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Teresa's Favorite Fascia Stretch Sequence on the Floor

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  • Teresa's Favorite Fascia Stretch Sequence on the Floor

    “Teresa's Favorite Fascia Stretch Sequence on the Floor.
    This 30 minute comprehensive stretch sequence is similar to what is featured on "Brain-Body Fitness Floor", "Brain-Body Fitness CORE FLOOR" and "Fascia Fitness FLOOR" but done much slower and with extra focus on full fiber activation and stretching of multiple muscles and fascia at the same time. It really is Teresa's favorite and she does the first 10 minute warm up every morning. Best of all, what you learn during this sequence can be applied to other workouts to increase effectiveness”

    Hmmmm I have watched this a couple of times and tried it for the first time today - blimey “done much slower”? If that is the slow version I dread to think what the speedy version would be like. I am going to have to practice this one very frequently to get the hands and feet right let alone all the parts in between! Still it made my husband chuckle which isn’t an easy thing early in the morning! If anyone has any tips they will be very gratefully received.

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    I hear you! Those of us doing Brain-Body Fitness Floor feel this is slower! LOL! BUT--I have had the advantage of her going through this at the Retreat--I went through it 5 times and the first time she introduced the finger stuff a year ago it took ALL FIVE DAYS plus seeing her again at a clinic in Louisville that fall before I finally got it! LOL! You can do it, Harnser!

    Is there a particular part that you especially want help with?
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      LOL, the faster version as in Brain Body Floor and Core floor is not nearly as fast as the Core 2 (which Teresa has been tweaking since 2014). With Core 2, most of the people at the retreat just watched and chuckled. I threw my hands up in one or two moves and I seriously cannot keep up with some. I am sure this is the reason for a slower version to help people grasp the basic, slow before fast.

      Anyway, it is really not the completion of an entire move or the entire workout that will give strength and results. It is the trying your best every day that will give results whether it is one moves or 10 moves, whether it is 10 mins or 30 mins.

      These these fascia sequences are the workouts that can give results for trying your best consistently even you continue to goof up half of the time.
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