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6 Weeks to a New You! Jan 7 - Jan 13 - Wk 2

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    Today, BBFF 2 and ribs up walking.


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      Yesterday I had quite a relaxing day. In the morning, I lay down on the sofa, listening to Beethoven and had my cat with me. I could lie like that for 20 min, then my mind was busy again. I had a 2 hour nap and felt like doing some moves from More Instr. I did PBS, PliƩ and R/S, I could have as much muscle activation as possible and it felt great. I took some concentrated time for necessary school work and got the ironing done, so today will be even calmer. I am planning to have a nap today and the two following days as I don't work much in the afternoons. Slowly, slowly coming back. All is fine. No guilt. I "just" need to have peace & courage for some school situations this week.

      EDIT: I am so thankful that I haven't had any salty cravings this past week. I have had enough salty food and a little Himalayan salt most days. I had a couple of treats this weekend, but I am down a couple of pounds. I know that this can change, but I am starting my 2nd week without those bad salty & fattening snacks. Day after day.
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        That's great!!

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      Ahhh, Beethoven, so beautiful! But, I do understand about the busy mind. I can relax and block everything out, then, Boom, my mind "gets busy". I wish that "thinking" had a off and on switch!

      Wow, down 2 pounds! I am so proud for you, Anna Lee. Cutting down on favorite foods is not easy. I battle cravings constantly. You are doing Great!


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        Piper, thank you so much! Finding a substitute that helps with the kind of craving has helped me so far. I just need to carry on.