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    Hi! I am new to all this and in all my search I have not heard anyone report a loss in bra size. Anyone?

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    Welcome! I know that there have been some testimonies of losing a band size (or 2) and some reduction in cup size. Sometimes that is due to losing fat in the back or underarm area, or off the ribs just below the bust.

    I personally did lose as I lost sizes. I've regained some thanks to menopause!

    I don't know that I could find any posts here on it, but I've been on the forums for 12 1/2 years and know I've seen a few over that time!
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      Thank you so much! That’s encouraging. Yes, same here, menopause gain. I’ve read the book and now working instructional 1 of the basic workout.


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        I didn't lose a whole band size but I did have to go to the tightest hook within a few days!

        Now I wear sport bras almost exclusively so it takes a much bigger loss to go down a full size. When I do wear a regular bra there's no more bra pudge which is nice.
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