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    Hi All!

    I highly recommend the book "The Hungry Brain" by Stephan Guyenet. It goes into brain chemistry and food properties and how it affects eating behavior and even how our body can shift it's "set point" for how much fat it will defend.

    Stephan Guyenet also has a website (just put his name in an internet search engine and you'll find it). I signed up for his "Ideal Weight" program and I think it's an amazing program. Recipes, workouts, courses, information. I am learning about the "simple foods diet" which was always an intuition I had, but now I can see what it's really about and which foods (though simple) might not be as good as others.

    Just wanted to put that out there.

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    I am always up for a good read so I will definitely check this out. My hungry brain is really off kilter these days LOL I will want Cheezits, but eat fruit instead (has to be better right) then still eat the cheezits because I cannot shut my brain off from them.

    I hope it isn't like "Eat for Your Type" because that book says I should be eating a lot of red meat and I hate red meat.

    The kindle version is only 9.99 on Amazon.
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    • JohannaRegina
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      I bought the hardcover used on Amazon for about $9

      It's not like the "Eat Right for Your Type" approach. It's about food reward, satiety, leptin, food environment, circadian rhythms etc. Here is his website

      His Simple Food Diet (SFD) is very flexible. There is also a Lean Maintenance Diet (LMD). If you end up signing up for his Ideal Weight Program you get access to a bunch of great tools.

      Anyways, the book alone is terrific!

    • AlisaJDrury
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      I will definitely check out his website over the weekend. Thank you so much.