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  • Crab Claws question

    So it targets the inner thigh. Should I be feeling it more in the leg that is pressing on the floor or the leg that is lifting?

    Usually I feel it more in the leg that is pressing on the floor but sometimes the opposite.
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    Yes, you're going to feel it mainly in the leg pressing into the floor. Also the fact that you are opened out to the max at the hips for this move, that helps target that inner thigh on both legs. This is why the warm up before is SO important! Otherwise when you get done you won't be able to walk when you try to get up from the floor!

    It's important to also activate that core a bit more as you lift the leg. Think of a string pulling through your leg from your core and you have to activate the core for the string to help your leg lift.

    As you switch sides, especially when she's doing doubles, it's easy to forget to keep the core activated. As I switch and press the opposite leg, I do a quick refocus of the core before I lift. If you slow it down during the transition, you'll eventually get to where you can do this quickly with the DVD.

    Another tip to really be targeting that inner thigh, is to make sure you're staying on the edge of foot/toes to press. If you get in to position, and just press slowly to activate core and then lift the leg, but really focus on the core, you'll feel the stretch in the inner thigh. Then slowly lives lower the opposite leg, but don't lose that core activation.

    Final tip--really utilize the tuck/scoot by pressing the elbows withjazz hands perpendicular to the floor. Press elbows help you tuck that tailbone under using core. This will also help keep the equal activation between lats, traps, and core, which believe it or not will affect the inner thigh activation as well!

    I probably just gave you a drink out of a fire hydrant! LOL!
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      Great tips, Trisch!

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      Very helpful, thank you!