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  • Feeling silly

    I first began using T-Tapp in 2010 and have used it off and on. When I purchased BWO+ it came with SATI. I remember putting SATI in the DVD player, watching it and thinking “Interesting, but it’s not really a work out.” I started back to using BWO+ last fall, but then travel, Christmas holidays and sickness knocked me off. This week it was the flu, but now I’m over that and mostly recovered but decided hanging upside down wasn’t smart. Then I remembered I won SITTM in the drawling last fall but never tried it, which then reminded me of my SATI DVD. I put it in, watched the instructional and realized what I watched before was just the instructional! My DVD player in 2010 didn’t have a remote and I’m guessing it automatically started playing the instructional and never showed the menu. When I think of what I’ve been missing! ????

    Not I just need to be consistent. I’m thinking the 6 weeks or habit formers sound like good ideas.

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    Glad that you found the real workout!

    And feel free to join us in either or both the 6 Weekers and Habit Formers! The former is more chatty, the latter "just the facts"!
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