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  • Ladybug and Critter Crunch move

    I haven't done these moves in a while, but I used to do them regularly. The other day I did LB and CC move again (in a warmed up state). Two days later I noticed a kind of sore feeling in my hip joints that I recognized from how it felt when I did these regularly. I must say, it's not the most pleasant feeling and I wonder if these moves are actually that good for the hip joints. When I had that sore feeling, I remembered that I sometimes felt my hips were actually hurting when I did LB and CC moves regularly. I am trying to visualize how the bones move during these moves. It's particularly the CC move and the leg that's not lifting but rather pushing in the floor while the other one lifts where I think the soreness comes from.

    Any thoughts? Feedback?


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    I don't really have any advice, but am following to see what response(s) you get. I read somewhere or heard Teresa say that when you have back and hip issues you have to build the muscles up in this area. Maybe it is a good sore?
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    • JohannaRegina
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      Actually it is more of a boney/joint kind feeling, but maybe it is muscle. I definitely know that I can activate more or less, and I can activate quite "hard" in this move, so maybe I need to back down or like you said, build up to it.

    • AlisaJDrury
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      JohannaRegina - is it stabbing? I have minor fraying of the acetabular labrum, which is the labral lining in the hip joint. I get a stabbing pain in my groin and it sort of gives out a little (when it is bad). It was REALLY bad, but now that we are talking about it, it doesn't hurt there at all since I have been tapping.

    • JohannaRegina
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      No, not stabbing. More like a dull, achy sensation. How amazing that you haven’t experienced the acetabular pain since T Tapp!!!

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    Johanna, Which work out are you using to do the moves?

    The first t thing I would advise is to cut reps. Are you warming up with Organs in Place and Half Frogs before Ladybug? Do you have any problems with Half Frogs?

    It does sound like you're overworking the hip joints, or more specifically the flexors and other muscles and ligaments. This often is because the core isn't fully activated, and and often we're opening up wider then we should. I have hypermobility to some extent and can open up really wide and still somewhat to keep my core activated. But when I really for focus on that core, I'm not opening up as widely, but I get more out of the move without feeling like I can't even walk when I stand up!

    Keeping the core activated will protect the joints. I know that with Ladybug you will become more neutral spine, but as you come over to one side or the other you still are pulling that core up and in even though the back is obviously not flat on the floor. Also think to reach through from your core to extend the leg. When you open back up with both knees out before switching to the other side, you'll want to do that whole sequence with the core. Meaning you are opening up the leg by pressing the lower back to the floor using core, not just using the leg muscles to bring the leg up and out. For a split second you should flatten the back pressing it there with the core before bringing the oppositely go over and that will protect that joints as well.

    This is similar to what you will do in Crab Claws. You press the foot to help lift the other leg, but as always it's not how far you can lift up, but how far can you while keeping that core activated. You are still trying to press the back flat, even though you'll be a bit more neutral as you're lifting, but we can start lifting with the leg more than from the core. You will find if you activate core, your leg will not go as high! Also, don't open out as widely as you possibly can. Before you start the move flatten that lower back using core. You may find that your knees will come up a little bit. I can have as much as 2" difference! This is where it will be very beneficial to do it slowly so that you won't get carried away with the momentum of the move and lose focus. Another good reason to cut reps! If you are doing one of the workouts that has the Fiddler Crab variation, make sure that back is pressed flat using core before you bring the knee up.

    It often helps me to remember to initiate these moves from my core. For moves like Half Frogs, and even Crab Claws, you can use a hand towel rolled lengthwise and placed just below the tailbone to help you feel if you start to lose core, because your tailbone will roll up onto it. As you lift the leg on Crab Claws, it may shift you around a bit, but I think the towel could still be helpful. It doesn't work so well with Ladybug because of how the move is executed.

    Just remember-- it's ALL about that core! ;-)
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    • Anna Lee
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      Trisch, what a great timing for this long reply! I am still learning to do these moves and I will really think core when stretching my legs. Can you please confirm that it is ok to do OIP/HF and then Ladybug? I know it is good to do the Crab Claws before Ladybug, but not a must, right??
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    Thank you Trisch! That was extremely helpful and I will definitely take all of your pointers in and apply them! I will be doing more T Tapping once I put Pilates on hold (for cost reasons) and I was going to start back into T Tapp with my previous routine of doing BW+ Tempo followed by the Debulk floor routine. So, all of your cues and reminders are super helpful and I am sure that's where my problem was!


    • BlessedMama
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      I'm glad you found the tips helpful! When you get back to those moves, keep me posted on how you're doing. If we need to tweak a bit more, we can do that!

    • JohannaRegina
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      So I did LB and CC yesterday again. This was the order of my workout: BW+ Tempo, OIP/HF, LB, CC, Awesome Legs.

      I paid attention to keeping my knees not all the way out as much as they could be if I let them and really engaged my core. For both LB and CC I also engage my elbows for activation of lats and creating a counterpoint if that makes sense.

      So, what I wanted to report is that I don’t have the achey feeling in my hip joints this time, but MAJOR muscle soreness in the hip area. I never realized how powerful these moves are! I will work with them slowly and carefully and build up my strength in the hips and hip joints and really pay attention to form. It’s just amazing how targeted these moves are!