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New Total Workout Digital Instructional Question

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  • New Total Workout Digital Instructional Question

    Hi! I have the new Digital Total Workout, and I’m loving the instructional. It’s proof that I have not been doing all I can to get the most out of my T-Tapp workout.

    Unfortunately, I’m a mommy to two young children and along with my full time work schedule, I do not foresee when I’d ever be able to commit almost 2 hours to doing the entire instructional video. Do you think it would be broken up (first hour one day and second hour the next)? How would that impact a Boot Camp? And am I correct that doing PBS prior to starting the second hour of the instructional would be the right way to proceed?



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    Yes, you can split it up and yes, you are correct--always start with Primary Back Stretch. You can even break it down further if necessary. It won't affect your bootcamp as a bootcamp is doing what you can do for the number of days you are committed to. If that's half of it daily and you're getting a lot out of it, that's better than trying to do all of it and burning out!

    And listen to your body--if it says it's done on "day 10" but you planned 14 days, be done. Instructionals make the best bootcamps, and 4-7 days is great. Anything more is icing on the cake!

    Best wishes!
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      Thanks Trisch!