, certified in all workouts!

    From a 22W to an 8!

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    Mon PPW #1
    Tue PPW #1
    Thur PPW #1
    Sat PPW #2
    Sun More 2 chair, Broom & step
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      Track 1

      Mon PBS TS R/S TTT
      Tue SF Tempo 2 sets of PBS Plié n°2 +3 JS
      Wed PBS R/S JT
      Thu HHMM Instr Spinal Curl until the end of Oil Wells
      Fri SATI
      Sun SF Tempo 2 sets of PBS Plié n°3 +4 R/P TTT
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        Track A: More 1 Mini WO & Berei vids
        M: PBS + Broom & Spine A/S + AA
        T: Spine A/S + FSPliewB
        W: PBS + Broom(bit of stepping) + FSPliewB
        Th: PBS + Broom(bit of stepping) + FSPliewB
        F: Chair + HD & PBS + BDLPwB(I) + AA
        S: PBS + 1/2 Step-Away + AA
        S: OFF

        M1- = More 1, AA = Amy's Arms, Spine A/S = Spine Arch/Scoop,
        BDLPwB(I) = Bone Density Lat Pull with Berei, FSPliewB = First Step Plie Sequence with Berei
        Plus daily pain management moves- F&F, AL, kick-outs, pbs, etc.
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        As I always say, T-Tapp is God-Given and God Guided. I am honored to have the opportunity to share what's been gifted to me. There is so much more woven within each of the T-Tapp exercise and special sequences within the workouts than just a means to lose inches and look good......

        So good luck....just do your personal best and you WILL continue to repair/rebuild from the inside out and your body will continue to look, feel and FUNCTION better too. - Teresa (April 12, 2018)


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          Track DD and 1

          Monday. Tempo Lower Body, floor.
          Wednesday. PPW 15 & BBFF #2.
          Thursday. BBFF #1.
          Friday. Happy hoe downs.
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          Lisa. 45 years old.
          Homeschooling 4 great kids and nursing surprise toddler #5.
          T-Tapping since 2010, consistent since 2015!

          I got to meet and workout with Teresa in 2014. I am forever grateful to her and will never forget her.

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            Hey Lisa. I was thinking about you yesterday (I know random). How are you? How is the family?

          • Soliloquy72
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            Hi! Thanks so much for asking! I've been busy. Our internet has been spotty and we lost water for a few days which was rough. But I'm hoping to get back on track.

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            Lisa, Ugh, I do not know what I would do without water for three days. Glad to see you here though from time to time so we know you are ok

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          Track 1

          Monday. - Brushing - SATI - one each Cross Leg Lift and East West Breathing
          Tuesday. - Brusing - EW Breathing, Cross Leg Lift, BWO+
          Wednesday.- Brushing - EW Breathing, Cross Leg Lifts, HDs (a rest day since we had evening bible study)
          Thursday. SATI, HDs after lunch, Cross Leg Lifts
          Friday. brushing
          Saturday. moving my new college graduate from one town to another
          Sunday. same as Saturday
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            Track 1 -

            Monday -
            Tuesday - More 1; 2 ext HDs throughout day
            Wednesday - CF1/OIP/HF/Elevator
            Thursday -
            Friday - Seated CF, Focus Pretty Legs, More 1
            Saturday - CF1/Focus Pretty Legs/More Broom
            Sunday -
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            Mother and Grandmother to a 7 y.o. grandson and 3 y.o. granddaughter
            T-Tapp Beginner 4/15/18
            Nutrition and Natural Health Enthusiast
            Studying Mental Health Counseling


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              M - Senior Fit Tempo & BBFF2
              T - BBFF2 & Renee arms challenge
              W - Broom2 & Renee arms challenge
              T - Renee arms challenge
              F - Seniort Fit Tempo & BBFF2
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                Mon - 1 mile walk
                Tues - PPW 15
                Wed -
                Thu - PPW 15
                Fri -
                Sat -
                Sun –
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                  Track 1

                  Mon: -----
                  Tues: -----
                  Wed: Lady bug Standing to 35- minute mark
                  Thurs: -----
                  Fri: Ladybug Floor
                  Sat: -------
                  Sun: Ladybug BWO+
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                  A work in progress
                  Tapping off and on since 2009. Back on since 10/18/17


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                    Monday- Awesome Legs, Debulk Barre
                    Tuesday- off
                    Wednesday- Debulk Barre
                    Thursday- off
                    Friday- Awesome Legs, Debulk Barre
                    Sunday-Lady Bug Floor
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                      Track 1

                      Monday: PPW
                      Tuesday: PPW
                      Wednesday: PPW
                      Thursday: PPW
                      Friday: PPW


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                        Track 1

                        Monday BWO+
                        Wednesday BWO+
                        Friday BWO+

                        Member since 2002


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                          Way to be consistent. Denise is my middle name

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                        Mon: 30 min online class w/Renee
                        Tues: SF 5 moves
                        Thurs: 30 min online class w/Renee
                        Sun: 30 min online class w/Renee

                        Thank you and have a great week.