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How to Win the 60 Day Challenge with Adrenal Fatigue?

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  • How to Win the 60 Day Challenge with Adrenal Fatigue?

    Originally posted by ayj67 01-25-2015, 06:10 PM
    I have a forum friend (she has not come to the forum for 2 years) asked me about how I won the Challenge with thyroid and adrenal issues.

    My answer was: focus on improving your health and don't push it if you feel the adrenal is iffy. Rebuild the stamina and monitor your body's response daily, when in doubt, call it a day off.

    Normally, adrenal fatigue people on the forum are not slackers and do not have chronic exercise-phobias. Doing too little on anything is not in their genetic make up (that could have been the cause for adrenal fatigue to begin with, as we refuse to listen to the early fatigue signs).

    Everyone is different, I am not sure where her health is and what workout she has anymore (she has been gone from the Forum for more than 2 years), however, Menopause Management, Senior Fit, Brain Body Floor series are my recommended workout DVD.

    The schedules and workouts are: It depends.

    The following is my story for the 2014 Challenge, as always, I think I won by my essay... However, Teresa told me last year that she saw the muscle tone and improvement in the pictures, it is overall trimming everywhere. She said it takes activation and dedication.

    I am not sure how she saw it, but she did. As always, I did not ever expect myself to win any one of the challenges I won, but I am glad that she was the judge and I was not.

    I also attached the pictures for the workouts done. I have 23 workouts over the 60 days, but you can see there are a lot of holes and a lot of freestyle stepping (no hands above the shoulder).

    I hope this helps someone to not get stressed out. Health Improvement is the first in order with Challenge prize at stake or not. Do not push yourself to another crash.

    I wish you the best activation in the best form you can manage with whatever workout and whatever duration and frequency to make your body happy.

    Ordered More and TWO on 7/7/2010, Started tapping on 7/30/2010.
    2011 30 Day Challenge Less to Lose Category Winner.
    2012 60 Day Challenge Trainer/TnT Category Winner.
    2014 60 Day Challenge Trainer/TnT Category Winner.
    2015 60 Day Challenge Trainer/TnT Category Winner.
    ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer
    T-Tapp Trainer in Training

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    01-25-2015, 06:12 PM
    My name is Aurora. I am 47 years old. I have been using T-Tapp since July 2010. I am a short torso combo. I am a trainer in training since Feb 2012, on my 45th birthday.

    I had a banner loss in the beginning, I did get the 2 sizes in 4 weeks loss as advertised. Then, slowly, I went from Size 14 to Size 6 within a year and I got my youngest sister hooked on T-Tapp (for pain relief and she got 4 sizes off within a year doing Tempo Basic).

    In December of 2011, I had a dental procedure to remove the mercury fillings. Although it was an expensive dentist, I think he didn’t do it right and I got very sick right after. Fevers, headaches, thrush... I had my natural remedies and I got rid of the emergency situation with a lot of the Oil or Oregano and Kefir, but I did not know the mercury led to yeast overgrowth and then leaky guts.

    I attended the 2012 Jan Retreat, I had some detox flu going on the first day and a half, and I did the remaining workout for (2.5) and lost 10 inches (that was how much I lost for the 2011 January 30 Day Jumpstart).

    I was so inspired by Trisch and Georgia’s forms during their certification tests, I decided I wanted the trainer forms. I signed up to be a trainer in training (I like helping people on the forum already).

    I had good days and bad fatigue days after the January Retreat, I attributed that to overtraining and sickness. When sickness did not go away with triple of the regular doses of remedies for triple the time, I wondered why.
    When inches started creeping in, I added in more workouts. I lost some more inches and was on a trainer mission high with additional maximum activation in Feb. Eventually, I was in adrenal fatigue after I finished the 2012 60 Day Challenge in May of 2012 because of the leaky guts, I was not retaining the nutrients.

    The June and July of 2012 was a lot of doctor’s appointments and blood tests without pinpointing to the cause of the fatigue. I gained 2 sizes within 2 months. Finally, after some persistent research, I realized that I had leaky guts due to the mercury fillings that led to adrenal fatigue. I went on the quest to fix my leaky guts and adrenal fatigue.

    I had to stop working out and I had to nurse my adrenal back to health. It was not easy to have adrenal fatigue being a trainer in training. Not losing inches, I can handle, and I was Size 6 even with little workout. Inch loss was not the cause of stress but the responsibility and the timeline to become a trainer was. The not keeping up with my plan and schedule was really eating me up and gave me a lot of additional stress. When I saw posts from other trainer in training posting and doing roll calls and chatted about their experience, I actually had pounding racing heart rate and shortness of breath.

    I knew I have to put the trainer testing on the back burner. The anguish of failing my expectation was/is tough to handle. Rationally, I knew I have to forget about the trainer certification test, but emotional, it was still difficult to handle. I didn’t have the stamina to even do Basic once every three days without crashing. All I could do was to sit ribs up during work (that would be at least 8-10 hours a day Monday to Friday), and randomly step in the T-Tapp way 10 minutes while watching TV. (The sitting ribs up and random free style stepping became my workout from July 2012 – Jan 2014).

    In August and September of 2012, I started some herbal protocol to fix leaky guts. I was well enough to attend the 2012 Oct Retreat (when both my sister and I won our categories, I just had to show up if I was still alive). I could do most of the workouts at the Retreat (mostly the Senior Fit for the 40’s – Sexy Over 40’s). Well, the adrenaline rush during the Retreat crashed me again.

    I rested and restarted and rested and restarted over and over. In the meantime, I got a job promotion in Jan 2013 to handle one of the toughest cases in my organization. By the end of February of 2013, I was assigned to handle one of the never examined issues in an unthinkable short time frame. Work started spinning out of control and we had to do the work and proceed in warp speed, I had to work 60-80 hours a week to keep up while I still had to take care of my children minimally (yes, I hardly do any housework).

    I can do more ribs up at work when the work time was extended. Yay!

    I entered the January Jumpstart of 2013, I wasn’t able to do much workout and I lost 4 inches for more consciously ribs up for an extended period of time and curling my core a few times a day while filling my water jug from the fridge. Yes, ribs up is miracle.

    So, the 60-80 hours work stress continued on, in the meantime, my mother’s health condition worsen. I found out in June, and I booked my flights to Hong Kong for September. Before September, I had monthly cold sores outbreaks that took a week to heal. After landing in Hong Kong, started from the second day of the trip, I started my cold sores outbreaks. It healed a little when I was under the care of a Chinese Herbal doctor there. Then, by mid-Oct (the work stress of picking up the slack due to the federal furlough) I started my non-healing skin condition for 3 months.

    I think the medical term was perioral dermatitis. It is basically yeast infection on top of cold sores outbreak for 3 straight months. (This coincided with the time that my mother started her hospital stays). I finally had to stop using essential oil and face brushing on my face, as they worsen my condition. As I was suggesting toxic condition and inflammation was the root cause of the perioral dermatitis on the Forum, I did not think of myself having it until January.

    As soon as I realized, I started my holistic cleansing routine and adding very frequent stepping. My outbreak durations lessen.

    Then, January 2014 Challenge started, I intended to kick start with simple detox and use the more lymphatic routine of T-Tapp to clear up my skin, grow my stamina and heal my adrenal.

    An adrenal healing routine is a very tricky, but if I am going to be someone’s trainer (including adrenal challenge and hormonal challenged people like me), I better be able to implement on myself.

    So, I set out to gradually starting on 10-20 minutes workouts routine 3-4 times a week to warmup and monitor my stamina. Mostly SATI, the short routine in More2 and Broom2 for the first 2 weeks, then I added on more mid-range 30-40 minutes workout like Menopause Management and the Path of Least Resistance in Senior Fit.

    My goal for the 60 days was to heal my adrenal enough to do a 4 day bootcamp of something and the ability to do the strenuous workouts once or twice without crashing my adrenal.

    Side note for context: Before I was sick, I was able to do 14 days Total bootcamp, I was able to do a Full Maxi Max 3 bootcamp for 7-10 days, I was able to do Hit the Floor Harder and Step it to the Max all the time. Not being able to do Basic for 15 minutes without crashing was difficult to accept.

    I am happy to announce that: I DID IT!

    I have done 22 workouts in various length, from the 3 shorts in More 2, Broom 2 in the beginning of the challenge, to Total Superslow and Maxi Max Extreme standing around Day 38 & Day 39, at the 2/3 mark of the challenge. There were 2 long stretches (the week before my mother's funeral was an absolute nothing, not even stepping free style) and the last round of cough and me female cycle fatigue about 10 days of stretch that I have done no workouts (except maybe occasional stepping). My medium range workouts were Maxi Max Extreme BWO+, Barefoot Basic BWO+, Ladybug BWO+, Maxi Max 2 BWO and Tempo Arms.


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      I have achieved my goal.

      I did a mini bootcamp with Senior Fit for 4 days (2/21- 2/24, 2 days after my mother was buried), then I had one day of rest before doing Tempo Arms and Ladybug standing for the next 2 days. With 2 days of rest, I did back to back long workouts with Total Superslow and Maxi Max Extreme standing.

      I did 8 pretty intense workouts over 11 days. To me, that was a sure sign of adrenal healing and stamina gaining. I had the next week of 3 medium length workout of about half an hour each, before the long 10 day of rest due to nasty head cold and my fatigue from peri-menopausal hormone dip before the end of the challenge. For the grand finale, I did the Senior Fit Path of Resistance and Tempo Lower Body standing on 3/23, still no crashing.

      I am happy to say that even with even more stress at work, T-Tapp was helping me lymphatically so much that I hardly had to use any oil of oregano to fight off the cold and flu during this season. I might have used it for 4 days over the 60 days for 2-3 colds and flus, I got rid of the sickness much faster than the children (I had their second hand strains). Although I continued to have the unabated work stress cold sores, the sores never come up to the surface and burst. It was only the undercurrent lumps and itch. I got rid of them with more stepping and more herbal tea. When I could, I threw in a Senior Fit session and that got rids of sickness or any lymph node swelling on my neck fast.

      One thing about Senior Fit, in addition to the lymphatic help, I think I have tighter and firmer neck, in addition to activating my arms, pecs and lats so much more than Tempo Arms that I now cannot decide if I should use Senior Fit or Tempo Arms to trim my arms for the summer. I guess I will just have to use both and toss a coin.

      For the last 2 weeks of the challenge, I could use essential on my face again and I could do face brushing again, even though it was not a goal I set for the challenge. I am so happy to not needing to wear a Band-Aid on my chin when I went to meetings at work.

      Teresa, I thank you for the program and the holistic miracles embedded in all your workouts and techniques. I cannot even begin to describe how holistic and healing they are. The more I research on holistic healing the more I realize how powerful T-Tapp techniques are in terms of detox, pain relief and healing. Seriously, losing inches is just the icing on the cake. I think I got 13-14 inches of the icing this time, that is totally not expected.

      Although I did not get back to my smallest size and best shape yet, but I am happy knowing that it is just a matter of time when the adrenal is healed.

      At 47, my hands and face are looking better than when I was at 43. At 47, I am able to wear jeans that I worn in my fit days at 29. At 47, I still get carded for ID when I bought alcohol at the store (by 2 woman checkout persons, one was at her 20’s and the other was at her 60’s).

      I am so happy that a few more of my sisters are trying T-Tapp for their injuries, their pain-management and their stress and menopause inch gains.

      Thank You.

      ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer
      T-Tapp Trainer in Training


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        01-25-2015, 06:16 PM
        I did not do any Floor portions of the workout in the 2014 Challenge.

        ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer
        T-Tapp Trainer in Training

        01-29-2015, 06:14 PM
        I love you story Aurora! I too have dealt with AF, and I also won the challenge last year. As you say, those of us with AF have a tough time listening to our bodies and stopping when we should. That was the biggest thing I did last year (along with using Teresa's AMAZING Sr. Fit workout). In the beginning I was doing less than 20 min of Sr Fit every other day, bc that's what my body said was right. I did work up to some longer Sr. Fit workouts by the end of the challenge. The one time I tried a Tempo workout (bc again, we have a tough time listening to our bodies), I got a migraine and was out of commission for several days with fatigue. Lesson learned, slowly, but learned. I also only did 24 workouts during the 60 days. There were some days where I had planned a workout, but realized my body was not up to it that day, so I let it rest one more before I worked out. I did not diet AT ALL (I can improve there), in fact it was Girl Scout cookie time, and we had way too many boxes at our house. The final thing I did was be consistent and go to my max when I did work out. I never once weighed myself or measured myself during the challenge (just the before & after measurements). Don't focus on the inch loss or weight if you have AF, focus on how you feel, don't overdo, and be as consistent as you are ready for.

        To those of you out there with AF, you can do it! Listen to your body and be kind to it.

        01-29-2015, 10:57 PM

        That is similar to what I did, I did 23 workouts (I counted 2 or 3 short workouts from More as a workout). The pictures on the post were my workouts.

        Thank you for coming to add your experience and validation.

        ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer
        T-Tapp Trainer in Training

        01-30-2015, 12:33 AM
        Thanks for sharing ladies. I usually do 10 minutes or so most every day. I might need to change that.
        Florence ~ Blessed mama of nine (+ 3 in heaven) ~ Happily married to my best friend since 93

        01-30-2015, 02:44 AM

        It is not the matter of how many mins everyday, how do you feel with the 10 mins everyday schedule. Do you feel tired? If yes, maybe 10 mins 4-5 days is better. You need to have 2 full days of rest. If you are good with 10 mins everyday, maybe you want to try 15 mins 4-5 days a week.

        What is the most important to do is not to compromise your form and activation. If More Chair is all you can do, Ace it. Make every single one of those 7 mins count.

        ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer
        T-Tapp Trainer in Training

        01-30-2015, 09:40 AM
        I can only do More Chair 3 times a week right now. I'm starting to get to a point where I might try and up it to 4 times a week. But like ayj says....form and activation. I have been working on this for a year....but most consistently since June. I am seeing great results, Mostly health benefits but I am seeing slow inch loss too.

        Trish (BlessedMama) always says, "Find your sweet spot." The spot where you don't feel exhausted after each workout. It's going to be different for everyone.

        01-30-2015, 10:28 AM
        I am so glad you are seeing results! And thank you for your input Ayj67 makes perfect sense
        Florence ~ Blessed mama of nine (+ 3 in heaven) ~ Happily married to my best friend since 93

        01-31-2015, 07:28 AM
        Aurora, this was so helpful to read. Every time I start BWO+ and finally get to the point I can do it 3-4 times a week (it usually takes me 3 weeks to get there) my body crashes. The month of December began with me having lots of burning in my muscles (without doing any exercise). It felt like I was always recuperating from a workout when I hadn't don't any yet. The insomnia was difficult and the fatigue was becoming worse. But I decided to exercise anyways. I did not go down on the plies and I took water breaks and kicked out a lot during the workout. I was not really improving. Then my 5 kids and I got hit with 2 rounds of the flu (one at a time so it took forever). The first week was very stressful with my hubby out of town and some other crisis.

        I was was not hit as hard with the flu as my children were but it left me with debilitating fatigue. Oh also in December, I had a Mercury filling removed because it was broken. It was not done correctly (it's the only place my insurance covered). Also in Dec, I began to put some grapefruit and lemon essential oils in a capsule twice a day to lose fat. Though I am 5'3" and weigh 134, it is all fat and cellulite since I turned 40. Well, even though these were therapeutic grade oils, my liver got inflamed. It was a bit scary. So all this in one month!

        i have celiac and do not tolerate grains. I tried to eat the Trim Healthy Mama way combined with some GAPS principles and that got too confusing and frustrating. I did have a bottle of Isocort in my cabinet so I started taking that 3 times a day. It is helping. I can somewhat function now and I can sleep, not as deeply as most do, but it's an improvement. I had gotten my diet down to a few calories and very little food. I think this malnourished my adrenals and thyroid. I feel better eating low carb, though sometimes a little bit of good quality ice cream really helps! I was told to try a ketogenic diet with lots of calories and that it was the lack of calories and fat, not the lack of carbs that is bad for adrenals.

        So so I don't even know where to start now. I need to lie down after showering and getting dressed in the morning because it wipes me out. I don't care so much for the number on the scale, but I do care to feel good again, to fit into my clothes, to wear short sleeves again without seeing so much cellulite even on my arms, I want to stop gaining weight in my belly, I want to not feel like everything is too much for me, it would also be nice to have a libido again. i own the BWO+ and the Healthy Hormone videos. Sorry for the novel. It's been really discouraging lately. Thank you for your testimony--it does give me hope.


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          01-31-2015, 03:56 PM

          It seems like you have a compromised thyroid, adrenal and elimination issue.

          I will stick with Menopause Management. Do 2 reps for each move everyday if you can. Until your start getting more stamina and health, do not worry too much about maximum activation. Concentrate with the best form and alignment, fluid movement and consistency. These alone can be very healing and lymphatic. When your system is over toxic and over acidic, you don't need to worry about maximum activation. You need to concentrate on doing the movement often for lymphatic pumping. You can concentrate on the muscles activation more when you feel better.

          You can consider More or More 2 if you are inclined to buy more DVD, what I love about More and More 2 are the short workouts, that you can manage in a scalable and manageable manner. The stepping for 9 mins everyday is very lymphatic. How to sit and activate your muscles and keeping good posture while sitting are great techniques to master. The breathing alone in the Chair exercise are one of the most important thing you can do to help yourself health. Deep breathing enhance oxygen intake and that alone can help alkalize your body and help toxin removal. Skin brushing is another thing that you can do to help your body eliminate toxins.

          When you have adrenal fatigue, it is the mastery of the T-Tapp posture and activation at daily activities that makes the most difference.

          Regarding non exercise suggestion, will suggest paying attention to your bowel and kidney fuction and do some detox routine with food and herbs now, and consider non invasive and economic cleanse later. Toxins are trapped into fat cells, if your elimination channels are not open, your released toxins will just circulate in your system and getting you sick and weak, and your liver has to process them again. I will suggest you to stop the grapefruit and lemon essential oil, they are very lymphatic and can help remove toxins, but then when your elimination channels are not open, and you cannot get rid of them soon enough, you have the problem your are in right now, especially with inflammed liver and more cellulites.

          However, have grapefruit, lemon, orange and apples daily. Don't count the carbs in fruit. You need them for your thyroid and adrenal. Thyroid and adrenal needs a lot of vitamin A, B, C, D & E.

          I am not sure if you have ever done any colon cleanse, master cleanse, liver flush, etc. You need to make sure your bowel is moving and your water intake is more than enough to flush out toxins. I need to drink at least a gallon of water in addition to the herb tea that I drink everyday to get rid of toxin and acids in my system. I am still under a lot of stress, stress creates an acidic environment. Cortisol acid are dumped straight the kidney.

          Increase your intake in apple cider vinegar and apples, they are good for your kidney and will help remove kidney stones and deposits. A strong kidney will help the lymphatic toxin removal. Cellulites are skin and lymphatic issues (toxins trapped because that is the safer solution than letting them poison your system). Skin is the third kidney, when there are toxins and deposits on skin, your kidney is overworked already.

          Alfalfa, parsley, cilantro are great chelation and cleanse herbs. Make green smoothie or pesto or salad out of them if you have access to them. Apple and spinach are also great good to help elimination.

          If you are on THM, I will be mindful for the low carb sugar substitutes. Do not use any artificial ingredients. I would prefer you use real honey, maple sugar and organic sugar than random artificial ingredients like Truvia, If you use stevia, please make sure they are not derivatives of stevia. Your system is overloaded with toxins, definitely no nitrites, MSG, aspartame. You also do not want to have anything to stimulate fast fat loss until your old toxins are relief and you organ function are great and you are feeling strong, alive and ready to go to the wood to hunt and forage.

          Staying away from grains. Make your food 80% fruits and vegetables and 20% meat and fat and see if you feel good about it. You should be able to tell in a week.

          If you don't have a skin brush, I will suggest you to get the CRT skin brushing kit from T-Tapp. It will have the sequence of brushing, the most lymphatic collection of short T-Tapp moves, a skin brush, a bottle of Teresa's alfalfa, a bottle of Fibertox. Use the alfalaf and fibertox, drink a lot of water, skin brush, do one of the lymphatic move a day.

          One more detox tool, detox bath. 1 cup of apple cider vinegar and 1 cup of baking soda in a tub, soak for 20-30 mins. Alternatively, 2 cups of Epsom salt is 1 tub, soak for 20-30 mins (preferrably, you do it after skin brushing or a short workout).

          There is a master cleanse thread started by Jen6 and it is loaded with tips from Joan in the Off Topics area. You might want to read that and see if that is something you might be able to do, for just 16 day (10 days of cleanse, 3 days prep and 3 days of breaking the fast). It is a great detox elimination in a very low cost. Consider that in the spring when it is not as cold.

          ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer
          T-Tapp Trainer in Training

          02-01-2015, 07:10 AM
          Thank you so much! Typing quickly before church! I'd love to know which herbal teas you use.

          I've never done a cleanse. Even juicing (mostly veggies) is enough to put me in bed because I don't clear toxins well. Thankfully I am not constipated but I think the MTHFR makes it difficult to clear toxins. I will start dry brushing again. I will look at the Master Cleanse thread.

          I do have a daily detox herbal tincture made of mushrooms, milk thistle and other liver supportive herbs. My friend who is an herbalist is having me use that and some oat seed extract. I used that in water last night before bed and was plagued with hot flashes all night. I kept alternating between shivering and feeling overheated. I guess I need to focus on gentle, daily detox strategies. I do drink Natural Calm (magnesium) every night. I'd love any ideas for daily cleansing practices of supplements--like lemon in water or ACV in water. Unfortunately, I do not have a bath tub in my house. 😔

          I will look at HH again. I do need to move. I've become a hermit in my house because I'm so fatigued--I only seem to have just enough energy for the basics in my home and homeschooling. I am trying to make sure I eat more. I have to be very careful with fruit as I get shaky if I have too much sugar.

          So so helpful to hear of others incorporate ttapp into every situation and adjust and listen to their bodies. Thank you for sharing your experiences. The Lord is so kind to have brought me here.

          02-01-2015, 05:27 PM
          Well, I have a lot of herbs (I bought from online store like and I like to play with herbs (not quite an herbalist yet, but given time, I will be a herbalist). I play making tinctures at home. As a Chinese growing up outside of US, I am not unfamiliar with the virtue and effects of herbs and a good herbal doctor.

          However, you have a dear herbalist friend, that opens up to a lot of option. Ask your friend to make your something that covers thyroid, kidney, colon and liver.

          For easy not to mess with tea, I find the Persephone's Tea from Mountainrose pretty good. However, I blend my own herb tea for my own use, especially for the stress and acidity issue on my skin. I have Guto Kola, Nettle, Parsley, Yarrow Flower, Calendula flower, Licorice Root, Fo Ti as my base, and from time to time add kelp, bladdarwhack and watercress. I have other herb tictures too, but I like my tea better.

          I don't boil them on the stove to make thick decortion, I put them in a thermal pot and let them steep in boiling water for half an hour or so before drinking. I would brew 1 to 2 quart a day and drink equal amount of water or more.

          You skin indicate kidney issue, you need to have parsley, parsley root, corn silk, gravel root, hydrangea root, chanca piedra, etc. You might want to look into chasteberry, that is good for the kidney and hormone both.

          If you are still drinking coffee, I will suggest you order and switch over to Dandelion tea (herbal coffee) and add Licorice root. You will not need to add sugar or cream. I will give you both cleanse power and energy boost for your adrenal.

          When you count water consumption everyday, you don't count your herbal tea. It was used as a solvent agent to deliver the nutrient, it is not used as a cleanse solvent for you internal waste.

          In addition, dark green herbs has chelation power (to remove metal toxins including the mercury from the dental work). When you are using chelation herbs, you will need to increase even more water consumption to help flushing out.

          Once again, bowel and kidney needs to be moving in volume to get rid of things that is being chelated and flushed out from your cell (milk thistle is a good liver cell toxin remover, you need to drink more water).

          Lemon and ACV can help dissolve a lot of stone in everywhere of you body. You can buy bulk hydrangea root from the herb store and soak it in ACV for two week (1 part root power to 3 part ACV), use that everyday in your lemon ACV drink, it will dissolve a lot of stone at liver and kidney and they will be less congested.

          If you have no tub, try foot soak on a foot bath tub with ACV baking soda or epsom salt. It will work pretty well too, and consistency overtime will make it work.

          If you have no foot tub, 2 gallon size of freezer bag works as well, just make sure to place them on top of a bath towel in case of spill (trick that I learn to facilitate mag oil foot soak, I have a bath tub and I do not have little foot tubs).

          ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer
          T-Tapp Trainer in Training

          02-09-2016, 08:04 AM
          Wow! Thank you for sharing your story, Aurora.