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    Originally posted by Dantheman 01-18-2015, 08:31 AM

    T-Tapp, 60 day Challenge and Body Language what do you have to say?

    The 60 Day Challenge is in its beginning phase. A time when participates had already set their challenge goals, have defined their workout routine, taken measurements and pictures and are on their T-Tapp journey to success.

    T-Tapp is a fitness program that incorporates seemingly simple body movements completed in a specific sequence that works the body from the inside out improving, respiratory, blood circulation, lymphatic circulation, neuro-kinetic flow, balancing hormone levels, building long fiber muscle tissue and stronger muscles along with many other benefits. The results include inch lost, improved personal health, better posture, improved balance, higher levels of strength and flexibility these are only the top of the list of benefits.

    All of these benefits have occurred time and time again for participants of the 60 day challenge. 60 days, people like you doing their best to meet their goals but accomplishing so much more.

    Recently I was reviewing a Body Language for Leader course and could not help myself thinking of T-Tapper’s and of course those of you who have entered the 60 Day Challenge. I know that there will be a day or two during this 60 Day Challenge when you will have a difficult time even acknowledging that you are in a T-Tapp Challenge. And when those days have presented themselves, is when you will have to dig deeper than expected to push the play button for your T-Tapp workout.

    In the Body Language course review, I learned that standing in a “power” pose for two minutes, will increase one’s confidence and they will be open to take higher risk. This is supported by a study that proved that by standing in a Superman or Wonder Woman stance (feet wide apart, hands on hips, chest expanded and head high) for two minutes increased testosterone levels and lowered cortisol. Noting the similarities of the power pose to the T-Tapp stance using the T-Tapp stance will more than do the trick and add extra benefits as well as confidence and power. But on those days when you find yourself with less enthusiasm for doing your workout and needing a bit more confidence and perhaps more willingness for risk, strike the T-Tapp pose to two minutes and feel your confidence grow. The sweet part about this, you can build your confidence and power anywhere and anytime.

    While you are just standing around looking so powerful, think about your 60 Day Challenge goals, the pictures that you sent in, your level of determination to fulfill your fitness and health goals and how great you felt knowing that you are once again taking charge of your life for you and for your love ones. At the end of this two minutes power pose, you will be more than ready for your T-Tapp workout and your body language will show it too!

    Proper Form, Isometric Contractins and Consistency!