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  • Bootcamp question

    Hi, I’m on day 5 of my 14 day beginner-rehab bootcamp and had read that after the 14 days I should switch to every other day for four weeks, and then to every two days. Can I do beginner workout plus on the other days? I’ve got goals for the end of May! Thank you!

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    Are you using Total Workout? While it is permissible to do short workouts on the off days, that can lead to overtraining and you may gain inches-- which of course would be opposite of what you want! You could either split it up into thirds so you're doing part of it every day, or do it in its entirety every other day with less than 10 minutes of moves on your off days.

    Other than bootcamps, always take at least one day off to give the muscles a rest.

    Alignment and activation are the keys, which is why less is more with T-Tapp!
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      Thank you so much! Yes, the beginner rehab total workout. Your advice is great, I don’t want more inches so I’ll enjoy my breaks. Thanks again!


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      I highly agree that TWO every other day is enough. You can take a walk on your off days and focus on ribs up and outside edge of foot. Think of lifetime goals-- consistency, a sustainable change in lifestyle. Meeting your short term goals and then burning out and gaining it all back, that would be worse than not meeting your short term goals.

      I really wish i had embraced a slow and steady mindset early on. I started and quit T-Tapp so many times because I over did it. I've been consistent for 3 years now with 3-5 workouts a week. It's been so worth it!
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        Thanks everyone! Day 7 of 14 done.


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          Woohoo! Great work!

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          So AWESOME!!