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  • Help to download video?

    I'm pregnant, and I just purchased Pregnancy Fit from the digital.t-tapp site. I didn't realize there was a way to download, and now I can't login or get the videos. (I understand the site is down and the company is closed?) Help! What can I do? I was just starting the "how-to" instructional video and really need to keep going with this!

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    I'm sorry this is happening to you. While this forum is sponsored by the T-Tapp company we are all volunteers here and have no direct access to the products and services.

    From what I understand, the company is going through a transition phase. We do not know what the next steps are but I believe the T-Tapp Team and Trainers are doing their best to keep Teresa's legacy and get the company back up and running.

    It may be a good idea to keep your emails and receipts. I'm hoping you can download from the or they will will send you a download link once the office is open again.

    As I always say, T-Tapp is God-Given and God Guided. I am honored to have the opportunity to share what's been gifted to me. There is so much more woven within each of the T-Tapp exercise and special sequences within the workouts than just a means to lose inches and look good......So good luck....just do your personal best and you WILL continue to repair/rebuild from the inside out and your body will continue to look, feel and FUNCTION better too. - Teresa (April 12, 2018)


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      I'm so sorry this happened. . I'm hoping that everything is resolved within a month.

      Do you have any T-Tapp DVDs your could do in the meantime? If not, we could work together to find some videos on YouTube that you could do in the interim.
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      I got to meet and workout with Teresa in 2014. I am forever grateful to her and will never forget her.

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