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Teresa's Talk on Breast Health

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  • Teresa's Talk on Breast Health

    Teresa's talk on Breast Health

    11-23-2011, 10:51 AM

    I'm a bit behind in posting my notes on this one! But I know you'd all like to hear what she had to say!

    And anyone else who was there, feel free to chime in with anything I missed--I couldn't take notes fast enough!

    (And if you haven't seen the pics, my girls posted about it on their blog:

    Trick-or-Treating T-Tapp Style! )

    The following is from my notes on what Teresa shared. Anything that is my opinion will be in italics and in parentheses!

    You are in the driver's seat of your health. In the final analysis, you are the one responsible. Rebuilding your core--the muscles around your spine--and your neurokinetic connections are key elements.

    Dr. Perricone took his own money to do 300 studies to prove inflammation causes disease--not the other way around as most medical professionals thought.

    You can actually increase your heartrate by body alignment--not by intensity! That's what makes T-Tapp "aerobic"! (As anyone can attest who has been to a clinic and/or realized how those arms over the head moves done properly raises that heartrate!) When your shoulder moves forward of your hips just ONE inch, the heartrate drops 6-8 beats per minute. Shifting your shoulder forward like this will actually create inflammation in the chest (which is not what we want!)

    You want leverage isometrics as regular isometrics actually cause inflammation as well.

    What you do with your feet affects all the way up--including breast health!!!

    Muscles burn fat for fuel--and actually prefer it! Wherever you are inactive is where they body will store fat. (Ribs up, anyone?! )

    T-Tapp is actually more comprehensive than a rebounder! Walking is also very lymphatic, but you need to get the knees straight--remember, the calves are the "heart" of the lymphatic system.

    When you do the clap/pulls (like in SunRay TappCore), each clap pumps lymph when you keep ribs up. As you pull back with thumbs away, it drains the lymph. Then you kick out! (Which is why Senior Fit feels soooooo good!)

    She had us do shoulder rolls twice, then we clapped and pulled away 2 times, finishing with a set of Butterflies. Butterflies alone can get the heart rate up, and it helps with high blood pressure (she said to check it after a month of doing this sequence 4 times a day).

    When you drop your ribs, you inactivate the pecs and the belly gets bigger. You have to help the body help itself to decrease inflammation.

    Then we did a round of "V's" and "W's" from Senior Fit (a modification on Reach/Pulls from the plie sequence in BWO+). That felt really good! (But keep ribs UP!)

    When shoveling or raking--thumbs away! That will feel strange at first, but it helps keep shoulders from pronating. You can also do this with the grocery cart (which we already know about!) and even carrying bags (right Jen?!).

    Do a big inhale/exhale with a mitten chop (pressing your mitten chop against the thighs to get extra leverage to exhale bigger)--doing that 3 times a day over 3 weeks you can lose 1 inch off your ribs!

    Some things to help with muscle imbalances:

    ~When you're lifting a tea kettle, for example, push the other hand on the the counter

    ~Brush teeth with the opposite hand (THAT is HARD! LOL!)

    ~Pull on a towel or washcloth--thumbs away (it is in front of you), inhale/exhale and pull on towel to get more air out.

    A great tip for brushing your back with the body brush--press the opposite elbow as in the triceps stretch in the Arms portion of TWO!

    Wherever you touch and press, the body rebuilds nerve transmissions there (as most of us who have had babies and then done OIP can attest!) Press anywhere you have poor circulation or numbness.

    (Commercial! Did you know the store now carries Bass facial brush?! Good for keeping in your purse and brushing the backs of your hands during odd moments spent waiting throughout the day!)

    Okay, another great move for breast health, to open up those pecs!

    Clap with elbows straight out in front, hold for 2, then your arms will come to the side (elbows still straight) with thumbs up for 2 pulses. This is almost like you're pushing against a wall behind you. Your hands are not going all the way behind...yet!

    Do that four times, then try to clap behind four times. Finally try to do "silent claps" where thumbs stay up. You might get the backs of your hands to touch, but that isn't as important as opening up the pec area. (Keep ribs up! Are you noticing a theme here?!)

    Want more?!

    Sitting in a chair--don't tuck your feet under. Put one foot out to the side, toes are out, heel pressing out, and lie the foot on its instep. This is a nice stretch that helps with the back!

    With feet facing forward, ankles under knees, press and relax feet. Then do it again while lifting toes! That helps tone the buns--no kidding! You can also just lift the toe. It helps prevent deep vein thrombosis, too. Great for long flights when you can't walk around! Push feet, lift big toe, then jazz toes! YOWZA! THAT helps with circulation and cellulite! Yeah! Burn off cellulite while sitting down! Isn't Teresa a genious?!

    Want a little more activation?!

    Do the previous while pushing into your thighs with your mitten chops! Get those ribs up!

    She had us do a little "exercise" while sitting that can help drop blood sugar and constipation:

    Pull on your knees, fingers just under kneecaps, and curl and hunch. Inhale, then on the exhale pull on the knees, arch the back, bend the elbows and "pull" your chest through. Do each of those for 3 counts. Toes up while doing this makes it more intense!

    Teresa also shared about someone who was exercising 2-3 hours a day and was stuck at size 12. She went to BWO+ daily and within a year was a size 4! Less is more! I like that!

    One last tip--tilting your hips during your workouts is hard on your knees. It is so important to get that core curled and ribs UP!

    So there you have it! Even on your off days, even while sitting--you can be activating muscles to open up your pecs for better lymphatic drainage and better breast health--the T-Tapp way!

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