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  • Post partum workout

    any advice for post partum workout?

    i had an easy normal vaginal birth. Baby is healthy. Out of the hospital.

    Thank you!

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    Congratulations on your new blessing!

    How long since the birth? Are you cleared by your health care providers to start exercise?

    You can do Organs in Place (on the floor). If you are cleared to start activity, I would ease into MORE or Healthy Hormones. Senior Fit or First Step 1 & 2 (that one is digital) are great, too. You'll need to listen to your body--birth is an athletic event in its own class!
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      Definitely don't start too soon. It's very tempting but you could actually be training your body to hold on to more fat by making your brain stem think you're working for survival.

      I couldn't do OIP until I was about 6 weeks. Every time I tried it sooner it made me bleed again. But I did light walking and even some modified SATI starting around 4 weeks. I lost all my pregnancy weight and more by baby's first birthday so please don't worry that resting more early on will hinder your progress.
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        Main thing is to not overdo -Trisch
        Always do each movement to your own personal max ability - Teresa
        Be kind to yourself and listen to your body... Tomorrow is another day! ....This too shall pass...
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