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  • Digital Holiday Workouts

    Such fun! What a good idea! Many thanks to Teresa for these goodies!

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    Has anyone tried these? I see there are 3 new holiday workouts and they're only out there until January 9th. I am anxious to know what people think of them.


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      I have the first 2 and am thinking of trying the next ones too. I love having variety in these short work outs. The longer one of the first two made me puff but in a good way and I really had to work not to let my feet come together in the springs from side to side. They both made me feel energised and are great for jump starting my morning. With the forthcoming festivities it is an ideal time to have WO’s that can be easily fitted into a busy day and if we do buy all four there is an added incentive of some money off a future purchase - that may be my incentive to get the newer walking WO and pay the dreaded international postage!


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        Just a note on the international postage--if you call or e-mail the office, they can usually get you a less expensive option. The online store, to keep things simple, just charges a flat rate. It's been awhile since I sent anything to the UK, but I'm pretty sure it was $15 or less US dollars, if that helps!
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          Trisch if I have not said it before then I apologise. You are a wise and wonderful woman. Thank you! :-)