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6 Weeks to a New You! June 9 - June 16 - Wk 6

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  • 6 Weeks to a New You! June 9 - June 16 - Wk 6

    Welcome to week 6 of the 6 Weeks to a New You!

    So how did you do?
    Did you get your workouts in?
    Did you take time for you?
    Did you feel more energy?
    Did you measure?
    Did you share your results? Your comments? Your concerns?

    If you got it all done, GREAT!!! Give yourself a pat on the back! If not, you can re-start today!

    If anyone still needs a copy of the calendar/measurement chart, please email me at and I will send it to you.

    Make today really count!


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    Is this week actually empty so far? Or is my computer acting up?
    I've actually been doing something, just not posting.
    This is my 3rd day to do More 1. And a couple of HDs each day. Also a walk, sometimes a mile, sometimes 2/3 of a mile.
    I'm still off the chocolate, which is great, but I still want it. I looked up last week's messages, and I'm going to look up the book and supplement that were recommended to me. 'Cause I still want chocolate.
    I'm mostly off the sugar too. I'm eating lots of fruit.

    The river here is back in its banks. But it is still high. And it won't stop raining. NorthMom I wish I could send it to you. At least there are some days without rain. The cleanup is starting in the places where the water has left. Lots of people are helping. I'm too old for that, but I did get to help make peanut butter sandwiches that went to the workers. And donate some money.


    • Anna Lee
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      Lois, how nice to "see" you again! Sorry that I haven't posted this week...Congrats to More 1 and to being off chocolate! Can you do all of the workout? I need to remember to do HDs. I am so sorry about the floodings.

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    It has dried up enough that I could actually use a hoe in the garden. Before, if I tried to weed at all, I just pulled them up from the roots. But it wasn't very effective. So I worked in the garden about 30 minutes this morning and about 10 minutes this afternoon. I got a bigger area covered. But there's plenty more to do.
    I did a couple of HDs during the day.
    We walked a mile this evening.
    And after 9:00 I did More 1. I hope it doesn't keep me awake to do it this late. But I wanted to get in day 4.


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      June is a transition month for us, teachers. These past months, I have really done regular T-tapping and sketchbooking, but very very little cleaning. I have felt many negative feelings about that, but finally I understood that many other factors were stressing me more than I thought. Anyway, I continue my sketchbooking, but more doodling and very simple sketches. I often feel very very sleepy in the morning (very unusual for me) but I am sure that it is due to the fatigue in the end of the school year, so totally normal. *But* I am not forcing myself to do 10-14 min T-tapp, just my three moves: Clapaways, Spiderwoman and BF; I tell myself that it is better than nothing. Lois reminded me that I could get in some HDs every day too. I kind of feel that I do not have energy for both getting used to the cleaning tasks *and* T-tapp. We are preparing new school programmes for next year, and my brain is already "spurting" with ideas like in September. That means less sleep between 3.30 and 4.30 am or so...I don't worry about it, all ideas are welcome. Then, I have found out a new plan for my cleaning tasks that seems to work out quite fine. I also have some hedges to cut, very soon. I try not to put more pressure on myself about not doing 15 min + of T-tapp every day. I need to find my pace for the summer. I still have some work, supervising written tests and prepare lessons for next year. Our kitty also has quite severe health problems, so I have been busy with vet appmts. We are very thankful that it is not cancer.

      I am already thinking about which goals to set from next week, and I have *no* clue about them. Any thoughts or input are welcome.


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        I'm still focusing on Awesome Legs. They are fun to do and hopefully there will be results! I think I can even keep up with them on vacation.

        We are leaving Sunday afternoon for vacation. We are going to the ocean, as our children have never seen it. Will be gone about a week.

        Our decks got built 10 days ago and they are so nice. We also planted 34 poplar trees. We are praying and hoping for rain. It sprinkles a bit, but we sure could use more. Send it over, Lois!


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          I want to thank whoever it was that posted to me about the book "The Craving Cure". I was able to check it out from the library today to my computer. It looks like it will be a helpful book.

          Today I worked 30 minutes in the garden this morning. That's about my limit. Still have more weeds and grass to go. It was just too wet to do anything until recently.
          I did More 1 again. That makes 5 days in a row.
          I did 2 HDs.
          We walked a mile.
          No chocolate again today. But I still want it. That's why I need that book.

          Northmom, we're supposed to get rain again this weekend. I'll try to send it to you.


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            Hey guys I wanted to let you know that spammers have a new technique. They will quote part of someone else's post or even copy it as if it's their own words and insert hyperlinks that are hidden. One example is the recent person RAILITY. I had suspicions and finally had them confirmed that he was not a T-Tapper and was a spammer. All posts by this person have been removed and they are permanently banned.

            I want to ask that if you notice anything like this where it almost seems strange, that you might have read that post before or it sounds more like someone else than a new person, please let me know. I do try to look over everything, I get emails of every post on the forums. But sometimes during seasons of busyness I may miss a few, and some are pretty sneaky!

            As always I appreciate your help as we try to keep the forums clean and spam-free. There's no foolproof way to totally get rid of them but at least we can stay on top of it!
            ~ ..· ´¨¨)) -:¦:-
            ¸.·´ .·´¨¨))
            ((¸¸.·´ ..·´ Trisch -:¦:-
            -:¦:- ((¸¸.·´*

            Master T-Tapp Trainer in Indiana, certified in all workouts!

            From a 22W to an 8!


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              Wow Trisch, I never heard of that before. Thanks for all you do for us.

              Today we worked in the garden again.
              2 HDs
              1 mile walk
              More 1. I don't know if More 1 counts as doing a boot camp. But I've done it 6 days in a row. And it's one that I can do at this point. Don't know if I'll continue or take a break. Maybe doing it eod would be good now.