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Basic Turn Back Time - Jazz Twist Warm Up

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  • Basic Turn Back Time - Jazz Twist Warm Up

    Originally posted by Dantheman 02-18-2015, 06:50 PM

    Basic Turn Back Time – Jazz Twist Warm up
    If you are looking for good old fashion isometric contraction with major muscle activation, look no further.
    Jazz Twist is loaded with muscle activation opportunities. This tip concentrates on Teresa’s newest workout, Basic Turn Back Time. As we all know, T-Tapp is progressive so keep in mind that your mind body activation improves the longer you are T-Tapping. After initial setup (follow setup instructions per DVD), Teresa does a few warm up stretches using the back foot to press up on toes and press down to heel. We hear Teresa say Press Up 2, 3 and Press down 2, 3! During the Press Up portion of this move are you making the most of this move? For instance before you are instructed to Press up, did you tighten and engage every muscle in the back leg and keep them engaged as you Press Up?
    What about your front leg? Are you using it only as a balance point or are you fully engaging it, knee over ankle and KLT?

    You back leg should be loaded down with your body weight pressing down into the back heel. Both back and front legs should be fully engaged and tight. As you build resistance during this move, your front leg will add to the resistance but most will come from your abs, lower back and hips. What this is not a foot movement…. Is that what you thought? Curling the CORE is a critical part and it is worked hard during this simple raising up from heel to toe move.
    In this warm-up move, as the back foot is raised up to toes your hips are going to move in an upward motion. Your body alignment is not to change and it should be ears over shoulders and shoulders over hips. As you PRESS Up, build your internal resistance using your legs, lower back and abs to fight the upward movement of the hips. PRESS PRESS feel you bodyweight and internal resistance fighting the good fight as your hips slowly move upward! Keep Curling and pulling in your Abs, PRESS PRESS with resistance.

    Now, HOLD THAT TENSION!! Great JOB.. You pressed all the way up to toes. Now.. all we have to do is Press down to heel. So before we begin, mentally do a rapid body alignment check – foot alignment, ankle to knee, knee to hip, curl your core, ribs up, lats tight, raised arm still at shoulder height, front leg check, foot slightly pigeon toed, knee out, hand over pocket with elbow pressed back. All body alignment checks and corrections have been addressed. (The more you do these checks the quicker they become). Still holding that tension, you begin Pressing Hips down, Use your back and front legs to resist, pull those abs in and press the lower back PRESSING as the heel slowly meets the floor and your body weight is now pressed into the back heel and the Hips are back to their low center of gravity.

    Although we didn’t mention it, shoulders are locked in, hand over pocket is pressing into hip, extended arm is out straight and tight as are all back muscles. Eyes are focused on extended hand bent knuckles.
    All this is progressive; it is a body and mind connection.

    If you like little warm ups.. You are going to LOVE this! Give it a try and feel the warmth! We will do a tip on the T-Tapp Jazz twist segment later in the week.

    Dan and Phyllis