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6 Weeks to a New You! Dec 3 - Dec 9 - Wk 1

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    This is for Anna Lee: (I have forgotten how to respond to a comment?) LB was my first floor w/o - I watched it at least 4 times before I made an attempt at it.What I like about it? It is a very intense ab and pelvic area w/o, (I like doing it during my menses) it leaves me with an elevated heart rate and it's not too much strain on my knees ( I have an old knee injury from an vehicle accident), and lastly it's not too long!


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      I did More 1 Chair again today. Maybe I should just stick with it for a few days. At least I seem to actually do it, and I wasn't doing the ones that I think are "better". I need to figure out more 10 minute ones like that. 10 minutes seems to be as much as my brain is willing to do.


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        Amazing to see what everyone is doing. Sitting home with a cold for days now, I am *jealous* of all the different kinds of workouts/moves people are able to do. I am at least taking a slow walk everyday.

        I don't have a specific goal for the next 6 weeks, but I like to connect here. I was busy for a while, working on my Bachelors of Science in nursing, which I completed 2 weeks ago. I think the stress is one of the reasons for coming down with a cold now.

        So, I guess one goal is to come down from the constant studying mode and realizing, that I can take time to read and do whatever I want. And this cold has made the point even more, since I am gobbling down youtube videos and reading books. What a luxury.


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          Hi All,

          Kind of late to join in the conversation, it is mid-week.

          I had to deal to urgent deadline (this kind of things follow me) at work in late Oct. Then, a lot of funny meetings...

          There was a verbal confrontation at home, the kids and I moved out on Thanksgiving and I am dealing with the process of paperwork and many months of paperworks to come.

          I finally completed the Corrective Exercise Specialist Certificate class with ISSA. It was not splendid scores as I always have, I pass with 85%, but I don't have the time to deal with the final exam anymore. However, this is a good worth the while course, as it explains what T-Tapp is about, except Teresa's program is comprehensive that you don't have to know the why and how from this course, we just need to do the correct form and consistently. Not that I don't know, but it is fun to understand it. I also got a iPhone app to take pictures of people and then draw the alignment deviation to track progress.

          Yesterday, I had lunch with a friend, she was starting a 9 week bootcamp of something. She showed me her warmup... LOL, a lot of hardcore things that we did in T-Tapp but I am sure I can get better shape and 1/3 of the times with T-Tapp. So, I am going to a 9 weeks 4 days a week T-Tapp and have lunch again to see our result comparison.

          That is the recap for what has been going on for the last 3 months of minimal participation on the Forum.

          Yes, I also got sick on a off a few times, and I think I got something now, but time will tell if it will develop into something.
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          2017 60 Day Challenge Average to Lose over 50 Category Runner-Up


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            You have a lot of plate spinning. I just know you'll get through with grace. <3 <3 <3

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            I'm sorry, ayj. You are going through a lot. HUGS and prayers! Take care of yourself! <3