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  • Senior Fit and TBT

    At the start of the challenge I came across a thread where someone explained about the difference between SF and TBT (and maybe More too?) The post described how TBT was released while getting all the ducks in a row to be able to bring SF to market safely. (or something like that) I've looked and looked and cannot find that post now anywhere! I'd really like to review that info if anyone knows what I"m talking about or can find it! TIA! <3

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    I"m not sure which thread, but Senior Fit is the "instructional" for TBT. MORE 2 was the one that was released with the Workout with Teresa & Berei on it, which was a forerunner to Senior Fit. Senior Fit came out in 2013, Turn Back Time a few years later. Not sure if that's what you are looking for or not!
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      It definitely helps. Thanks Trisch!


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        I have MORE 2 and there's an hour long workout on it that's very close to Senior Fit. It's slightly less intense, in my opinion, but really good. It's with Teresa and Berei. I think MORE 2 is a fantastic deal for that reason.

        When I went to Teresa's mini-retreat SoCal, May 2014, she talked about how long it took to get clearance from her insurance to release a workout for seniors. I think she said it took 2 years!
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