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  • Curious about digital workouts

    Well, I have worked through the BWO+, Awesome legs and Diva Derriere since they are all in written form, but working through the lunge sequence to move on in the book baffles me. I have looked for the old audio set on ebay, amazon for some time and can never locate it. One fitness place that "rents" out workout videos claims to have it but the whole site feels scammy to me so I'm scared to try it.

    So, I am wondering if those of you who have a digital workout think it could be done successfully if you just listened to the audio. I don't "do" video of any kind (a personal choice), but thought I could talk a family member into recording the audio on my phone if she gives enough instruction without seeing the moves, similarly to the book. What do you think? which one would be best?

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    I am not sure I understand your need, you only use the books and audio? You cannot watch the DVD? Total Superslow has a detailed instruction on lunges... Lunges I love, drop lunges I hate for my bad knees...

    Maybe you can just tell me what you are baffled at and maybe Trisch and I can walk your thru it.
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      Right, I don't watch I think what baffles me is the sequence, I understand the parts but by the time I read through each, trying to hold form while reading the next part I get confused on the reps, the counts as you shift from front/side and then switching legs...ugh. I took notes but even that has not helped. Is there a cheat to remember what order, counts etc. ? That would be super helpful! Thanks!


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        Gosh, not sure if I could answer that one. I'm a visual learner. I love having the book (have a hardback version and a kindle version!) to go back to once I have learned the basic of the move. I don't think I could have ever been able to learn the moves from a book or audio. I used to listen to the cassette that we received years ago that was part of the Total Workout Package. But again, that was after I was familiar with the workout.


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          Trisch Richardson does monthly classes with different T-Tapp workouts, and part of her class includes detailed written instructions for four moves each month, and then an audio class going though most of the class. It seems like it would be a great fit for you. Maybe you can talk her into selling one of her packages with the moves you are interested in and the audio you would like. She's done several of the Total Workouts before, and special times of the year she offers opportunities where you can pick and chose elements from her previous classes. I've really enjoyed these classes over the last couple of years. She started doing video this year, but you can stick to audio only if you want, as video is an upgrade.


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            I've been in her site before and never noticed she has audio classes. Awesome! Thank you so much for pointing me in the right direction.


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              The audio calls are part of her monthly Beautiful You Classes


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                Jwillowby, I do have an mp3 download of my call each month in Beautiful YOU and Jessi usually does a transcript as well (in case you can't understand me! )

                There is an audio version of Total, but I'm not sure if the office sells it separately or not. You can always call to ask! I can also look through the different sets I have available--I don't have Total available in Fabulous Form Tips to offer yet although I do have Basic Tempo (through Hoedowns) and it has written tips as well as the call available. Not sure if that would help or not!
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                  I called the office when I first started a few years ago and they do not have the audio available any longer. I look for it on ebay and amazon occasionally, but not many show up without being part of a huge collection of DVD's and such. I would certainly be interested in the Basic Tempo, written and audio. Is that on your site store?