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Teresa is on the TV - T-Tapp Tuesday

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    Teresa is on the TV - T-Tapp Tuesday

    Teresa Tapp Tribute 9/21/2018:

    Running list of T-Tapp Tuesday Videos Plus a Few Extra Interview from Other Sources:
    • 5/4/2011 Healthy Hormones Sizzle Reel:
    • 10/27/2015 Success Story Diane Stone on Today Show:
    • 10/29/2015 Interview with WATC Friends and Neighbors:
    • 1/27/2016 Clap Away, Foot Fitness and Whittle the Middle Moves with Berei:
    • 3/21/2016 Working Out With The Creator of T-Tapp:
    • 4/5/2016 T-Tapp Standing & Stretching:
    • 4/12/2016 No-Jump Jumping Jacks: Feeling sluggish after lunch? Get your lymphatic system pumping and try this movement!
    • 4/19/2016 Happy Hoe-Downs: We really love how quickly Micheal Clayton picks up on T-Tapp Workout Hoe Downs on this past T-Tapp Tuesday at Studio 10 Live. T-Tappers know this is NOT an easy move to do, but it definitely burns away 60-85 points of excess glucose and helps to offset that afternoon slump. LET'S DO IT NOW!
    • 4/26/2016 Working on Core and Balance:'s the T-Tapp Tuesday segment but don't just watch it, get up and try it. A lot more core muscle activation is happening than you can see. Always aim to press your heel DOWN and pull your toes UP....and focus on keeping your ankle/heel aligned with your hip ball joint.....and don't forget to keep your supportive knee BENT, as well as pushing out towards your little toe at all times.... Yes You Can
    • 5/3/2016 Strengthening Your Neck: With so many people looking down at their cell phones to text and leaning forward while working at their computers, here are some simple moves to lengthen and strengthen the muscles in your neck, so it doesn't age faster than your face! It is easy to fit in anytime and anywhere. Done daily, most people can see a difference within a week. For even faster results dry brush your neck, as well as some other secrets I'm going to share in my newsletter tomorrow, May 5th, before 12 noon. I am also going to give a much greater detailed description of this exercise.
    • 5/10/2016 T-Tapp Will Get YOU Moving: Here is the T-Tapp Tuesday exercise for this week: Tall Torso Tilts I thought it was going to be In/Outs but I was wrong.... it was filmed ahead of time so maybe next week is In/Outs.... In the meantime, enjoy this exercise... it really works!
    • 5/10/2016 Facebook LIVE STREAMING: This 20 minute streaming seminar is FULL of T-Tapp exercises to try.... FEEL the difference!
    • 5/17/2016 Side Lunges: Here is T-Tapp Tuesday segment for today, May 17th - Side Lunges Michael was amazed at how much better his back feels and how much more muscle activation he gets when he does this type of lunge instead
      of traditional lunges
    • 5/24/2016 Lateral Lat Pulls: Lateral Lat Pulls are very effective.... no weights needed!
    • 5/31/2016 Where Did It All Start For Teresa Tapp: More than a workout to tighten and tone, this method of muscle activation done without weights builds strength, flexibility and healthy heart function, as well as fascia fitness.
    • 6/7/2016 Tricep Curls: Tighten and Tone your arms, especially your underarm, with T-Tapp Tricep Curls.....only one Set of 8 repetitons.... the extra clap aways done afterwards will help your body decrease inflammation too!
    • 6/14/2016 Tightening Glutes: Easy way to fit in fitness every time you stand up or sit down. Major muscle activation throughout your back, legs, arms and glute muscles. Really PRESS into your legs going up and when coming down and you should feel your heart rate increase too!
    • 6/16/2016 Teresa Tapp Interview with Terea Warner's WISH Radio:
    • 6/28/2016 In / Outs on the Floor: For optimal results (thighs, abs and core) focus on heel-to-hip alignment, as well as leverage activation to pull your tailbone under while pulling your legs in and extending back out with a lymphatic pump each way.
      Only one set of 8 reps, done daily, can deliver results within a week. Yes You Can!
    • 7/5/2016 T-Tapp with Skin Brushing Helps a Viewer Land in People Magazine--Helps Her Lose It and Keep It Off:
    • 7/12/2016 Lawn Mowers: Lawnmower's unique combination of lateral movement along with twisting your spine in opposition with isometric isolation develops muscle DENSITY with GIRDLE strength! Lawnmower is a signature T-Tapp Workout movement for a trimmer torso!
    • 7/19/2016 Thread the Needle: Balance is so important when you are looking to reset your rating glucose rate. Use this move to rev your metabolism!
    • 7/26/2016 Finger Fitness: This finger fitness sequence does more than get your fingers fit! Do it daily and discover the difference within days!
    • 8/2/2016 Work Your Core with Jazz Twist: For T-Tapp Tuesday I taught an exercise called JAZZ TWIST. It's very effective at trimming your torso, increasing flexibility of your spine and releasing shoulder tension.... but look how much it activates arm muscles! No weights needed!
    • 8/9/2016 Special Tampa Bay Area Challenge + Oil Wells Stretch: Are you in the Tampa Bay area? Want to workout with Teresa Tapp? Check out this challenge! Share with your friends!!
    • 8/16/2016 Power of Push, Press & Pull in Oil Wells: This exercise called "Oil Wells" uses the power of push, press and pull for lower back pain relief, as well as to maximize muscle activation to help reshape your torso, shoulders and pecs.
    • 8/23/2016 Torso Tips for Reach Scoops: This torso trimming sequence maximizes muscle activation and fascia stretching for faster results. FEEL the difference immediately; SEE the difference within days!
    • 8/30/2016 Floor Hoe Downs: Horizontal Hoe Downs! Don't just watch it, give it a try... this core and ab exercise not only trims inches away, it's very lymphatic!
    • 9/2/2016 Ageless Arms (Butterflies):
    • 9/2/2016 Music Hoe Downs in Heels from the Retreat:
    • 9/6/2016 Music Hoe Downs from the Retreat PJ Party to “Me Too” by Meghan Trainor:
    • 9/9/2016 Music Hoe Downs from the Retreat PJ Party to “It Girl” by Pharrell (with instruction):
    • 9/9/2016 Music Hoe Downs from the Retreat with "Just Some Motion":
    • 9/13/2016 (Interview) Contest Winner: Congratulations Kristina Gallant ... You Did It! You lost 14.5 inches in 2 weeks only doing the 15 Minute Basic Plus and the 30 minute Barefoot Basic workouts! That is incredible and you have only just begun your journey to better health, fitness and function!
    • 9/20/2016 (Interview) 2 Week Challenge Contest Results: Jessica lost one pant size, Rhonda got "thigh gap" (1.75 and 1.5 inches each thigh) and Roshanda reshaped her whole body plus got a better back and booty! AMAZING results with just 2 weeks of *T-Tapp! *Only doing the Basic Plus and Step Away the Inches Workouts
    • 9/27/2016 Grabbing the Broom as a Fitness Tool:
    • 9/27/2016 Dr. Perricone Interview with Teresa Tapp:
    • 10/4/2016 Getting Great Glutes with I Dream of Jeannie Squats: Great way to get your Glutes in shape and one of my personal favorites. It is called "I Dream of Jeanne Squats". Take time to at least try it - I guarantee you will immediately FEEL the difference.
    • 10/11/2016 Knuckles--Simple Hand Exercises to Activate Muscle Movement (Almost Hitch Hikers) : Knuckles Back, Thumbs Down and Ribs Up = AWESOME ARMS!!
    • 10/18/2016 Flexing Your Spine With A Towel: The Power of PULL creates optimal isometric muscle and fascia activation, especially combined with T-Tapp Method and body alignment. It may not look like much but take time to try this simple but very effective sequence.
    • 10/24/2016 FitFluential Interview Exercise Workouts Fascia Activation Through T-Tapp with Teresa Tapp: Listen to Teresa's recent interview on FitFluential Radio. You'll get some great tips and moves for fitting in fitness into your day.
    • 10/25/2016 Arms: These arm movements may not look like much, but they involve full fiber muscle activation of all your upper body muscles and fascia without any need for weights. Improve your strength, flexibility and fascia fitness, as well as posture and better bone health.
    • 10/26/2016 Blog Talk Radio #79 Teresa Tapp--How To Stimulate Your Metabolism Withougt Straining Adrenals: Lots of good info, plus some samples how to increase muscle activation during the day along with some exercises for your eyes and the muscles around your eyes so they can look, feel and function better.
    • 11/1/2016 Plies Chest Press Combo: This comprehensive, all-in-one exercise can improve strength, flexibility, fascia fitness and lymphatic function, as well as deliver inch loss all over. But body alignment is important for optimal activation and results. So be sure to keep your weight in heels and out into your last two toes along with ribs UP and elbows UP level with your shoulders at all times!
    • 11/8/2016 a repeat
    • 11/15/2016 Tapp-It Hoe Downs: Keep ribs up & tailbone tucked while you isolate activate your hips without moving your shoulders. This little left brain/right brain exercise will increase heart rate, drop blood sugar + sculpt inches away from waist, belly and hips. Available with music at T-Tapp Workout on Facebook. Tapp-It HoeDowns can be done to just about any song of your choice since your foot taps down with the beat. Just 2 sets will help your body boost digestion and immediately decrease blood sugar, as well as receive increased lymphatic flow. Effective before or after a meal, a snack or anytime you need an energy or mental boost!
    • 11/22/2016 Posture Power Arms:
    • 11/29/2016 (Interview) T-Tapp for all ages, interview with Berei Bernstein: At 89 years young Berei shows everyone that it is never too late to improve your health, fitness and increase your bone density with T-Tapp Workouts. When she started at age 73, Berei was taking several medications for osteoporosis, blood pressure & cholesterol BUT now, after increasing the bone density in her lower back 18% (from age 85-87), she no longer takes any medication at all! Yes You Can with T-Tapp! And like Berei says "if I can do it, so can YOU!
    • 12/6/2016 Build Better Body Strength with Isolated Torso Twist: This exercise, as featured on my new digital workout called "FIRST STEP Fascia Fitness", will really target trim your torso, as well as increase your body's ability to burn fat. Amazing how aerobic it is too!
    • 12/13/2016 Foot Fitness Stretches: Today's T-Tapp Tuesday focuses on FOOT FITNESS. With weight on outside of foot (last 3 toes), heel lifts become much more effective in maximizing muscle activation in feet, ankles and core. Effective at decreasing swelling and slimming cankles too!
    • 12/20/2016 Work Your Toes: Here's the full segment of FOOT FITNESS for T-Tapp Tuesday.... try it and FEEL the difference. Stretching the front of the foot is SO important!
    • 12/30/2016 Preview of First Step Fascia Fitness:
    • 12/30/2016 Berei's Interview - If She Can Do It, So Can You!
    • 2017 6 Day Challenge Newsletter Video on "What Is Fascia"
    • 1/4/2017 Perk the Pecs Lose the Back Fat, Final Clap Sequence from First Step Workouts: Final Clap Sequence from First Step Workouts.... feel the difference?
    • 1/10/2017 Foot Fitness Stretch (repeat) Did you see this week's T-Tapp Tuesday? Another exercise for foot fitness plus a great stretch....
    • 1/17/2017 Isolated Lat Hops: It's T-Tapp Tuesday and I shared a NEW exercise called "Isolated Lat Hops" Easy to do but very effective. Inches go down while your heart rate goes up
    • 1/18/2017 Wednesday Wisdom with Berei:
    • 1/24/2017 Front Lunge: This exercise, called Front Lunges, will help your body create core muscles, develop stronger knees and lean out your legs. Just make sure that your back foot has TOES FORWARD without any turn out from your hip
    • 1/25/2017 Wednesday Wisdom with Berei:
    • 1/31/2017 Stir the Pot Squats: For optimal results, keep your elbow and hand level with your shoulder or an inch or two higher. Lower will inactivate your lat and tricep muscles. Level or higher will increase your heart rate and level of cardio conditioning. Last of all, always keep your ribs up, tailbone tucked and knees out towards your little toes at all times during this exercise. And... don't forget to do the other side.
    • 2/1/2017 Wednesday Wisdom with Berei and Teresa:
    • 2/7/2017 Eye of the Tiger: This exercise, Eye of the Tiger is featured on the "T-Tapp Tempo Torso" workout but it provides full body benefits all on its own! Brain-Body Core, Cardio and Coordination, as well as better muscle tone on legs, arms and back. One set of 8 repetitions for each side, once a day, is all that is needed to see visible results within a week. Yes You Can!
    • 2/8/2017 Wednesday Wisdom with Berei:
    • 2/14/2017 Butterflies: Today's T-Tapp Tuesday features "Butterflies" (featured in Chapter 5 of Fit and Fabulous in 15 Minutes). This no impact, aerobic exercise can really get your heart rate up and blood sugar down within minutes. It also improves upper back posture and helps "budge the pudge" by your armpits.
    • 2/15/2017 Wednesday Wisdom with Berei:
    • 2/21/2017 Cankle Slimer: This NEW exercise from T-Tapp will slim cankles, improve core balance and increase foot fitness so you can wear high heels without pain! Yes You Can!
    • 2/22/2017 Facebook Live Wednesday Wisdom with Berei:
    • 2/28/2017 Speed Skater Lunges: With Speed Skater Lunges be sure to slide and glide from side to side with extra focus on form (toes turned in and knees all the way over your ankle) This will maximize muscle activation, increase your heart rate and decrease your blood sugar plus deliver faster fat burning.
    • 3/1/2017 Facebook Live Wednesday Wisdom with Berei, Teresa and Brian:
    • 3/7/2017 Push Press and Pull on the Floor: This exercise targets your abs, core and glutes. Just one set of 8 reps is all you need to receive results.
    • 3/14/2017 Firm those Arms While Seated: Be sure to keep your knees out in alignment with your ankles while pressing your feet into the floor for optimal full body results. Knees going inward inactivate abdominal muscles. The combination of isometrics with full fiber activation of multiple muscles during movement (T-Tapp Method) delivers much faster results. Want more? Add jazz toes!
    • 3/21/2017 Stretching the Spine: This simple stretch is a lot more comprehensive than it looks! Be sure to "jazz" your fingers and toes to maximize results and keep your ankles activated at all times.
    • 3/28/2017 Bubble Butt Part 1: NEW exercise sequence for T-Tapp Tuesday! In addition to working both sides of your brain simultaneously, it can strengthen your core and improve the shape of your lower body, target trim outer thigh and hip pudge (saddlebag area) and increase core muscle development to flatten your stomach and cinch in your waist. AND with extra focus on form (tailbone tucked, ribs up and supportive knee pushing out at all times) you can uplift your glutes! Yes You Can get a Bubble Butt!
    • 4/4/2017 Squats and Glutes Gusto: Today's T-Tapp Tuesday teaches how to do squats without hurting your knees AND be able to develop greater glutes. Increases heart rate too!
    • 4/11/2017 Bubble Butt Part 2: This body shaping sequence can be used in combination with the previous "bubble butt" sequence that featured lateral leg lifts with foot inward. Maximizing muscle activation is the secret to success. Focus to press your heel down and pull up your toes with a turn out to your best ability, as well as keeping your other knee out to little toe at all times.
    • 4/18/2017 Perking Up the Pecs: Immediately FEEL the difference and SEE a difference within a week! No need for weights and just 4 repetitions each. Want more? Slowly increase to 8 repetitions each, never a need to do more than that.
    • 4/20/2017 What Is T-Tapp in English and Hungarian with Trainer Anna:
    • 4/25/2017 Seated Stretch: For this week I taught a traditional glute and hamstring stretch done while sitting in a chair. Focusing on form and using T-Tapp Method (jazz toes, klt, knee-to-ankle and knee-to-hip alignment) helps it deliver greater results and you can FEEL the difference!
    • 5/2/2017 Extended Lat Hops: Today's T-Tapp Tuesday super aerobic and body shaping exercise, called "Isolated Lat Hops", can strengthen your shoulder & upper back muscles, increase core flexibility, decrease fluid retention in your ankles and improve stabilization of your knees. Form tip: try to keep ribs up & hands level or slightly higher than your shoulders at all times. If hands go lower than your shoulders it reveals that you are letting your lats relax & ribs drop. Pulling the tips of your fingers back and stretching your thumbs away will help you maintain greater activation of your lats, as well as help you keep your ribs up
    • 5/3/2017 Facebook Live:
    • 5/9/2017 Puppet Pulls: This simple, but super effective, no impact aerobic exercise provides core muscle development, as well as cardiac conditioning. Just do your best and focus on form to receive results within a week. Yes You Can!
    • 5/16/2017 No Video
    • 5/23/2017 Extended Lat Hops (repeat): This special sequence is featured in Chapter 5 in the book, "Fit and Fabulous in 15 Minutes", in the "T-Tapp Total Workout" dvd and in the walking workout called "Step it to the Max" .... but it is very effective on its own! Start with 4 reps each and work your way up to 8 reps. Visible results can be seen within a week!
    • 5/30/2017 Step Lift, Step Together: This special sequence is featured in Chapter 5 in the book, "Fit and Fabulous in 15 Minutes", in the "T-Tapp Total Workout" dvd and in the walking workout called "Step it to the Max" .... but it is very effective on its own! Start with 4 reps each and work your way up to 8 reps. Visible results can be seen within a week!
    • 6/6/2017 T-Tapp Twist Stretch and Side to Side: This comprehensive exercise can effectively stretch and strengthen your spine, as well as target trim inches away from your torso. The secret for success is "isolation activation" ..... keeping your tailbone tucked, ribs up and knees out at all times will help isolate your lower body while you move your upper body.
    • 6/9/2017 Facebook Live Seated Activation: what a FUN day at Great Day TB this here's a little "warm up sequence" that I shared for Michael's mom and anyone else interested in how to fit in fitness while sitting in your chair.
    • 6/13/2017 Plump the Rump sitting or on floor options: Are you ready to target trim your inner/outer thighs and uplift your derriere? Well, try doing one set of 8 repetitions of today's T-Tapp Tuesday exercise once a day, every day for one week and I promise, you WILL see the difference!
    • 6/15/2017 T-Tapp in Pakistan:
    • 6/15/2017 Congratulations Alicia - You Did It! Alicia was in People Magazine this week in a feature story explaining how she lost the 4 sizes in 4 months during menopause at age 54, doing 15 - 20 minutes of T-Tapp Workouts (LadyBug Super Set and Basic Plus Tempo) as well as the CRT Skin Tightening Body Brushing program, this video of her taken last week by her happy husband verifies that she has definitely kept it off for 5 years and looks better than ever. In fact she's looking forward to turning 60 this October 2017.
    • 6/20/2017 Testimonial: Mom - Pat and daughter- Emily, share their story on what T-Tapp did for them. Do you recognize them from the original Instructional 1 + 2 workouts from T-Tapp Total Workout, including their personal testimony in the "meet the team" section? Also Emily is in the Total Workout with Berei and I. In my opinion, both of them look even better today --- Ageless and Vibrant!
    • 6/27/2017 Scarecrow - Ski: Nice to have Emily and her mom, Pat, along with Michael and I to demonstrate one of my favorite exercises called "Scarecrow-Ski". In addition to decreasing inflammation and pain, it really increases lymphatic circulation, as well as strength and flexibility. Most people feel relief the very first time they do it. Enjoy!
    • 7/10/2017 Melissa Carter Sims Houston Testimony: Did you know that T-Tapp started in Houston, TX? I was thrilled to go back for ABC 13 and share the T-Tapp Method. Plus I got to meet the newest recipient of the T-Tapp Scholarship from the University of Houston Downtown. Proud to be offering scholarships to students every year since 2002. Written testimony here:
    • 7/11/2017 Seated Leg Kicks: This little exercise can deliver big results. It involves a lot more muscle activation than what you see with leg movement. Take time to try it and discover how effective full fiber activation of multiple muscles during movement can be to increase strength, flexibility and healthy heart function. Aerobic fat burning without jumping!
    • 7/18/2017 Scarecrow - Ski (repeat) This simple but super effective exercise provides both aerobic and body sculpting results. Want more core? In addition to keeping your ribs up, be sure to curl your lower back (belly button to spine) without dropping your shoulders. FEEL the difference!
    • 7/25/2017 Seated Leg Move: This simple but super effective exercise provides both aerobic and body sculpting results. Want more core? In addition to keeping your ribs up, be sure to curl your lower back (belly button to spine) without dropping your shoulders. FEEL the difference!
    • 8/1/2017 Seated and Standing Balance Hamstring Stretch: This hamstring stretch can also help build better core balance. At the beginning it is done while sitting in a chair but with time you should be able to do the standing balance stretch without difficulty. The secret to faster core development? Keep your supportive knee bent along with weight shifted to outer foot & focus on keeping your ankle OUT in alignment with your hip joint. Remember...bobbling is good and "Yes You Can!"
    • 8/4/2017 12 Minutes from one of the 2017 Retreat Workouts with Teresa!
    • 8/8/2017 Testimony and Basic Stance and Arms: YES YOU CAN! Soon to be 60 years young T-Tapper Alicia Steele did it and so can you!
    • 8/15/2017 Testimony with Renee McLaughlin and Plie Squats: Yes You Can lengthen and lean out your thighs! Renee shares her story and I demonstrate a simple, but very effective "exercise" for your hips, knees and ankles, as well as your thighs
    • 8/18/2017 Bollywood Hoe Downs to Music:
    • 8/22/2017 Testimony while Pregnant and Jazz Twist: Grace, at 36 weeks, shares how much better she looks and feels with baby #3 doing T-Tapp along with one of her favorite stretches for her back and shoulders.
    • 8/25/2017 Brand New Happy Hoe Downs with Instruction:
    • 9/5/2017 60 Day Challenge Winner Testimony & Stretching the Spine With a Towel:
    • 9/6/2017 Shake It Off Hoe Downs:
    • 9/19/2017 Seated Workout for Sheryl Underwood: Easy ways to "fit in fitness" during the day ... creating muscle activation throughout the day definitely improves metabolic function so take time to try some of these and discover the difference ....
    • 9/26/2017 Seated Lawnmowers: This comprehensive stretch sequence, called Lawnmowers, delivers so many results - cinches inches away, decreases inflammation, increases energy, circulates lymph and improves fascia fitness!~
      Plus it FEELS so GOOD! For optimal results, do 6 repetitions each side.
    • 10/3/2017 Testimony and Reach Scoops: Shannon, with Hasimoto's, had her 8th baby at age 47 but by doing T-Tapp workouts (Basic Plus 15 minute, Healthy Hormones 27 minute and LadyBug 45 minute) she lost weight and reshaped her body. Here is one of her favorite exercises that helped her stretch and tone her baby belly called "Rib Cage Reach & Stretch".
    • 10/10/2017 Male Testimony and Fascia Stretch: This simple, but super effective fascia stretch, not only helps your body develop awesome abs and improve posture, it also helps your body decrease inflammation and lower glucose. Easy to do throughout the day. Form tips: keep knees bent with a neutral back and with weight in heels. Inhale as big as you can and exhale bigger (all the way while pushing down with your "scooped" mitten hands) Repeat for a total of 3.
    • 10/17/2017 Pregnancy Testimony and T-Tapp Twist Stretch: For T-Tapp Tuesday I taught Michael the super effective "T-Tapp Twist Stretch". Although it appears very simple, it is very comprehensive. If you focus on form (feet close - only 4 finger width between ball joints of big toes, weight shift into heels and outside of feet at all times, push opposite knee out when twisting and keep RIBS UP at all times) your body will immediately feel the difference all along the spine. Not only does it increase flexibility, it also strengthens all of the muscles along your spine. Inhale super deep so you can stretch the muscles between your ribs and then while exhaling push your opposite knee out and stretch a bit more. For optimal results do each side twice.
    • 10/24/2017 Teresa Tapp Interview on The Effective Workout for Thyroid Patients:
    • 10/24/2017 Male Testimony and Working Abs on the Floor with Push, Pull and Scoot: Understanding how to stretch your fascia and maximize full fiber muscle activation during movement is the secret for success.... especially when focusing on ab muscles. This exercise, really targets core, lower back and abs with specifics. Discover the power of PUSH, PULL and SCOOT
    • 10/31/2017 Facebook Live Halloween Hoe-Downs with T-Tapp staff in Costume:
    • 11/1/2017 Floor Hoe Downs: HoeDowns on the Floor! Oh Yes You Can burn off excess sugar, lymphatically pump out the junk and sculpt inches away with this simple but super effective exercise! Take time try it.... I guarantee you will FEEL the difference!
    • 11/7/2017 Male T-Tapp Testimony:
    • 11/7/2017 Testimony from Mom of 8 with Hashimotos:
    • 11/7/2017 Seated Lawnmowers (Repeat)
    • 11/14/2017 Bollywood Hoe Downs: Are you ready to get your energy up and your blood sugar down? This super effective exercise called "Bollywood HoeDowns" provides a full body "workout" within 3 minutes ..... the repetitive lift/touch super pumps your lymphatic system.... keeping your supportive knee bent and your ribs up increases the cardio level and the pushing of each finger down (while pulling up the fingernail) not only accelerates decrease of inflammation but also boosts coordination and fitness for your brain! It can be done at anytime and most everywhere.... especially good any time you consume a lot of carbs during a meal or after having dessert. No guilt, no worries, just do two sets like Michael and I ...OR... work you way up to doing 10 ... Yes You Can!
    • 11/21/2017 Seated “Tech Neck” Exercise: This "tech neck" exercise will also help tighten and tone your neck, as well as decrease a double chin. Just focus to keep your lower body muscles activated (push feet to tuck tailbone under with belly button to spine) as well as the muscles in your upper back (pull your knuckles back and keep pulling your hands back at all times) for optimal results.
    • 11/28/2017 Pecs Exercise:
    • 12/5/2017 Male Testimony and Fascia Stretch (Repeat)
    • 12/12/2017 60 Day Challenge Winner Testimony & Stretching the Spine With a Towel (Repeat)
    • 12/19/2017 Pregnancy Testimony and T-Tapp Twist Stretch (Repeat)
    • Holiday Hoedowns:
      • The First Christmas: high energy, 2:23 minute song by Tenth Avenue North, will really get your heart rate up and your blood sugar down by doing 3 sets of Hoe Downs. PERFECT way to burn off holiday cookie, cake or candy consumption, as well as increase your energy and mental clarity.
      • Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer: basic tempo, 3:41 minute traditional Christmas song will really get your heart rate up and your blood sugar down just by doing 2 sets of Bollywood Style Hoe Downs (finger fitness stretches during exercise) followed by one set of Tapp-It Style Hoe Downs (2 sets of 4 taps amd 1 set of 4 singels). PERFECT way to burn off holiday cookie, cake or candy consumption, as well as increase your energy and improve brain-body fitness.
      • Frosty the Snowman: This slower tempo, 2:52 minute traditional Christmas song will really get your heart rate up and your blood sugar down just by doing 2 sets of Bollywood Style Hoe Downs (finger fitness stretches during exercise) followed by one set of Tapp-It Style Hoe Downs (2 sets of 4 taps amd 1 set of 4 singels). PERFECT way to burn off holiday cookie, cake or candy consumption, as well as increase your energy and improve brain-body fitness.
      • Christmas This Year:
      • Holiday HoeDown Showdown: Holiday HoeDown Showdown! Can you do it? 15 minutes of non-stop HoeDowns done in variety (traditional, tapp-its and bollywood style) provide the ultimate no-impact, brain-body fitness aerobic workout. Just do your best and each time you do it you will be able to do a little bit more and a little bit longer. Yes You Can!
    • 1/9/2018 No-Jump Jumping Jacks:
    • 1/16/2018 Torso Twist Lunges: This "looks so simple, but very comprehensive" exercise delivers a lot of results inside and out. It's combination of maintaining a lunge position while twisting your torso, without moving your shoulders, provides fitness for your fascia, increases strength and flexibility in your spine and torso, as well as strengthens the joints and muscles in your lower body. Be sure to lift your ribs and push your knee out after each twist and really tap the twisting leg foot into the floor for greater lymphatic impact. Don't worry if you bobble a bit because your body is also rebuilding better balance. All of which will help your body look, feel and function better!
    • 1/23/2018 Seated I Dream of Jeannie Chair Squats: Actually the warm up during this exercise can be done every time you stand up or sit down to support and strengthen your hips and knees ... it's especially effective for anyone who has knee issues and can help build better core balance. The combination of "leverage isometrics" (pressing into your forearms while curling your back and tailbone under) along with pushing your knees out, will increase your heart rate and maximize muscle activation throughout your body. Not only will your derriere "uplift, tighten and tone" this exercise will also help strengthen all of the muscles in your back, hips and knees. As you get stronger try doing two sets of three and two sets of four reps.... Yes You Can!
    • 1/30/2018 Reach Scoops to Whittle the Middle: This simple 3 step stretch will not only target trim inches for your waist and torso, it also will also get your fascia more fit and increase your sensory network for greater metabolic function even at rest. In addition to "scooping your mittens" make sure to shift your weight back into your heels at all times.
    • 2/6/2018 Side Lunges: Side lunges can do a lot more than lean out your legs if you isolate your upper body to the front , keep your tailbone tucked with belly button to the spine and you keep your weight on the outside of your shoe while your lunge to the side (no weight into ball joint of big toe), as well as pushing your lunging knee towards the little toe at all time. Want more? Try to "ankle activate" your straight leg along with a "turn out" from your ankle, knee and hip. Oh MY....feel the difference? Now proceed with 8 reps each side.
    • 2/8/2018 PG Spray:
    • 2/13/2018 Tricep Curls: Understanding how to activate both attachments of your tricep muscle is the secret to success. Try this exercise and discover the difference how T-Tapp Method of full fiber activation of multiple muscles with equal tension at both attachments throughout movement can and will tighten and tone bat wings away. No weights or stretchy bands are needed so you can do them anytime and anywhere. Yes You Can!
    • 2/15/2018 Facebook Live with Teresa Tapp and long time T-Tapper Emily speak about Lisa Miller:
    • 2/20/2018 Lisa Miller Testimonial and T-Tapp Twist: Does T-tapp really work? Today's segment shares a simple, but super effective 60 second body shaping stretch that can deliver inch loss throughout your torso. Do it twice each side for best results ....and twice a day for even more! Lisa Miller shares her story and one of her secrets for success is doing T-tapp and the T-tapp body brushing sequence every day....even if only one 3 minute move. SOMETHING is better than nothing! Yes, it really does work!
    • Lisa Loses 100 Pounds, No Loose Skin with T-Tapp Testimony:
    • 2/27/2018 Step Lift Sequence: Notes: This comprehensive, core cardio step sequence not only delivers super fat burning inch loss, it also decreases inflammation and improves posture. Start with 4 reps but work your way up to 8 reps for each arm position for optimal results. Also don't forget to focus on your feet - keep your heel pressing down along with the top of your foot pulling up and at the same time turn your whole foot inward when lifting your leg (ie - lead with your heel) These little details will help your body activate more core muscles!
    • 3/1/2018 PG Spray: nice interview, especially since Michael shares what it did for him in one week...but don't delay, sale price ends today (3/1) but free shipping will remain through March 31 while supplies last
    • 3/6/2018 U Swings (first half of Thread the Needle) with Emily: This simple, yet comprehensive exercise called "U-Swings" targets several areas on the outside, as well as on the inside. Here are the key points to focus on for optimal results: #1 - keep your supportive knee slightly bent at all times along with pushing it out towards your little toe, #2 - keep your tailbone tucked, ribs up and lats activated at all times, #3 - maintain toe point and scoop mitten hand activation at all times and #4 - make both sides of your "U" get your knee UP equally high on both sides of your "U". Last of all, remember that "bobbling" is GOOD!
    • 3/13/2018 Plie Lat Pumps with testimony from Berei: Check out Berei Brandenstein 's favorite warm up stretch she does daily to improve her posture and balance. At 90 years young she's PROOF that it's never too late to get fit ... Ageless + Vibrant ...Yes You Can .. like Berei says "Just Do It!"
    • 3/20/2018 Isolated Lat Hops with Berei: YES You Can!!! These Isolated Lat Hops are GREAT for whittling your middle and is a wonderful cardio move - really gets your heart pumping! Be sure once you've done the one side along with Teresa and Berei to do your other side so that you're balanced!
    • 3/27/2018 Arm Curls Sequence with Berei: This week's T-Tapp Tuesday exercise puts extra focus on form to develop long, lean arm muscles - no weights needed!
    • 4/3/2018 Seated Hamstring Stretch and Seated "Sit Ups": This simple but effective exercise will help increase strength and flexibility in your hips, glutes and hamstrings, as well as your core muscles. Tips for optimal results: try to maintain alignment from your hip to knee, as well as your knee to ankle before, during and after movement and be sure to keep your ribs up and your lats activated at all times. Also keep pushing your #4 knee away while lifting and while going back down
    • 4/4/2018 Bone Density Lat Pulls with Berei during Plies with Ankle Roll-out:
    • 4/10/2018 Get Rid of Finger Inflammation: These little stretches can make a BIG difference! In addition to increasing flexibility and fitness for your fingers, they also help decrease inflammation and boost mental clarity
      I do them every day and while doing Bollywood HoeDowns ---
    • 4/24/2018 Plie Squats: This simple, yet comprehensive exercise uses a combination of leverage isometrics along with full fiber activation of multiple muscles and fascia, which is why it can deliver optimal results for all levels of fitness. It may not look like much, but the extra details on form super charges your body's ability to sculpt inches away, uplift, tighten and tone. Best of all, only one set of 4 to 8 repetitions, done daily, is all that's needed to see results within a week!
    • 5/1/2018 Second Half of Thread the Needle: This Cross-Balance Leg Lift exercise progressively improves core balance and coordination, as well as body sculpting inch loss for hip and thighs. For optimal results keep your supportive knee bent and in KLT position (knee to little toe, your tailbone tucked (belly button to spine) and your ribs up at all times. Then as your core gets stronger, lift your knee higher and keep it waist high while crossing over and back. 8 reps each side
    • 5/8/2018 Reduce Back Fat Pudge with W and V Lat Pulls: This simple, but super effective exercise for your arms and shoulders also targets back fat and pec pudge too. Full fiber activation of multiple muscles with equal tension is the secret for success. Yes You Can!
    • 5/15/2018 Speed Skating for stronger Glutes, Hips and Knees: This comprehensive exercise, with 3 variations, delivers lots of results, not only with body shaping muscle development for better glutes, hips and knees, but also increased cardio for greater fat burning too. One set of 8 repetitions, done daily, is all that's needed to receive visible results within 10 days.
    • 5/22/2018 Power of Pull and Press with Golf Club (or broom or other bar) to Stretch Spine: This easy and effective exercise centers on the spine with full fiber activation of every muscle that attaches from your spine to hip, as well as from your spine to shoulder, while you "tuck/curl", "arch", "tuck/tilt" and "tuck/turn". Form tips: always keep your knees out (shift weight to outside of your foot) and your ribs up when you tilt and turn your spine and never release "pulling" or "pressing" during movement.
    • 5/29/2018 Stir the Pot Plies: Are you ready to get your heart rate up, blood sugar down and sculpt some inches away? This full body exercise called "Stir the Pot" does it all. We only had time to do 4 reps but trying working your way up to 8 reps each side for optimal results. Also be sure to inhale/HUNCH at least twice or more, as needed for better blood pressure and heart rate control.
    • 6/5/2018 Number 4 Sit Up or Reverse Core Curls: A new way to do sit ups? Yes You Can with "Reverse Core Curls" - Start with 4 reps with pointed toe followed by 4 reps with flat foot on one side then repeat the same with other side. Most people see results within a week doing this simple sequence twice a day.
    • 6/9/2018 Facebook Live Video Seated with Emily and her mom Pat:
    • 6/12/2018 Lymphatic Arm Pumping move from the First Step Fascia Fitness Workout: Deep stretching your fascia along with lymphatic pumping is the secret to success. Want more? This exercise is in the workout called ...... "First Step Fascia Fitness"
    • 6/19/2018 Pilates Rock N' Roll: Here's a fun exercise to help improve core balance and strength, as well as flexibility. Plus it feels so good!
    • 6/26/2018 The Sullivan IT Band Stretch: For T-Tapp Tuesday here is a new exercise I created to help stretch your IT band, as well as improve strength, flexibility and re shape your body. Plus it FEELS so GOOD!
    • 7/2/2018 Teresa on Tera Warner's WISH Radio:
    • 7/3/2018 Power of Pull and Press with Golf Club (or broom or other bar) to Stretch Spine (repeat from 5/22/2018)
    • 7/10/2018 T-Tapp Walking: Did you know that it is possible to reshape your entire body with walking? All it takes is understanding how to use T-Tapp techniques while you walk ...or do one of my walking workouts called "Step Away the Inches", 'Step it to the Max" or "Posture Power WALK". I guarantee you will FEEL the difference the very first time you do them and SEE the difference within 2 weeks!
    • 7/17/2018 Second Half of Thread the Needle:
    • 7/31/2018 Tush Trimmers Balance Variation: This body sculpting exercise will target trim inches from your hips and upper thighs, as well as help build better core density. Best results come from doing 4 reps slow each side followed by 4 slow reps to the back.... then repeat 4 reps at tempo to each side followed by 4 reps at tempo to the back. Can you FEEL the difference?
    • 8/7/2018 Hitchhikers: This multi-faceted exercise activates multiple muscles with full fiber tension throughout the movement which not only creates muscles with density and definition, it also maximizes lymphatic circulation at the same time. No weights are ever needed either!
    • 8/28/2018 Hoe Downs:
    • 9/12/2018 Build Better Bones and Muscles at 91 Years Old:

    Teresa Tapp Tribute 9/21/2018:
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    Decent, need to accomplish something like this with mine.

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    I obviously haven't been on in awhile! Thanks for sharing!

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    Thanks Trisch, I found it by chance as usual.

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    Love it! Thanks for posting this, GreenGem!

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    So true! I'm always fascinated, too. It makes me thankful I did not give up even though my progress is slow.

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    Everytime I hear her talk about and explain fascia and full fiber activation, it is so interesting!! It makes so much sense as to why T-Tapp takes longer to see results since you are working the different muscle layers from the inside out, pushing out fat from between the muscles fibers and moving stagnated fascia.
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  • GreenGem
    Teresa explaining "What is Fascia" in video from a 2017 6-Day Challenge Newsletter:

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    Hi Jessi, I found this video today of Emily R talking about T-Tapp. I'm sharing here because I'm not sure if it is already in the index. Thanks!

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    Omg Jessi awesome! Thank you so much for posting these.

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    and the joy and/or appreciation from the participants working out with her are also evident.

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    They certainly are a treasure. As I've been going back to add descriptions that she had written for each move from is so evident this was such a labor of love for her...and definitely a blessing for us. Over two years of nearly weekly form tips and various interviews.

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    Thank you, thank you, Jessi. I started watching these this morning, and they have been a wonderful lift to my spirits. Teresa was having fun, and her face reflects the joy she was feeling. These videos are a treasure.

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    Thank you Jessi.

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    Jessi, so true. Before I have the luck to meet her at the retreat and talked to her on the phone, she only existed as the recorded persona on the DVD... I guess I now have to go back to know her as the permanent image on the DVDs and the streaming videos.